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How to Buy a Bike for Kids

How to Buy a Bike for KidsHow to Buy a Bike for Kids

Does your family love cycling? Do you want to introduce your children to the exciting world of adventure, fitness, and freedom that cycling offers? Cycling has become increasingly popular during the last year with the need to find family activities that allow for social distancing. Many families struggle with finding the right bike for their children. We hope that you find this How to Buy a Bike for Kids post useful. Here are a few tips to help:

How to Buy a Bike for Kids

#1: Select a style

When you are getting your child’s first bike, you will have three choices to decide on:

Tricycle: This is a bicycle with three wheels! A tricycle is made very low to the ground; therefore, it has a very low center of gravity. As a result, your child will not fall off easily, as the bike is very stable this way. These bicycles are ideal for children who are being prepared for bikes. This will only teach your children the skills of peddling and not balancing and maneuvers.

Training Wheels: These are wheels that are detachable off your kid’s bike. The wheels help your child learn how to maneuver and adds a little balancing when riding. Even though your child will take time to learn how to ride, your child will most of the time rely on the wheel to crutch when they lose balance. However, the best part is that once your child is a pro, the wheels are plucked off and voila! You have a regular bike.

Balance Bikes: They are scooter-like. These bicycles only have wheels and saddle, and your child is supposed to scoot around and balance. This is the best way your child can learn to balance before having a standard bicycle.

#2: Get a good fit

The sizing of a bike can help make or break a child's experience; it's important to try to get a good match. One of the best ways to figure out what size bike your youngster needs is to use a bike size chart. You'll need to measure your child's inseam (but the chart we linked to includes easy instructions for that). Armed with that measurement, you can approach the bike market with confidence.

#3: Don't forget safety

Safety first! Before you get a bike, make sure your child sits on it, and the child’s feet can reach the peddles and hands get to the handlebars and brakes. If your child cannot reach these key areas, then the bike is not safe. The child should stand while holding the bike; this would prevent significant accidents when they fall. Likewise, if you see their knees hitting the handlebars when riding, this may prove challenging to steer and control; therefore, you should consider getting another bicycle.

If your surrounding environment has a rough terrain, you will have to include a child's safety equipment. These safety equipment include a child’s helmet, ankle support, and knee support. In case of an accident, your child will be much secure as a result of the fall. Even though you might be in the right environment, safety wears are still essential; you never know when your child will want to explore different terrains.

You cannot deny that there are still relatively more factors to be considered to get your child the right bicycle, but with these few tricks, you will not find a problem purchasing a bike for your new rider in the family. We hope that you are inspired by this How to Buy a Bike for Kids post. 

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