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How to Know if Your CBD Oil Shop Is Trustworthy

How to Know if Your CBD Oil Shop Is Trustworthy

Shopping online takes a lot of the stress out of shopping for CBD oil, or any product for that matter. What could be easier than sitting in the comfort of your own home while browsing through different stores to then have your chosen products arrive at your door?

There is one disadvantage to online shopping, though – the inability to actually hold and judge products for yourself. Often, having a product right in front of you is the best way to determine its quality.

While most online retailers offer free refunds, no one wants to waste their time having products delivered only to return them and start the whole process all over again. When shopping online, it is important to know what to look out for and what makes a trustworthy shop.

How can you tell if a CBD oil store is trustworthy or not?

#1 – Brand & Store Awareness

When choosing an online CBD oil store, it is always worth considering the store's reputation.

A store known for delivering good quality products and service is much more likely to be trustworthy than a brand that is often criticized for its quality. There are several ways to judge a store's reputation and trustworthiness.

An excellent place to start is by reading reviews about the store itself and the products it’s selling. Product reviews can generally be found on the store’s website and can be a helpful way to see whether previous customers have been happy with the products they have purchased.

Googling the store's name will usually offer up reviews about the service and shopping experience rather than the actual products themselves. These reviews are an excellent way to determine what kind of shopping experience can be expected from an online CBD store.

Another way to gauge a store’s reputation is by joining discussions on forums. Often people will make posts asking for advice as to where the best place to buy CBD oil is. Make a note of the stores and brands that keep recurring in conversations, as those frequently being talked about in a positive light are likely to offer a trustworthy shopping experience.

#2 – Third-Party Testing and Results

All trustworthy CBD brands will use third-party lab testing to check the purity and quality of their products for sale. It has also become the norm for stores to make the results of these tests available to customers so that they can see exactly what they are buying.

It is typically a good idea to avoid the stores and brands that hide lab testing results or who seemingly haven’t even tested their products. Although, it can sometimes be worth contacting stores before completely dismissing them to see if they will provide such information.

#3 – Information About the Sourcing of the Hemp Plants Being Used 

The source of the CBD and the other ingredients used in the manufacturing process are key to determining the quality and effectiveness of the final product.

The best CBD oil brands and stores will provide customers with information about where ingredients have been sourced from and the hemp plant strains that have been used. Some brands will also include descriptions of how these factors affect the final product and the effects that they are likely to have.

Different hemp plant strains are more effective in certain situations than others. Having information about the plants that have been used in a product can be especially useful for people looking to use CBD oil to treat specific ailments such as epilepsy, anxiety, and chronic inflammation.

#4 – Variety of Products Available

The variety of products and brands available in a store can indicate how trustworthy they are.

Stores that sell third-party CBD oil products have to build a good reputation with their customers and maintain a positive working relationship with the brands whose products they sell.

A store selling products from multiple brands has built relationships with those brands, which is a good sign that they are trustworthy and are offering a good level of customer service.

Of course, certain stores choose just to sell products from one brand. In such cases, this is not a reflection of trustworthiness or quality but merely preference.


It can be tricky to determine which CBD oil stores are trustworthy and are best to shop with. In general, it is best to use several different factors to determine the best stores to purchase CBD oil from.

There is also no substitute for actually purchasing products and trying them out for yourself. It can sometimes be worth buying small samples of CBD oil from various stores and brands to compare quality and effectiveness yourself.



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