How to Become a Review Blogger by reviewing products

How to Become a Review Blogger

How to Become a Review Blogger

How to Become a Review Blogger

You've read review blogs, and you love that they get “free” products, right? Well, why not start your own? First things first: remember that this is work! While it is fun to receive products in exchange for writing about them, it's still a job that you have to take seriously – but not too seriously! Let's get started.

Start a blog.

Obviously you need a platform to display your reviews. Some folks do well just doing YouTube videos rather than having an actual blog, and you can make money from video views just like you do pageviews, so figure out which platform you're going to choose ( or YouTube), and go with it.

Read up about starting a blog or YouTube channel, and take in as much information as you can. I always read ebooks even though I've been blogging for a while. You can never learn too much.

Review what you have.

You're not going to get things sent to you to review when you first start. So, to get the ball rolling, begin reviewing things you already own. If you want to review techy gadgets, review your Smart Phone, laptop, and TV. Write awesome, thorough reviews that are search engine optimized.

Build your following.

Without traffic, your blog is pretty much meaningless to potential sponsors and brands you'd like to work with. So, focus on increasing your traffic and social media following.

Pitch brands.

When it comes to “pitching” brands, or selling yourself to them, I recommend keeping it short and sweet. You can copy and paste this, then add your own personality to it (add/remove sentences, etc):

Hi! My name is {YOURNAME} and I'm the blogger behind {BLOGLINK}. I'm writing in regards to {PRODUCTNAME}, and to see if you'd be interested in partnering together for a review! Right now, I'm focusing on gifts for the holidays {OR WHATEVER}, and I think {YOURPRODUCT} would be a perfect fit for my readers! Please let me know if you'd be interested in teaming up. Thanks, {YOURNAME}

Set your terms.

Each blogger has their own terms and conditions. You need to think about what you are comfortable with. Are you going to provide a giveaway with each review? If so, that needs to be in black and white and discussed prior to you receiving your review item(s).

Will you set a minimum? Once your blog grows, you'll start to get messages from people wanting you to share their $1.99 app for free. If you have your minimum clearly outlined, you can let them know that their product doesn't meet your minimum requirements but you'd be happy to share it for a fee. Your fee will depend on your personal opinion, and your traffic.

Stay true to yourself.

If you're asked to review an item that doesn't fit with your family or your blog, don't feel bad about saying no. If you review an item and you don't like it, don't feel bad about emailing the company and telling them you don't want to promote it on your blog. Your readers will trust you (which means visiting your blog more often) if you're honest, even though it might seem easier to rave about everything instead.

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