Hotel Mockingbird Hill in Port Antonio Jamaica Eco Resort
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Hotel Mockingbird Hill in Port Antonio

Hotel Mockingbird Hill in Port Antonio Jamaica @VisitJamaicaNow #HomeofAllRight #VisitJamaica #ecohotelHotel Mockingbird Hill in Port Antonio Jamaica

Hotel Mockingbird Hill in Port Antonio Jamaica is an eco boutique resort located on Jamaica's northeast coast. Nestled between the Blue Mountains and the Caribbean Sea, the resort is surrounded by tropical terrain and is minutes from Frenchman's Cove Beach. This eco hotel is comprised of 10 luxury suites and has one upscale restaurant on site. The theme of Hotel Mockingbird Hill of Jamaica is tranquility and wellness, which is demonstrated through their decor and amenities.

Hotel Mockingbird Hill in Port Antonio Jamaica @VisitJamaicaNow #HomeofAllRight #VisitJamaica #ecohotel Hotel Mockingbird Hill in Port Antonio Jamaica @VisitJamaicaNow #HomeofAllRight #VisitJamaica #ecohotelHotel Mockingbird Hill in Port Antonio Jamaica @VisitJamaicaNow #HomeofAllRight #VisitJamaica #ecohotelRooms

10 luxury suites are available in three room types. The Garden View Rooms include a balcony with a view of the tropical landscaping. The Superior Rooms are on the ground floor and have views of the garden and sea from a private covered veranda. The Deluxe Rooms offer more square footage with a seating area and private open-air balcony overlooking the gardens and sea. All rooms at the Hotel Mockingbird Hill in Port Antonio include complimentary WiFi, coffee and tea making facilities, and in-room safe. The Superior and Deluxe rooms provide bathrobes and additional amenities.

Hotel Mockingbird Hill in Port Antonio Jamaica @VisitJamaicaNow #HomeofAllRight #VisitJamaica #ecohotel Hotel Mockingbird Hill in Port Antonio Jamaica @VisitJamaicaNow #HomeofAllRight #VisitJamaica #ecohotel Amenities

In addition to the in-room amenities, Hotel Mockingbird Hill in Port Antonio also offers a continental breakfast, free parking, complimentary shuttle and entrance to Frenchman's Cove, a low chlorine pool, and a wellness center for massage and spa packages. For an additional charge, guests can arrange transportation to and from airports serving Port Antonio Jamaica and can have breakfasts or picnic lunches packed for excursions. The hotel has one restaurant on site for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which is often referred to as “the #1 restaurant in Port Antonio.”

Hotel Mockingbird Hill in Port Antonio Jamaica @VisitJamaicaNow #HomeofAllRight #VisitJamaica #ecohotelHotel Mockingbird Hill in Port Antonio Jamaica @VisitJamaicaNow #HomeofAllRight #VisitJamaica #ecohotelEco Boutique Hotel

Hotels that are classified as Eco Boutique have fewer rooms than traditional hotels and are dedicated to running operations in a green and sustainable manner. Every detail in this eco hotel of Port Antonio was decided on with environmental sustainability in mind. To name a few: the Jamaica furniture is locally-made, the water is heated through solar power, all paper used in the resort is made from recycled materials, and no beverages are served in plastic bottles.

Hotel Mockingbird Hill in Port Antonio Jamaica @VisitJamaicaNow #HomeofAllRight #VisitJamaica #ecohotel Hotel Mockingbird Hill in Port Antonio Jamaica @VisitJamaicaNow #HomeofAllRight #VisitJamaica #ecohotelPools & Spa

Hotel Mockingbird Hill in Port Antonio Jamaica has a strong focus on wellness. A variety of massage and spa packages are available for guest reservation and are performed in the Garden of Wellness. The Garden is enclosed by lush landscaping and includes a meditation area and outdoor shower and bath.

A low chlorine swimming pool is provided to guests. In place of the harsh chlorine, the pool is treated with copper ions and kept clean with renewable solar power.

Hotel Mockingbird Hill in Port Antonio Jamaica @VisitJamaicaNow #HomeofAllRight #VisitJamaica #ecohotelAwards

Hotel Mockingbird Hill in Port Antonio Jamaica has been recognized for their environmental contribution with over 21 international awards, including the following:

  • Achievement of TripAdvisor's Platinum Status (the highest level attainable) in their GreenLeaders program.
  • Voted “Best Hotel for the Environment” in 2010 by Responsible Travel and Virgin International

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We were hosted by the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB). Please visit the Visit Jamaica website to plan your next trip.

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  1. Sigh I truly need some of this in my life right now. I would love to visit this resort hotel! It is truly boutique! ADORE!

  2. Victoria Heckstall

    This is a perfect place this summer, I love the theme of room especially the bed it looks like a Hawaii style!

  3. sara

    Oh my, this hotel is gorgeous! You must have had the best time at the Hotel Mockingbird Hill. We hope to go to Jamaica one day soon.

  4. Wow it looks so beautiful! I’ve never been to Jamaica, but would love to. Will have to keep this hotel in mind.

  5. Jamaica is such a beautiful country–my step brother is getting married there this Fall and I can’t wait! This hotel looks absolutely gorgeous and relaxing. You are so lucky to have stayed there!

  6. Mars

    What a nice hotel for summer. I love the room color. I want to the travel to Jamaica, it’s in my bucketlist. Bookmarking this for my future trip.

  7. I would love to go to Jamaica one day and these photos are gorgeous!! What a great hotel!!

  8. What a beautiful hotel. I love the bright room. Jamaica is one of the places I dream of visiting one day.

  9. Kathy

    Wow, that is one beautiful hotel. I’d love to stay there any day. I have always wanted to go to Jamaica. It always looked so beautiful there.

  10. What a gorgeous place! I love how relaxing and posh it is. Jamaica is one of my favorite places in the Caribbean, and this is the place for me to stay next time!

  11. The room is absolutely stunning! Seriously takes my breath away – love the blue decor, since it’s my favorite color.

  12. I need some Hotel Mockingbird Hill in my life! All I need to add to that scenario is a big, BIG mixed drink. 😉

  13. The hotel looks so open and airy. I went to Jamaica while on a cruise and it was an eye-opening experience. I have always wanted to go back so that we could explore more and learn about their culture. It was hard to do when we were only there for 8 hours. We went to Margaritaville. The beach was amazing.

  14. robin rue

    What an amazing hotel! I would absolutely LOVE to stay there.

  15. Pam Wattenbarger

    This is a beautiful hotel. I love how light and airy the rooms look, and the low chlorine pool sounds great for skin.

  16. Wow, having a Jamaican getaway and staying here would be amazing. I would be so happy just to relax in paradise!

  17. That hotel is gorgeous! The views from it are not bad either. And knowing that it’s an eco boutique hotel makes it totally awesome.

  18. Oh wow this looks like a dream! What an amazing place to stay! 

  19. Kristi

    What a beautiful hotel… looks like paradise to me and the perfect get away for a couple.

  20. This is really pretty! I love the piece over the bed. It rounds up the whole jamaica feel. Being from NY makes me a lover of palm trees b/c I don’t get to see it often lol

  21. I love this eco friendly beautiful hotel in Jamaica. Makes me miss this country I am due for a visit.

  22. karlyn cruz

    It really looks awesome and amazing! It such a nice place! I would love to visit there.

  23. I just loved that aerial shot! Hotel Mockingbird Hill is definitely THE place to stay in Jamaica. I do hope we get a chance to travel there. It is the perfect getaway for some much needed rest and relaxation.

  24. I would totally love to visit here. Talk about relaxing! I don’t think I would ever leave!

  25. Jeanine

    Wow what a lovely place. I would love to visit somewhere like this and for sure love to stay at Hotel Mockingbird. The rooms look so nice and cozy!

  26. Oh wow! This hotel looks so relaxing! I would love to visit here!

  27. Michelle Waller

    Oh my goodness!!! This looks so magical and beautiful. I hope to visit here within the next year. I bet it is the perfect place to visit with your spouse.

  28. I love the color schemes they have in the rooms. Plus, where the hotel is situated is just breathtaking!

  29. WOW! Someone take me to this hotel right now! It’s a great place to stay in when you’re in Jamaica. I love how beautifully setup the room is. It’s so relaxing and peaceful!

  30. I don’t think I have ever seen such a gorgeous back drop! And that room! The decor is so pretty and the outlay is so open and airy. Love it!

  31. CourtneyLynne

    Oooo now this looks like one great place to stay!!! Very low key which is nice!

  32. Katrina gehman

    that looks amazing. i could so be there for a week or more or until i HAVE to leave.

  33. Wow, HOTEL MOCKINGBIRD HILL IN PORT ANTONIO JAMAICA sounds really awesome place. And you mention they have several awards? That’s amazing. Wish we can visit this too!

  34. I would love to wake up on the water in Jamaica! What a relaxing place to go. Would love to go do yoga on the beach!

  35. Jamaica is one of our favorite destinations! This looks like a stunning place to stay, especially with those large, vibrant rooms and the awesome eco factor.

  36. Rosie

    This hotel looks so special! I have relatives who visited Jamaica and they loved it! I’d like to have a vacation there and stay here!

  37. Cheryl

    What a beautiful place to stay!

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