Lee Bounce Back Denim Review Womens Jeans Divine Lifesytle

Lee Bounce Back Denim Review

Lee Bounce Back Denim Review

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Lee Bounce Back Denim Review

This fall is packed with fun activities. It seems like I have something going almost every day of the week. Because of this, I need to choose outfits that are versatile and can easily go from day to night. I need pieces that work with everything. Something casual but I can still go into a nicer place. We hope that you enjoy our Lee Bounce Back Denim Review.

Lee Bounce Back Denim Review

Riders by Lee Women's Bounce Back Denim

Riders by Lee Bounce Back Skinny jeans give you a nice, slimming look that combines fashionable style with all day comfort. I wore the jeans all day long and they looked great from beginning to end. The universal fit flatters all body types and really does look good on everyone. I have worn these jeans almost daily and I want more pairs.

I am tough on my jeans and just the fact that I can put these jeans on for a second day with no sagging is absolutely incredible. The stretch of the Bounce Back denim is soft and conforms to the body to give you the ultimate range of motion. The best part is that with the incredible recovery of this stretchy material, you are ensured that there is “NO bag or sag” by the end of the day.

Most jeans get one wear and then get washed to shrink back down to size. That doesn't happen with Bounce Back denim. In fact, my mother and sister have already gone to buy their own Bounce Back denim because they love my jeans so much.   Lee Bounce Back Denim Review

I am wearing the Riders® By Lee® Women’s Bounce Back Denim Skinny Jeans in size 10 M. I love the fit and the feel. The stitching is even and well done. The colors and styles of these Bounce Back Jeans means I could wear a pair every day of the week and not wear the same ones twice. The denim doesn’t get stretched out even when you put your hands in your pocket which I LOVE. My pockets always seem to get out of shape as the day goes on. After wearing the jeans a few times, you can see from the pictures above that the denim still looks great.

The one thing I would change is the length. The jeans are way too long which makes it pretty tough to wear as is to so I cuffed them at the bottom for a finished look. They are a good 6 inches too long for me so next time I would opt for the petite. I am 5'4″ which is the average height for women in the US (according to the CDC).

Lee Bounce Back Denim ReviewBounce Back Denim features at a glance

  • Mid Rise
  • Button and zipper closure
  • Full span pocketing
  • Scoop front pockets
  • Spade hip pockets
  • Premium Bounce Back denim
  • One year warranty
  • Machine wash cold, tumble or line dry

Lee Bounce Back Denim ReviewCheck out the other styles and colors of Bounce Back Denim: Riders By Lee Women’s Bounce Back Slim Straight Jeans & Riders By Lee Women's Bounce Back Bootcut Jeans.

These jeans  for my every day looks and I can easily go into night. We were heading to a pumpkin patch so this was my daytime look. I paired the jeans with my tennis shoes and my CEO tee for running errands during the day. That night, I added a chic cardi and my suede wedges to this look to go out to dinner with friends.

Lee Bounce Back Denim Review

I also wore the jeans to a hot air balloon festival this past weekend. I paired them with a camel wool hat, a poncho sweater and a cream colored shirt with flare sleeves. The transition was perfect because the jeans go with everything. NOTE: Exact same jeans, totally different look. I had to tuck these jeans into the boots and they still came out a little from the boots. Definitely opt for petite as these are made really long.

Lee Bounce Back Denim Review Lee Bounce Back Denim Review Lee Bounce Back Denim Review

We hope that you enjoyed our Lee Bounce Back Denim Review.





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  1. Those jeans look so good! I need to get my self some of these. My current jeans are very “mom jeans” which I’m not happy about.

  2. I have been hearing a lot of good things about Lee’s new bounce back denim! They look great too 🙂 You can never go wrong with a comfy and good lookin’ pair of jeans 🙂

  3. You looks fantastic! I need to check out these jeans. I need a new pair.

  4. Nikki

    Denim is also my style and it’s really stylish. I love how you style your jeans.

  5. I need to try these! I can’t stand when jeans start sagging mid day.

  6. I need a new pair of jeans and will have to check these out. I love all your outfit choices.

  7. nice jeans! Denim jeans were actually invented where I was born, Nimes France (it’s in southern France!) Denim means ‘of Nimes’ just a fun fact! anyways, those look comfy and nice : ) 

  8. I wear jeans every day. These jeans look great on you. I love how you styled it.

  9. Rebecca Swenor

    These are really cute outfits and jeans are something you can wear with so many different tops. I love the jeans with the poncho sweater, the cream colored shirt with flare sleeves, the hat and the jeans with the boots. This outfit is my kind of style. Thanks for sharing the outfits.

  10. Sara

    I am in need of some new jeans so I will be trying on a pair of these Lee bounce back for sure. I love finding a perfect pair of jeans, then I live in them all winter long. Thanks for sharing this review!

  11. Those are cute jeans. I need some new jeans so I will be checking them out. Most of mine are super baggy and falling off since I have lost 38 lbs this year.

  12. How cute are you? I love that you are dressed with style and comfort all at the same time. And I really need to get my hands on that CEO shirt!

  13. Those jeans look AWESOME. All of my jeans are very “mom jeans” right now. I think I could go for a new look.

  14. Pam Wattenbarger

    I have been trying to find the perfect pair of jeans for everyday wear. These jeans sound perfect for me.

  15. H O T Mama!!! You make those jeans look great! When I first read Lee, I was skeptical but I totally want to rock a pair! And when the heck are we getting together!

  16. Meagan

    These are really cute. They look great on you.

  17. These look like they would go great with any outfit theme you choose. They looks great on you, too. I am in the market for some new jeans!

  18. mary

    These jeans look super comfy and stylish. And girl you look AMAZING!

  19. These jeans rock! I think they look really nice cuffed. The outfit with boots is really cute too!

  20. These jeans look ultra comfortable! Love the cut and shape on you!

  21. Reesa Lewandowski

    I love LEE jeans. They fit so well on me!

  22. I’m totally a jeans kinda girl, so I need to check these out! If I can get away with wearing jeans everywhere, I’m all for it!

  23. I thought the jeans were supposed to be cuffed! I never would have known the difference. They look great that way!

  24. I love those cuffed jeans so classy and looks comfy. I also want that CEO shirt.

  25. Aziel Morte

    I need new jeans! And great to know that this brand was good! 🙂

  26. You look great! This pants sound like very comfortable to wear. I might go and buy a new pair this weekend! 😀

  27. It is nice to see some jeans for ladies/women for a change.
    I will have to check into these, as they look great.

  28. Nice pair of jeans! I was just thinking about getting me a new pair. 🙂 Love that top too! The outfit looks good on you!

  29. Brianne

    Those jeans look great. I am always trying to find a pair that works for me. I will have to check these out! 

  30. I am so picky about my jeans because I hate when they’re not comfy. These looked SO comfy!

  31. Ann Bacciaglia

    These look great on you. I will have to go try on a pair of Lee Bounce Back Denim .

  32. These jeans look comfy and versatile. How fun!

  33. Tracey Zimmer

    These jeans look great and very durable. I just had a baby 4 weeks ago and am trying to find good jeans so I will check these out.

  34. You absolutely ROCK those jeans! They look fantastic on you and look super comfortable!

  35. You look so happy and clever in your new jeans. It’s nice to find a pair that adapt to the many events in your day.

  36. Ourfamilyworld

    Wow, it looks perfect on you. I love your review, I will check this jeans.

  37. Rosey

    What a fun photo shoot. The jeans do look stylish. I love the CEO shirt!

  38. You look so fantastic in these jeans!! I am always looking for new jeans since I live in mine and can’t ever have enough pairs! These look great with all the outfits you paired them with too!

  39. A good pair of denim is always a must. It’s so awesome because you can pair it up with anything. This brand looks awesome.

  40. Nothing beats a good pair of jeans for flexibility and style.

  41. Jeans are my all purpose pants and it’s important that I have a reliable pair. It’s good to know that you found a great brand! I would love to see their collection!

  42. christina aliperti

    Very cute looks! I need to try these jeans. I also hate the stretched out saggy pockets.

  43. krystal

    They look cozy for on the go. I like the cuffed look! Fashionable for fall.

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