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Kidnapped & Robbed at Gunpoint in Nassau, Bahamas

Our Segways Parked at the First Stop as we Learned About the Aqueduct

Our Segways Parked at the First Stop as we Learned About the Aqueduct

That's right.

Kidnapped and robbed at gunpoint in Nassau, Bahamas. Thank you very much!

This is what I want to answer when people ask “How was your cruise?”

But I don't.

Because the fact is that this was an excursion off the ship and not the actual cruise. The fabulous cruise will get several posts of its own.

But kidnapped and robbed is how I spent my Friday. Let me back up a little. Here is an excerpt from a letter that I sent to family and friends:

Friday started out as a beautiful day. We docked around 9AM in Nassau, Bahamas. The sun was shining. The weather was perfect.

As part of this cruise, I was given the choice of an excursion today as were the others. I was the only one who chose the Segway Back to Nature adventure. Everyone else chose different activities so I was by myself and that was fine because my tour sounded really fun.

It was a 2 hour journey through the jungle. And I had never ridden a segway before. I love a little adventure!

Our tour group met on ship at 10:45 AM. We then left to get off ship and we were greeted immediately by a representative of the tour company. She walked us through the market and over to the taxi stand. We were directed into a taxi which was also run by the company.

We got to the place and went through some instruction. Every donned helmets, elbow pads and knee pads. We all got the chance to try the segways to make certain that we got the hang of them before setting out. It wasn't bad. Another group left about 30 minutes before we did and we watched them first.

We practiced for about 10 minutes and when everyone felt comfortable, we took off on the path with the aid of guide. There were nine in our group plus a guide and we all rode in a single file line.

We stopped about four minutes in to check out the aqueduct and get some history on the land. The guide explained that the paths were on 162-acres of land that was government owned.

Then we were off again. Only this time the governors on speed were removed. We were flying at this point and I was having a fabulous time.

As I rounded the next corner, I almost crashed into the segway in front of me because she stopped short. I apologized and hopped off the machine because she did too. Plus I felt awful about almost crashing into her.

I went to apologize to the girl again and noticed that she was getting down on the ground. It was only then that I saw two men in front of all of us. One man was dressed all in black like a ninja (only his eyes showing) and was holding a rifle (the others saw that he also had a shotgun but I did not see it). The second man screamed for everyone to get down and I immediately dropped to the ground as well (he also had two guns but I never saw them).

As we all lay face down on the ground, we were being robbed by one man after the other tied up our tour guide. There was a lot of scuffling and a flurry of activity. Some yelling and some of the details are fuzzy. One of the men took my purse which had my driver’s license, $400 (I was going Christmas shopping, stupidly with cash), a credit card (which I have since cancelled) and my ship room key. My purse and everything in it with the exception of the four items above was later returned after the police arrived.  They did steal all of the cameras but no jewelry.

After we had been laying for about 9-10 minutes, we heard another segway tour come up on us. They were an earlier group just finishing their tour. They were also all quickly ordered to the ground. Apparently their tour leader was a little feisty and she tried to talk them out of it. She was hit with the rifle, kicked in the side and made to get into the aqueduct. They also fired a shot at or near one of the tourists but thankfully missed.

As soon as that shot was fired, I just started crying. I don't think that I have ever prayed so hard.

I thought of all of the things that I had yet to do with my children. I thought of those three beautiful faces. Their unconditional love and adoration. Their endless hugs and kisses.

And for a few brief moments, it occurred to me that I might not ever see, hear or feel those amazing things again.

How could that be? I wasn't through with them yet.

Approximately 22 minutes (this number varies by each account) after it started, it was over. The robbers were gone and we all stood up looking around in disbelief. I tried to stop crying but I was just so freakin' happy that they were truly tears of joy. Everyone in this amazing group of people consoled me and we all consoled each other as well. You guys will never know how grateful I was for that. I got it together in a few minutes. But I was still shaken.

The police arrived about three minutes after we stood up. Everyone pointed out which direction the guys ran off in and the car was immediately gone to chase them.

We quickly drove the segways back into the area where we started. As we arrived, so did several police cars followed by an ambulance.

We gave our statements several times and after an hour, we were taken to the Bahamian Police Station. We all gave official statements at the time and several of the group worked with sketch artists.

The US Embassy was later brought in to assist us as well. Since my only form of identification was taken, they had to get all sorts of forms from me so that I can get through customs when docking and then on the plane to get home on Sunday.

It was an incredibly scary yet somewhat surreal experience. Then it was followed by around five hours of police interviews and questioning. We finally made it back to the ship. I just wanted to get to my room, cry and maybe throw up a little.

No, that’s not true. I actually wanted to go home and hug my kids like I have never hugged them before. Pretty much to the point where they tell me to stop.

I was and still am pretty shaken up. It really doesn’t matter because at least I am still here telling this story. The story made headlines and most accounts say that we were kidnapped as well. While we were held against our will I am not sure that I would call it kidnapped.

But I made it home.

My children have never been hugged so hard. I even threw a few hugs in there for the husband.

I am pretty sure that I may have kissed the dog.

My bed never felt so good.

I would also like to add that this is, in all likelihood, my first and without a doubt my last trip to the Bahamas.

There will be more posts and further explanations of the aftermath of the event. Everyone was really wonderful afterwards. Give me a few days.

Here are some media accounts:

Danger In Paradise: I was robbed at gunpoint in the Bahamas

Street Crime in Nassau, Bahamas (includes video from one of the 18 victims)

18 Tourists in Shotgun Terror

MOT, RBPF Angered by Tourist Robbery

18 Cruise Passengers Robbed at Gunpoint on Ship-Sponsored Bahamas Tours

18 Passengers From Royal Caribbean & Disney Cruise Ships Robbed By Shotgun in the Bahamas

Tourists Terrorized in Nassau, Bahamas

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  1. I’m so glad that you are okay! That’s so freaking scary!

  2. Karen Chatters

    Stacie, that’s terrible! I’m so glad you’re ok. I’m so sorry that that happened to you.

  3. Avigayil

    Wow that was truly the scariest travel story I have ever read. I hope you’re feeling better now. Thank God you’re home now. 🙂

  4. Jenn

    How SCARY! I’m not sure if I can ever go to the Bahamas now. Thanks for sharing your story.

  5. Thank goodness you are home safe & in one piece to live & tell the tale.
    Any monetary items can be replaced, they are not important. But any injuries or worse ((shudder)) is irreplaceable.

    So happy to hear you are home & once again in your families loving arms 🙂

  6. Lee

    I realize this was not the fault of the cruise, but at the same time it makes me think twice about EVER going on a cruise again or at least getting off the boat at the ports of call. I live in Orlando so we cruise A LOT and this has scared and soured me on it.

    I’m hurting for you, I’ve been thinking of you non stop. Huge hugs.


  7. Dree

    That is awful. I’m so happy to hear that you made it home safely. I have been there and am thankful this didn’t happen to me or my family.

  8. whitney

    OH MY GOODNESS! That is so scary! I’m glad you are okay & cannot imagine how scared you must have been! Hope the rest of the trip was better 🙂

  9. OH MY! So glad you made it safely home and that all that was lost was material items and no one’s lives. How horrible. Hopefully the men are caught.

  10. Oh my goodness! So glad to hear that you’re ok, but what a terrible experience!

  11. Julie @ Angry Julie Monday

    I’m so glad you are home now. I’ve been thinking about you all weekend. Big hugs.

  12. stacie, i love you and i am glad you are safe. I wont ever go to the bahamas. You cured me. But i can see them from the cruise boat! Ill flick them off for you .


  13. I am so glad you are ok! That must have been the scariest thing EVER!!! (((hugs))) babe!

  14. oh my gosh. so scary. glad to hear you are ok. i’ve been to nassau and it seemed so safe. thank goodness you are home and ok.

  15. Brittany

    I am so, so glad you made it home! I wanna hug you right through this computer screen!!! XOXOXOX

  16. Holy cow! What a horrific experience. Thank God you are safe and sound, I’m so glad you’re okay

    Such a brave telling of such a scary experience. Thanks for telling it!

  17. I am so glad you are home and safe, Staci.

    Disney really should replace what was stolen from you. I read some of the articles and saw what the other cruise line compensated the customers with…one of which was a 50% off coupon for another cruise. Uh, yeah. OK.

    And I am never going to the Bahamas. My husband said this is just another reason to go to Jamaica instead.

  18. I am so thankful that despite the terror no one was hurt and you came through it okay despite the emotional aftermath and loss of all your shopping money. I still feel shaken up thinking about it all and it didn’t even happen to me. My heart went into my stomach when I heard the news and we were waiting for your arrival back on the ship. If only you had planned to chill with me on the beach…. of course you were probably fearful I’d be making you film me a little bit more 🙂 Loved meeting you and hope we get to travel together again someday!
    xo colleen

  19. That’s horrendous, so happy you’re safe! It could have been much worse.

    Went there once, that was enough. DH couldn’t stand it and isn’t into traveling that much anyway. Was glad to get home asap. Haven’t cruised, but DD did, not that particular island. Her trip went well.

  20. I have been praying so much for you. BIG HUGS! I am sooo sorry this happened.

  21. OMG Stacie, I am so glad you are okay. I can’t even imagine. (((HUGS)))

  22. Oh, my word!! How scary! I’m so glad you are okay.

  23. OMG! I’m so glad to hear you are OK, that’s all that matters. It must have been so scary!! So sorry it happened to you. I did one of the same segway tours in Bahamas earlier this year!

  24. Oh my God. This gave me chills. How terrifying. I am so glad that you are ok and that you were able to hug your children.

    It makes me want to go up and hug my own. Because, really, you never know what each day will hold.

    How scary for you.

  25. OMG I am so so sorry to hear this, honey! But ohhh so thankful you’re alright. *huge hugs*

  26. Lori (A Cowboy's Wife)

    Wow, that is CRAZY!! These are reasons my man hates to travel. The chances are slimmer than some but it does happen. Thank gawd you are alright!

  27. amanda

    that is a crazy story. i was thinking of taking a cruise to the bahamas..if i ever do, i will be super careful about the excursions. thanks for letting us know.

  28. That is so awful(and scary). I am so glad that you are okay!!!

  29. That is really scary! I am so sorry that happened to you but glad you made it home ok.

  30. I’m so sorry this happened to you and so glad that you’re OK, kinda, sorta. Take good care of yourself. I’m shocked that these thieves did this while you were on a tour. I hope they patrol the area better. (((HUGS)))

  31. I am so sorry that you had to go through such a scary experience. I can’t even imagine! Glad to hear your ok and just short $400. Sounds like a lot, but really, its nothing in comparison to what you could have lost.

  32. Holy crap! I’m so glad you’re ok – at least physically. What a terrible experience! I wouldn’t be going to the Bahamas either after an experience like that.

  33. traci fritz

    Wow! So glad you’re OK (at least physically). I can’t even begin to imagine what that would have been like.

  34. OMGosh that is so scary, I am so glad you are okay ! I am scared to go to any foreign countries with all the different things we hear about them

  35. Holy crap. I am glad you are ok. That is so scary. I went on a cruise to the Bahamas and had the worst time due to hurricane and anaphalaxis. That was my last trip. I’m going to go hug my kids now and maybe even kiss the cats.

  36. WOW…that is unbelievable…i am so glad your home safe and okay!

  37. I could not imagine having this happen to me. Glad you are ok and back at home with your family safe and sound.

  38. Once again Stacie, I am so glad you are home safe & sound. I cannot imagine the terror. ((HUGS))

  39. Karen Medlin

    Glad to hear you are okay and safely back,

  40. Lisa Mom of 2 Boys

    Couldn’t help but notice how you tagged your post…

    I’m glad you are back and in one piece.

  41. That is so scary and I am so glad it ended well!! I went to the Bahamas when I was younger and thought it was the scariest place I had EVER been!

  42. Oh my goodness, my heart is just hurting for you. I am so very happy that you made it back home ok. But this is very scary to say the least. My heart is just beating so fast. Thank God you are ok 🙂

  43. Oh my goodness! Thankfully you’re ok – I don’t blame you for never wanting to go there again!!

  44. Oh.My.God. I am so so glad you are okay but I can’t imagine how that experience has scarred you. Sending lots of hugs and prayers your way. XOXO

  45. Shana

    omg how scary! I’m so glad you and everyone was okay.

  46. Amanda

    Whoa crazy, scary!! I’m so glad you and everyone else are ok (well at least physically, I’m sure mentally might take awhile)!!!!

  47. Tara

    wow, just wow Stacie. I’m so glad you and everyone else are okay!

  48. I am sitting here crying reading this. I can not even begin to imagine how scary that was and am so glad you were ok! hugs momma!

  49. Monica N

    Wow! I am stopping by from SITS after seeing your topic! How scary. I hope time heals you, and hug those kids, even if they hate it!

  50. Certainly wasn’t expecting to read that when I dropped by from Entrecard. Thank goodness you are now home safely.

  51. generalcrazy

    Oh snap dawg. That really sucks and I hope they catch the criminals and hang them, but I do have one question, is there no crime where you live?

  52. Kate

    While you my have been off the ship, you should never have been put into a position where your life was at risk. WTH Disney???

  53. Oh no how frightening! I just can’t imagine going through that. Thank God you are alright.

  54. Oh my. This is one vacation you will try to forget! Glad all the important stuff (all of you) were safe.

  55. Kim

    That is a life-changing event. I’m glad you are okay! I can’t imagine what it was like, but I know you were just terrified. The best part is that you made it home safe and sound and your children still have mama! I’m so sorry this happened!

  56. Karen Vaughn

    Thank GOD you are home and safe with your little ones and family. I am so sorry you had had to go through such a fearful ordeal. I will pray for you.

  57. Good GOD! Am very glad to hear you are home safely with your family. What an awful experience!

  58. Cindy

    Holy cow, lady! I’m so glad you’re ok! Makes me think twice about all those awesome vacations I want to take. Then again, there are bad people pretty much everywhere. Might as well risk it in paradise, I guess.

  59. Chic Gal

    I’m so so happy that you are OK and have to tell you that reading your post really shook me up. You think that you are going on a wonderful vacation only to have something like this happen. I’m so sorry sweetie.

  60. Carrie

    How awful – glad you are ok. I recall being on a cruise nearly 20 years ago and getting off briefly in Nassau. We went to Grand Bahama Island, did a boat tour and some sightseeing and spent time on a private island and it was wonderful, but I do specifically remember that when we got off in Nassau we were repeatedly warned to stay only within the 2 block tourist area during daylight and that it was very unsafe to go beyond that area and that theft of tourists was very common. Not sure how much the area has changed since then, but I was with my husband (on our honeymoon) and we both felt a little uneasy – did some quick shopping and got back on the boat. Too bad that happens to tourists trying to enjoy a nice trip. Again, glad you are ok. What an ordeal. And the Bahamas are beautiful – seems like Nassau is the riskiest place.

  61. Stacie,

    I am so, SO thankful that you are ok. I can’t even begin to imagine this. What an awful experience that I can’t even wrap my mind around. Please know I am praying for you.

  62. omg. That is so scary. I am so happy that you are safe and well.

  63. Oh, Stacie. I’m so sorry! I’m glad that you’re okay, and that the outcome wasn’t any worse.

  64. Ann

    Stacie, on behalf of the good people of the Bahamas, who I do believe are in the majority, may I say how terribly sorry I am that you had to have this experience. We are also reeling from the shock of this attack on the very people who keep our economy going. I sincerely hope that our government and law enforcement will get a wake up call from this incident. Attacks on tourists are not the norm here, they are in fact quite rare, but being such a small island community, just one incident can create havoc and fear amongst visitors and residents alike. I have lived in Nassau for 27 years, and travel a lot, and I am mindful that anything can happen anywhere, but when it happens on your own doorstep it magnifies the whole situation.
    I am very relieved that you and the rest of the group were not harmed in any way, (I was a victim of a violent crime some years ago so I do understand your feelings) and while I join with the many other posters here in sending you good wishes and prayers, I hope you will also spare a thought for the owners of the Segway tour, who put so much into the operation and are themselves very good people who give back to the community in spades. They too have been traumatized by this event. All the very best to you and your family.

  65. Beth

    How scary! I am so glad you all are safe! I already didn’t want to ever go on a cruise, now I have another reason.

  66. Cheryl

    As a Bahamian, I would like to say how very sorry I am that that this frightening ordeal happened to you and the other visitors. We hope and pray that the criminals are caught and brought to justice quickly. We will keep you, your family, and the other traumatized visitors in our prayers and thoughts. All the best.

  67. Tiffany

    WOW! So I was having drinks with you on Tuesday and by Friday you are being kidnapped! OMG! I am so happy that you and everyone else are ok. I love to cruise but the more I read about crimes that take place on island, the less likely I am to get off ship. I still hop you manged to have a great time.

    Tiffany Dockery

  68. That had to be incredibly frightening and I’m so glad to hear that everyone was unharmed. I’m sure it felt so good to get home and feel safe again.

  69. Frugal Vicki

    Honey, I am so so sorry. I can’t imagine how this changed you, or the nightmares you must still have. But I do know that you telling your story made a difference. Because my hubby said he knew this was more common than I realized. And now I am more wise because of you.

  70. OMG, Stacie! What a horrendous experience. I am so happy you made it home safely 🙂

  71. And THAT is why I do not leave my town…ever!! Glad you’re ok though.

  72. Renette

    Very sorry to hear of your experience. But you must also be aware that many visitors to America have also had “horendous” experiences. Crime is affecting us all. I am greatful that no one loss their lives. As well as it is unfair to paint an entire country with the “brush” of a few “rotten” apples. If you ever find it in your heart to forgive a country for the crime of “one man”, please come back. We have many more beautiful Island and people to share with you.
    Sincerely sorry, Renette

  73. A truly scary experience, but you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. It could happen in any country in the world. In fact I had a friend that was mugged with a machete in Florida a few years back.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a set up with one of the tour guides.

  74. Stacie! OMG I am so sorry this happened to you! The next time I see you I am going to give you a big hug, I am so glad you’re ok!

  75. Beth - The Plus Size Mommy

    I am so glad you are home and okay. Sorry your trip was awful (well this part anyways). I know how scared I am going to new cities and places at times. I always double check taxi’s and stuff. I think things can happen anywhere and so this is a wake up call for all the woman bloggers to be safe and alert as possible anywhere you go!

  76. Oh, how awful! I’m so glad to hear that no one was harmed and you made it safely home to your family!

  77. holy cow at first I thought you were joking. I am so sorry you had to go through this but with Gods will you got through it. Next time I go on a cruise I will skip the bahamas!

  78. Stacie,
    I am so glad that you are alright. My goodness, I cannot even imagine. Again, just glad to hear that you are safe and sound.

  79. Stacie, I’m so sorry for such a terrible thing that happened to you. I’m glad you are safe at home.

  80. Jen

    Glad to know you are all right; things like that certainly put a new perspective on life don’t they? My cousin and his wife (and the couple they were with) were also robbed at gunpoint in their hotel room on their vacation in the Bahamas. It’s even more alarming when you consider that you were with a large group…what ever happened to safety in numbers???

  81. Holy moly! I just got an invite to the Bahamas too! I was excited. But. Uh. No Segway tours for me!
    I’m glad you made it out!

  82. Wow…that was some trip! I’m so glad that you are OK…and able to give your kids huge hugs :-).

  83. Trisha

    Stacie! Oh my goodness! I have been out of town and just heard about this. I am so sorry for you! And so very, very thankful that you are alright. That is just insane.

  84. Oh my gosh! That’s just freaking unbelievable. What a horrible experience for all of you.

  85. Jen

    Oh my goodness! I am so glad you are safe. What a horribly frightening experience.

  86. Oh My Goodness. I’m so happy to know you are okay. I’m off to give my kids a few extra hugs and kisses just from reading your post. So glad you walked away safely from such a scary situation.

  87. Yikes! How very scary! Glad it turned out as well as it did.

  88. Thank the heavens you are all safe!! That is terrifying.

  89. OMG! I don’t even know what to say…really there is nothing to say. Im glad your okay and wanted you to know I read it and man, can’t believe that. awful…

  90. What a nightmare! A life changing experience, I am sure. So glad you are safe, although I am sure it will take some time to get over the emotional and mental part of your ordeal. Take care!

  91. Tamara B.

    OMG, that is insane! How could somehting like this happen to you. I am so thankful you wwere not harmed but robbed at gun pont! I gues you will never go back to that hell hole again! So sorry you had to go through that.

  92. Nancy

    Wow, that is unreal and a vacation you won’t soon forget. Glad there was a happy ending and you are home safe and sound.

  93. Jude

    That was certainly a frightening read and something I certainly hope never happens to me cause I’d probably have a heart attack and die on the spot. I’m so glad no one was harmed and you got home safely. I will probably never go on a cruise now, scary stuff.

  94. Lordy girl! It must have been horrible, but will be something to tell the grandchildren about. Not likely a vacation which you’ll forget!

  95. I try to imagine how awful that must have felt, but I get too frightened just thinking about. How blessed you are that you weren’t hurt. Still, I can tell you now, I am never traveling there!

  96. RE - A BadGalSays

    Stacie I am so sorry to hear about your misfortune. that’s absolutely terrible. you and your family are blessed to be able to hug eachother. you are all in my prayers. Nassau used to be such a great port and so safe. I’ve sent so many folks there on cruises; over the years. God Bless You, and give you peace again my friend.

  97. That’s a terrible ordeal, but thank God you’re all safe and sound. I scanned to the last portion fast to know if no one was hurt.

    Thank God for all the blessings. Cheers.

  98. I am so happy you and everyone else are okay. That is very scary. You work so hard to give yourself a vacation…the last thing you want to think about is that happening!

  99. That sounds like a horrible horrible experience. I am just thankful that you’re well enough that you are able to blog about it, and to go home and hug your kids.

  100. Wow, I was waiting to read that this was some fiction story. I’m so sorry you had such a terrifying experience! So glad you weren’t physically hurt. We went there on our honeymoon in ’00 and that’s where hubby’s from. Makes me nervous to go back there and visit.

  101. I’m so very sorry. I hope that you can find someone to talk to about your experience. Someone that can help you.

    Take your time to heal. Cry, scream, get it out!


  102. I’m very, very sorry this happened to you! But I am glad you got to go home and hug your family tight.

  103. Stacie-I read your thread before this post. How terrifying! I cannot offer anything but, prayers at this point and a hope that you will talk to someone about PTSD.

    I hope that soon, you are able to feel safe and look back on the experience with gladness for your protection.


  104. Melissa Multitasking Mama

    I heard through the #mamavation thread that you are having a difficult time since this happened, and not surprisingly. I have to agree with the previous commenter (Melanie) that you have some PTSD symptoms and really need to see someone to talk through what happened. They can also prescribe an antianxiety or antidepressant to get you through this difficult time. Prayers and hugs- and remember exercise actually releases feel good chemicals in the brain so stay strong with your fitness goals too!

  105. Bless your heart that must have been traumatizing! I’m so sorry! Glad you’re safe!

  106. Kathleen - Glamma Grandma

    I’m so sorry that you had to experience such a traumatic experience. Why is it that bad things happen to good people … sometimes it seems like life just isn’t fair. You are probably going through post traumatic stress syndrome and your feelings of not being able to move forward are very real to you. I am a Life Coach and I would be happy to talk with you if you are interested. You can reach me at

    You will get through this, be strong!


  107. Oh gosh! how terrifying. Take care and I agree with many others on PTSD. HUGS

  108. Femmepower

    Shocks! What an ordeal.It was surely a nightmare.Thank God you’re safe now.

  109. Oh my goodness… I am sooooooo sorry you experienced that. What a nightmare. I would have thrown up and likely passed out in fear.

    Thank God everyone was okay.

  110. I remember being at the mall during a shooting and was terrified, shaking so hard I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t imagine having a gun pointed at me. Big cyber hugs to you. You are in my prayers 🙂

  111. OMG!!! This is awful! So proud you had the courage to share it with us as writing it would have been like reliving it. Sorry you had to go through that. I have been through many harrowing incidents but then I grew up in South Africa. Kind of felt all that was behind me then I hear this.

    Sorry honey and plenty of hugs.. with time good memories will overshadow these… trust me.

  112. Soo scary! I am so glad that you and everyone else is ok. You just never know!

  113. Gawd, I hope you’re feeling much better now.

    Lots of love,

  114. louminous

    I am still in shock after reading your entire post, omg… SO glad that you are ok!

  115. Amy

    Holy moly that is unreal. So sorry you had to go through this and it’s good you guys are okay. Take good care.

  116. I’ve just read this post n could understand how scary the whole experience must be for u. Sometimes we plan to do something to clear our head or release our stress but something else much more stressful come into the picture. I’m sure you’re grateful that nothing worse had happened. Let’s just take this as a blessing and to share more happy times with the people you love and treasure.. 🙂

  117. Blog Tactic

    That’s an awful experience. Hope the robbers get caught.

  118. OMG! I hardly even know what to say except that I always swear I am not going on a cruise because they see us coming! That is just soooo so awful. I’m glad that you are okay. I’m glad that God blessed you to come home.

    Lots of {{{hugs}}} and ♥ to you!

  119. Jeane

    Okay, so that cinches it…Bahamas are out! To think that you were with a whole tour group and it still happened. I could see if you were walking around on your own or with one other person.

    Glad you kissed the husband would have kissed him first, BTW.

    jcamp2020 at aol dot com

  120. Mel

    Holy cow, that is crazy! I see this is a super old post, so I don’t even know if you’ll see this comment. But, I had to leave one anyway. What a scary thing to have to go through, especially when you’re supposed to be having a good time on vacation!

  121. Debra P

    How awful and terrifying! I can’t even imagine what you must have been thinking during that time – though the praying I can certainly imagine. I am so glad you are all right!

  122. Eileen

    Oh my Gosh, Stacie…I thought this was a short story for some class or something. I am going to show this to my husband…we were just talking about how we dont want to travel out of the states until things settle…to0 much uprising. I really wan to take a tropical romantic trip with him FINALLY when our last is grown…another 8 years or so. But really? Had no idea there are real robbers out there and not “just” the occasional purse grab now and then. I would have passed out cold from fright! Ya just never know what lurks out there but yet, you cant let the fear drive you from your dreams. Sounds like the cruise was OK at least?
    Crazy…my mouth is still wide open…shaking head…wow.

  123. ellen

    I thought it was a short story too- now that is scary! its also something you never think will happen to you until it does.
    The only time we ever went ‘out of the country’ was when we went from TX to Mexico (just so I could say I have been out of the country) and honestly if anything had happened, I dont know what I would have done!

  124. OMG That is so awful. I am sitting here scared for you. I have taken about 10 cruises and never had a moment like that. I shall remember never to take the Segway tour. I hope the cruise ship immediately removes that tour from their excursion list. Sending hugs that you are OK. A little money sucks but a life or injury would be terrible. AND I guarantee the Police got a cut of the take as I have heard they are dirty there!
    So sorry you had that experience.

  125. I happened on this by accident. I’ve never wanted to go on a cruise. I can’t swim. I thought perhaps I was being silly and paranoid. After reading about your horrific ordeal and in light of the recent tragedy in Italy, I can say I won’t be doing a cruise.

  126. Jamie Brigham

    I am shocked by this story and so sorry you had to go through this. I am so relieved that you weren’t harmed in anyway especially with hearing all the stories about tourists in other countries being murdered etc. I just couldn’t imagine this happening to me. I see that it has been a few years since this happened I would love to hear an update on how you are doing

  127. BalancingMama (Julie)

    WOW, Stacie! I found this post from your SITS day. This is so scary! I’m glad it turned out okay. But… well, just wow.

  128. That is CRAZY! I cannot believe that happened…how awful. I can imagine everything flashing before you. Traveling can be so scary. Wow.

  129. Joanne

    Wow! I cannot imagine how terrifying that must’ve been. I am sure you thought you were going to die that day. I am glad no one was killed. What a horrible experience!

  130. Wow, is that scary, so glad you all made it out okay.

  131. Well you just sealed it for me. I NEVER want to leave the country. Not that this couldn’t happen here, it could, but I feel safer in the good ole’ US of A.

    I’m glad no one was seriously hurt. Wow!

  132. I was robbed at gunpoint from inside my hostel in Buenos Aires once. My brother was robbed at gunpoint and briefly sequestered on the top of a volcano near Panama City. I currently live in Santiago, Chile and while the city is relatively safe, I take sooo many precautions. I’m the paranoid gringa to all my friends and in-laws.

  133. What a harrowing adventure! I’m glad you are okay. It’s so easy to think we’re always in a safe little bubble; isn’t it? I always think everyone is pretty much like me, so I forget to be on guard–especially in new surroundings.

  134. Kimberly Gauthier Photography & Photography Blog

    OMG – I hear about these stories on the news, but it still just blows me away. Stuff like this isn’t suppose to happen in “paradise” and definitely on vacation.

  135. Wow. How terrifying. I’m so glad that everyone was okay.


  136. Here you are, a two years later and I am hoping you are doing very well ~ that any PTSD symptoms are no longer evident or at least minimal. An experience like this is not an easy one. Sweetly, you have a wonderful family and friends ~ that’s what gets us through so much life hands us.

  137. That is unbelievable! I can’t even imagine what that must have felt like. I am so sorry!

  138. and another reason to nevr go on a cruise. my husband keeps trying to talk me into going on a cruise.

    glad you are safe and not shot at with a riffle.

  139. That is so scary! We love taking the Disney cruises but usually enjoy the ship while docked at Nassau. We get enough beach time at Castaway Cay. Now I’m thankful we do stay on board.

  140. Oh my God! That is absolutely terrifying! I frequently go to that part of the Bahamas, and nothing like that has ever happened to me. But that is scary!

  141. OMG, that is so scary! I’ve heard that things like that can happen in the Bahamas, but I’ve never read a first hand account before. I cannot even imagine.

  142. Oh my goodness! I am so sorry this happened to you! I can’t believe this. I am so glad you are ok!!!

  143. Claudia Krusch

    I am so happy you are okay. I can not imagine having to go through that. I am glad no one was hurt to badly.

  144. Wow this is a crazy story. This is exactly why my husband and I refuse to leave the country, although rare we are trying to avoid this as much as possible. America is the only place I feel safe, I am sorry this happened to you and glad you are ok.

  145. How incredibly scary! I’m so glad all they wanted were “things” and not to actually harm you. What an ordeal though.

  146. Dee

    OMG! I am so glad that you made home safely! I wouldn’t know what to do if that had happened to me. Thank goodness you didn’t get hurt.

  147. Emma Spellman

    How scary. I am so glad you are here to share your story.  I wish this never happened to you. You will need some time to process this all for sure, but I am glad you are home safe with your family. 

  148. Oh my, that is so scary. I am so glad you made it home safely. 

  149. Oh my gosh girl – that must have been so scary! We love cruising and go on excursions sometimes. I can just imagine how terrible that was.  I’m so glad you’re ok.

  150. Oh my goodness! What a crazy experience – I am so happy to hear that you’re okay! I can’t imagine how scary that must have been 🙁

  151. Marielle Altenor

    Omg I can’t even imagine what must have been going through your mind! I’m just glad you are ok. Just wow!! 

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