How to maximize the space in a box room
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How to maximize the space in a box room

How to maximize the space in a box room

We don’t all have the luxury of a large and spacious room with just the right lighting. In fact, many of us will find ourselves at some point with a box room – think university halls or small flats. However, having a box room shouldn’t get in the way of making a comfortable space to relax and sleep in – having a room you enjoy spending time in is more or less essential!  

What is a box room?

A “box room” is typically used to describe a small space which pretty much has similar dimensions to that of a box – hence the name. Box rooms usually exist due to them previously being used for storage in large country and suburban British houses. Keeping in tradition, many box rooms today are not used to their full potential as they are seen as a place to chuck odds and ends. However, if you are tight on space and find yourself drawing the short straw for the box room – do not panic! There are plenty of techniques which will help maximise your space. Here are our top tips!

How to maximise the potential of a box room

Fitted furniture

One of the first things to consider is investing in good quality fitted furniture. The obvious option here is a stylish fitted wardrobe but it’s also possible to build storage in alcoves or around the bed. Additionally, when fitting storage, try to use up vertical space, as this will free up a lot of space on the ground and make your floor less cluttered.

Multipurpose furniture

Another great tactic is to invest in multipurpose furniture. For example, you may look towards a sofa bed, which you can expand only at night. This gives you the extra space to socialise if you’re having guests round. Making use of vertical space again, there are many bunk-bed style beds which features a desk underneath and can be conveniently nestled into an alcove. Finally, look for beds which have added storage, be it underneath or on the sides. You will end up saving a lot of space (and money!). 


a mirror can successfully create an illusion of depth as it reflects the walls back to you. You don’t have to go for a full-length mirror, as ones which capture your portrait work just as well. You may want to put even smaller mirrors on your desk for that added effect!


Colour is important when it comes to a small space, adding dark colours or loud wallpaper to the walls will only make the room feel smaller, instead opt for neutral colours and add splashes of colour with accessories. Lighting is essential in a small room, enabling as much natural light in through the window is key; therefore, avoid using curtains to dress the window, they can take up space and block out much needed light; blinds are an excellent alternative. Adding a touch of greenery by introducing a houseplant or two to the space not only brightens the room, but if you choose a species which is good at purifying the air, more refreshing too.

Convert it into something else

If you don’t require using your box room as a bedroom, why not transform it into another functional space instead of using it for storage? With working from home becoming more common, you may look to convert it into a home office so you can become extra productive. However, if you have kids, you could create a cosy “den” where they can watch TV so you can get some uninterrupted downtime!

However you choose to use your box room, don’t waste the potential for a great living space!

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