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How to spring clean your car

How to spring clean your car

After a long hard winter, your car may be looking a little on the rough side. I know mine looks rough. Spring cleaning doesn't have to stay in the house. Hop on outside for some fresh air and give your car a good spring cleaning. you will be happy to have your car clean again and removing all the salt and snow-melting chemicals is vital to help prevent rust and wear in your vehicle. These tips will be especially helpful if you just purchased a new car. We hope that you love this How to spring clean your car post. 

How to spring clean your car

How to spring clean your car


Give your car a basic cleaning. Dust the dashboard and hard surfaces a good dusting. Use leather treatment on any leather surfaces to help preserve them and make them last longer. Pay extra attention to heating vents that attract dust. 

Vacuum the interior paying attention to cracks and crevices that may have built up crumbs when it was too cold to really spend time out working on the car. Give your carpets and upholstery a shampoo to freshen them up. If this is not possible you can use a carpet powder and vacuum to get a better clean than the vacuum alone and kill any lingering odors. 


The undercarriage of your car takes a beating on winter salt-covered roads. The best thing you can do for your car to help it last longer is to take your car in for a good wash and remove salt from the paint and undercarriage of your car. This will help your paint last longer and keep the vital functioning parts under your car from rusting out. After giving your car a good wash get a fresh coat of wax to help keep your car’s finish shining. 

Give all of your vehicle's hinges a fresh layer of lubrication to help them glide smoothly. Remove rust and corrosion around the door frames and the battery terminals for smoother operation by pouring on Diet Coke and letting the acid do the job. Grab a headlight cleaning kit from your local auto section and give your headlights a good cleaning to make them shine brighter. This will help keep you safe on foggy spring mornings. If you would rather save money with a DIY version you can use toothpaste and baking soda to clean them. 

Swap out windshield wipers for a fresh set that has not frozen over in the winter and apply a fresh coat of RainX to repel the fresh spring rains and keep your view crystal clear. 


A great option is to have basic maintenance performed on your car. Have your tires rotated and balanced or switch back to your regular tires if you had snow tires installed. A basic tune-up can go a long way to make your car run better after the long winter season. 

Get an oil change to clear out the old oil that had to work hard for the winter weather for some fresh clean oil. While getting your oil changed, have your air filters changed and get your other fluids topped off. The fluids in your vehicle take a beating with the temperature changes and heavy use. 

Taking great care of your car is the easiest way to make your automobile feel like home. A car is a huge investment so taking care of it should be a top priority. We hope that you are inspired by this How to spring clean your car post. Happy cleaning. 

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