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How Important is YOUR Repuation?

Reputation is a serious thing. Both offline and online.

Remember back in high school when most of us really cared about our reputations but there were a few, rogue students who really didn't care what anyone thought? There are many who may claim they do not care but the vast majority of us care what others think or how influential we are perceived to be.

A good reputation is built in many ways although first and foremost it is by doing and providing quality work consistently to anyone you work with. The modern and virtual workplace is still very much like high school when it comes to repuation. The majority of us care and live good lives, doing what we can to protect the reputations that we have worked hard for.

However, there are still a few people who lack ethics and produce shoddy work leaving others to clean up what they couldn't finish and honestly the best thing you can do is NOT associate with people like this.

In the online world of social media, your reputation is one of your biggest assets. This is possibly one of the most important thngs that can either get your more work or keep others from hiring you.

What is your reputation like?

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  1. shelly peterson

    I believe having a good reputation in life is definitely important in personal and business life. I think I have a pretty good reputation. I’m known for being helpful and easy going.

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