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Healing Naturally

Healing NaturallyHealing Naturally 

With as many steps that we've all added to our routine this last year to stay healthy – mentally and physically – it can be scary the first time you catch a bug while there's an ongoing pandemic. It may have happened to you already, and you had a cold, bad allergies, maybe even the flu – and it scared you more than it would have in years prior. But, when we are armed with the knowledge we are keeping ourselves and our families in high functioning health, these everyday illnesses become less scary. Here are some ways to stay healthy naturally and to heal yourself quickly and naturally if and when you do come down with a cold or something else. 

Positive Mindset

We all know that mental health matters, so hopefully, you are doing everything you can to stay in a positive mindset. This looks different to everyone, but some easy ways to stay in a mindful place are things like setting intention, setting small daily goals, meditation and breathwork. Not to mention taking time to show yourself some love. While the term “self-love” has been a buzz phrase for a few years prior to the pandemic, the last year indeed showed us all how important it is to take time for ourselves to honor and nourish our hearts and minds. Even if you're busy, prioritize taking this time every day and every evening. If that means setting the alarm to wake up at six am every morning, you will see the benefits of taking time just for yourself immediately. So, keep a positive mindset through self-love, reflection, and gratitude. 

Gut Health 

Have you ever heard that your gut is your second brain? The health of our gut has so much power over the health of the rest of our bodies, not just our physical body, but our mental health as well. It is vital that you eat foods and take probiotic pills to keep your gut thriving. There are all kinds of diets that you can implement that benefit your gut environment, so put in a little online research (or head to your library) and then get into the kitchen! Have fun exploring and cooking with different foods that are beneficial to your overall health, and find a lifestyle that works not only for your tastebuds but your body as well!


Beyond probiotics, you can take many natural supplements to keep your immune system in full function. If you do happen to come down with a minor illness, you can typically aid your recovery by using these as well. We've all heard a tremendous amount of Vitamin D and Zinc lately and, of course, the old faithful Vitamin C. It's also essential to make sure your body is getting enough Magnesium. Studies also show that magnesium deficiency can cause migraines so taking magnesium is essential for migraines. Bonus, it will help you relax and stay calm. Another good supplement to have on hand is elderberry, a proven antiviral. Drinking tea with echinacea is another way to help you heal from minor illnesses quicker.

Enhancing the energy and positivity of your space

Having a clean and vibrant living space definitely can boost your well-being. When you get sick, space can play an important role in your healing process. Regular cleaning should be a priority, whether you do it yourself or hire outside help. Adding some plants or flowers to your space will also help lift your mood, as well as having enough sun lights. When a friend is in the midst of a healing process, sending him a flower box filled with orange gerbera daisies and lime green ball dianthus will brighten his environment, making him feel alive and happy.
Taking time to think about what space improvement will make you happier is highly effective in getting you well and promoting natural healing.

Relaxation Techniques

Speaking of drinking tea. Ensuring you are taking the time to relax and let your mind and heart rest are vital to overall wellness, especially when you're fighting off a bug. So, make relaxing rituals part of your daily routine. This could be through enjoying some aromatherapy (think lavender or geranium) while having some chamomile tea. Hibiscus tea is shown to reduce blood pressure so if you're going through a stressful season of life, it's another excellent option. Make sure you're getting in time to do things that relax you, and if you haven't found a hobby that does that for you yet, a simple place to start is journaling and reading. These two things alone could be gateways to introduce you to new hobbies you may find calming and give you a new purpose. 

Overall, health and wellness are something we typically take for granted until we aren't feeling well, so all the above practices are excellent to keep us from getting sick. However, if you do find yourself a little run down or suffering from a minor illness, they will most likely expedite your recovery. Please make sure you consult a doctor before adding any supplements to your regimen, especially if you're already on daily medications, as they may have possible reactions. Also, if you do not respond in a day or two to a more holistic approach, you should always touch base with your regular doctor to make sure you don't need to come in for a bit of check-up. Enjoy a healthy summer!

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