How To Live Your Highest Values For Health and Well Being

How To Live Your Highest Values For Health and Well Being

How To Live Your Highest Values For Health and Well BeingHow To Live Your Highest Values For Health and Well Being

Are you looking for ways to live your highest values in all areas of your life? If so, you are in good company. After this last year, more and more people are looking for ways to find common values about what matters most. By examining our core values of health and well-being, we can lift our sights—and elevate the context in which we live our lives. We may find ourselves doing the same activity—but reaping a greater sense of reward and satisfaction. 

Let’s look a little closer at how this works in a few different areas of our lives: family life, our transportation, and remote working. A trio of opportunities to find higher values, don’t you think?

Values In Family Life

Our family is the closest unit of people we have—especially when we are young. This tribe is often seen as the core group of people. The way we relate or don’t relate can shape us for our entire lifetime. That’s why it’s so helpful to have ongoing conversations about values, ethics, and kindness. By speaking openly, you can help children, spouses, and parents participate at a higher level. 

Suddenly, it’s not just about physical hygiene washing your hands, or wearing a mask. The context is greater and vaster. Your actions are shaping the entire environment as a way of living your values. You’re washing your hands to take care of yourself, and those nearby. You aren’t living in an isolated silo—but contributing to the health and safety of people you love.

What a difference this makes.

Values In Our Transportation

If you’re not at home or work, most likely, you’re in your car. That’s why the car is a great place to bring our highest values to bear.  Making sure that our cars reflect our core values inspires taking practical actions. It could mean exploring a digital speedometer to make sure you’re keeping your speed exactly where it needs to be while upgrading the look of your dashboard. It might mean installing a GPS system so you don’t have to rely on a smartphone for directions. 

It may mean bringing along wipes, sanitizer, and fresh water in your car. By preparing in advance, you can create a safe and pleasant environment for yourself and your family.

Finding True Values in Remote Working 

Let’s look at how working remotely offers a unique opportunity to live our values.  We can clarify what matters most. These values drive our reason for working and are what ignites passion in our work. This comes through in your personal goals as well as the mission and vision for your business or organization.

As we explore the deep passion and ‘why we do the work we do, we uncover genuine values. These are the fuel that inspires individuals to start companies like Outsite, which is focused on healthy remote working. 

“Outsite’s mission is to create open and supportive spaces where people can connect and support each other, no matter what their background is,” says founder Emmanual Guisset. “The more diverse our members and team are, the stronger our mission becomes.” Core values are like the architecture shaping an inclusive world and workplace. These inspiring values often include:

Diversity: a place where everyone can feel at home

Connection: a global community with local roots

Trust and Support: a trusted, supportive, and inclusive community

Sustainability: doing good work for the climate, community, and earth

Generosity: giving skills, training, and resources to others

Interestingly, core values at work inspire different results. Workers think more about sustainability, take on local initiatives, share human experiences, and increase their sensitivity to local people. Living like a local transforms your experience into one of a resident instead of a tourist.  This sensitive exchange builds deep connections with people.

What Does Living Your Values Mean To You?

As we’ve seen in the last year, we are in new and unprecedented environments. We are finding our way in this new normal. What do you want to do to express your values while caring for your family, driving, and working? 

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