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Jimmy Dean Delights – More than Breakfast

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You know that sunshine guy, right? You have probably seen him on many commercials touting how wonderful a breakfast from Jimmy Dean can be. I completely agree. I love the Turkey Sausage Jimmy Dean Delights. They are delicious and satisfying.

But did you know that Jimmy Dean now does more than breakfast?

Jimmy Dean is expanding beyond breakfast with the introduction of NEW lunch and dinner offerings that deliver delicious, slow-cooked taste in just minutes from the microwave – perfect for lunch, dinner and even snack time occasions, available in sixteen great-tasting varieties.

Jimmy Dean Steak Jimmy Dean Steak 1


Delights by Jimmy Dean line is available in eight varieties, including four savory sandwich offerings each containing two snack-size sandwiches and four flavor-packed entree bowls, all for 300 calories or less.

The new flavor-packed sandwiches and bowls provide an excellent source of protein and deliver delicious, slow-cooked taste in just minutes from the microwave – perfect for lunch, dinner and even snack time occasions.

New offerings provide busy families with a high-quality meal that boasts authentic flavors like pulled pork in a sweet and tangy barbecue sauce, smoked bacon mac & cheese, three cheese pasta, smoked ham on a pretzel bun, and more.

Jimmy Dean Pulled Chicken


Jimmy Dean Pulled Pork
Jimmy Dean Pulled Chicken
Jimmy Dean Hickory Smoked Turkey Breast
Jimmy Dean Smoked Sausage
Jimmy Dean Grilled Steak
Jimmy Dean Smoked Bacon Mac & Cheese
Jimmy Dean Golden Roasted Chicken
Jimmy Dean Delights Smoked Ham
Jimmy Dean Delights Golden Roasted Turkey
Jimmy Dean Delights Three Cheese Pasta

Jimmy Dean Turkey 1Jimmy Dean Turkey


We tried the Jimmy Dean Delights Golden Roasted Turkey, Jimmy Dean Pulled Chicken and the Jimmy Dean Grilled Steak.

Jimmy Dean Delights Golden Roasted Turkey

A delicious twist on some classic favorites. Golden roasted turkey with potatoes, carrots and celery for 210 calories.

I was a big fan of this one. The turkey tasted great. The entire thing was creamy, delicious and filling.

Jimmy Dean Pulled Chicken

Fill up without feeling weighed down—talk about a winning combo. Homestyle pulled chicken on a honey wheat bun, enjoy two for 300 calories.

Honestly, this one wasn't my favorite. I found the meat to be a little over sauced and it was hard to tell what kind of meat it was. I wouldn't buy this one again.

Jimmy Dean Grilled Steak

Who knew this much hearty taste could live in one bowl? Savory grilled steak, golden potatoes, peppers and onions ready to be enjoyed any time.

My husband loved this one and so did I!

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