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Let’s Party People – The Ultimate Blog Party Has Begun!



Hi Party Goers!

It's kick-off time for one of the coolest parties of the year. The Ultimate Blog Party 2009 from 5 Minutes for Mom is happening now and you can be a part of it. I am so excited to have launched my blog a few weeks ago and really get to do something that I genuinely love every day. What an amazing feeling!

I am excited to be hosting a giveaway for the official party.

A little more about the Divine Miss Mommy. I am a work-at-home mother to three beautiful children, the oldest who is six. My husband and I both work in the restaurant industry. In fact, we have for most of working lives. We even met in the restaurant industry.

My mid 30's during the past few years and I started to stress about not really having a good hobby or anything that I was really great at doing. I saw all of these amazing, talented women around me and thought, “I cannot do anything that they can do.”

I tried scrapbooking, knitting, music lessons, making jewelry, foreign language lessons, photography, painting, golf (although I am pretty good at that, I must say – 28 handicap) and too many other things to count. Believe me, my basement holds the evidence. My own sister, sews like a champ, can make any room look professionally decorated and could probably realistically give either Martha Stewart or Rachael Ray a run for the money. It pains me to say that sometimes because I am pretty jealous of her abilities when I was only a serial hobbyist.

So back to my mid-30's and this crisis of creativity (my phrase for it). I was desperate for some sort of creative outlet but I had convinced myself that I had no creativity. When one day someone paid me a compliment that just blew me away and re-think my crisis of creativity. This person said that I had this great ability to tell a story or explain things especially when it came to writing things down. She also said that I was the first person that she came to whenever she wanted an opinion (in a good way, she claims).

Suddenly it hit me, I was a writer. I am a writer. Throughout my entire life, writing had somehow revolved around it. I am a writer. I never wanted to write a book. I couldn't sit still for that long. I just wanted to create, connect and network with people going through some of the same things or at least be able to commiserate. I am a writer. I have to keep repeating because someday I am sure that I will totally believe it. But for now, look around, see what I have to say, maybe agree or disagree and have some fun!

The Divine Miss Mommy (kinda creepy talking about myself in the third person) is giving away some great items this week so enter every day and check back often.  Remember that I love a good comment and the more, the merrier. Thanks for stopping by my party!

***My first giveaway has begun. Pledge to read to your child and get entered to win a LeapFrog Tag Reader plus five books.***

***ALSO ENTER TO WIN A Pair of Girls Cotton Candy Mary Jane Crocs – Size 8/9***

There are so many cool prizes to be won at this year’s Ultimate Blog Party, but my top picks would be:


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