How to Get the Most Out of Massage Therapy
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How to Get the Most Out of Massage Therapy

How to Get the Most Out of Massage Therapy

How to Get the Most Out of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is relaxing and helps to boost total wellness. Whether you’re experiencing stress, recovering from injury, or simply want to be pampered, massage therapy is the right option. However, the conditions must be ideal for getting the most out of your massage. You want the right environment and ensure that you properly prepare before, and recover after, your massage therapy session.

Music During Massage

Music can help to relax you and your massage therapist during your session. The right tunes put you both in the right frame of mind. The key is to choose the right music.

Many spas will play music from the soft pop, classical, and world music categories. It is also common to hear nature sounds. All of these offer a level of relaxation. In some cases, you may be able to choose from a list of the type of music you want your therapist to play during your session.

Ensure the Proper Lighting

Warm tones and dim lighting ensure the optimal relaxing environment. This type of lighting allows your body and brain to loosen up and calm down. Your therapist will work with you to ensure optimal lighting in the room.

Choose the Right Massage Oil

Oils help to reduce friction during the massage so that the therapist's hands can glide across your skin easier. This is more relaxing and helps reduce the discomfort of their hands and fingers getting hung up on any specific area. Certain oils are more beneficial than others.

CBD oils further the pain relief that you get with a massage. It is ideal for multiple types of massage and can also help to hydrate your skin. There's top-shelf CBD massage oil for sale online if your therapist does not have it in their office.

Arnica oils are another option if you are seeking one that offers pain relief. This is because it has natural anti-inflammatory properties.

If dry skin is a concern, jojoba oil is a good option. It closely resembles the naturally present oils in your skin to hydrate without feeling greasy.

Fractionated coconut oil has an uplifting scent and is very hydrated. Due to it being more slippery compared to other types of oils, it is a good option for deep tissue massage.

If you are sensitive to scents, grapeseed oil is a solid choice. This is because it soothes sensitive skin and has an underwhelming aroma.

Drink Plenty of Water

During a massage, muscles lose water due to the therapist manipulating them. The process also causes the release of certain substances from your muscles. Drinking plenty of water helps to rehydrate your muscles and ensure that any released substances are flushed out before they can accumulate. All of this helps reduce post-massage soreness, which is especially important with deep tissue work.

Free Your Mind

While the purpose of massage is to relax you, if you are overly stressed and tensing your muscles during the massage, it may be uncomfortable or not as effective. Before your appointment, take about 30 minutes to evaluate your thoughts and state of mind.

You can choose something like meditation or even journaling to help to alleviate what is burdening you. When you go into your massage focused on the experience and not what else is happening in your life, it makes it easier to relax to reap the most benefit.

Be Mindful of the Room Temperature

Many massage therapy experts recommend the room be about 77 degrees Fahrenheit. However, this also depends on the type of massage you are getting. If it is more vigorous, this generates more heat, so turning it down a few degrees may be the most comfortable. You can ask the massage therapist to adjust the temperature to ensure it is ideal for you. If it is too cold or hot, this can hinder your ability to relax.

In addition to everything above, make sure that you feel comfortable with your massage therapist. You should both have an open line of communication so that everything goes as you expect it to. With these factors in mind, every massage therapy session will provide you with the most benefit.

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