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Home Design Trends That’ll Help You Create a Stunning Living Room

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Home Design Trends That’ll Help You Create a Stunning Living Room


It’s halfway through the year, and that means that pretty soon kids will go back to school, and schedules will fill up with all those fall and winter activities. Right now is a great time to consider making a few small changes to your living room. Modernizing your space will make it look and feel amazing for all those family get-togethers that are bound to happen once the weather cools off. Sometimes it’s hard to know what changes to make, but if you want to freshen things up in your living room, take your cue from some of these great design trends. Here are five popular trends that will help make your living room stand out from all the rest.


Create a Natural Palette


This style is characterized by the use of natural materials, colors, and textures that evoke a sense of warmth. Natural materials are typically used in the construction of furniture, such as wood or rattan. Colors like white, cream and tan are popular choices for walls. But right now, even jewel tones like green and amber are also trending. Natural lighting that comes through windows is also important to this design trend.


In addition to using natural elements in your living room design, you can also incorporate accessories with a similar feel. For example, you could use a faux animal hide over your couch or line your shelves with glass bottles filled with dried herbs instead of vases filled with flowers. It's not necessary to stick strictly to one theme; mix-and-matching different styles will work well together as long as you keep the theme more cohesive.


Design a Statement Wall


Also called accent walls, these statement walls are designed to be the main event in a room. You could also use a bold color or large-scale print on the wall. For example, you could paint an accent wall in a bright hue like yellow or lime green or hang a large-scale graphic that adds interest to the room.


Wallpaper, hand-painted walls, and even stick-on patterns are all ways to create a statement wall. Try using a bold pattern in your living room instead of something subtle. Use wallpaper borders with unique patterns, such as swirls and leaves, to enhance the appearance of your space without overwhelming it and making it look too busy.


Modern Curves


Curved furniture is the latest trend in home design. The key to understanding this trend is that it's more than just a passing fad, with many benefits that will appeal to anyone who wants their living room to be as comfortable and practical as possible.


Curved furniture is actually more comfortable than traditional straight-edged furniture because it follows the natural shape of your body, which helps you relax while also improving posture. It's also more modern looking, creating a more open feeling that enhances space without making it feel crowded.


Additionally, curved pieces are easier on the eyes—they're simply prettier than boxy items made from standard materials like wood or metal. They can also be more welcoming for guests because they're invitingly shaped like curves found in nature like waves or clouds; as such they make people feel at ease in a new space.


Bring the Outdoors In


Bringing the outdoors in can mean a couple of different things. Adding plants or using outdoor furniture as indoor furniture are a couple of ways to leverage this trend. Mix and match outdoor furniture pieces into a living room space. Using an accent chair like rope outdoor furniture or wicker or rattan is a great way to incorporate these pieces into a room. If you’re choosing a more natural palette, they tend to fit right in and look like they belong.  


When you use plants, it does so much more than you realize. Plants are one of the most powerful tools for decorating a room. They can add color, life, and energy to any space, as well as help you create interesting focal points. Plants have a way of alleviating stress and they help filter the air naturally. You can use small plants on tables, groupings, or even plant racks near windows to ensure they get adequate light.


Retro Design 


Retro is a trend that’s on the rise, and it will soon be hitting your living room. Retro design is a style that hearkens back to past decades in order to create an aesthetic that is both nostalgic and modern. In general, retro designs often feature geometric shapes like triangles, squares, rectangles, and diamonds. You may also see other classic design elements like curved lines or bold color schemes.

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