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Halloween Party Foods for Kids

Witches Brooms

If you are hosting a spooky fun Halloween bash for your kids, it is important to have the right food.  Kids are picky and will most enjoy something that is simple and fun.  These are sure to please all of your young guests and keep them full too.


This is very easy and you can make any type of Coffin sandwiches that you want.  Just cut the sandwiches into the shape of a coffin and serve.  The best way to serve these is to take a platter and line it with a dark green lettuce so that it looks like graveyard grass.  Simply lie the coffin sandwiches out.


If you want to add a little fruit into the celebration, these Ghost Bananas are a good option.  You will simply cut medium-sized bananas in half and put them on a stick.  Dip these in white chocolate and allow it to harden.  You can use chocolate chips or raisins to create the nose and mouth.


Juices boxes can be made into mummies for a festive refreshment.  You can use white electrical tape to wrap your Mummy Juice boxes so that they look like little mummies.  Put a pair of googly eyes on the front and you are all set.  You should pre-open these and put the straws in so that it is easier for the kids.


Some stick pretzels and mini peanut butter cups can be turned into a terrifying treat called Witches Brooms.  Simply place the peanut butter cups upside down and then place a small pretzel stick into the middle.  These can be placed among the ghost bananas.


It is best to do these with mini cupcakes so they are easy for kids to handle.  Simply make a mix of mini orange and yellow cupcakes.  Place a swirl of white frosting or whipped cream on the top of each one.  To complete the cupcakes, put a candy corn right in the center of the frosting. OREO Spider Cupcakes are also a great way to make something spooky for Halloween.


You will need sugar cookies, orange frosting, green frosting and black gel frosting to make Pumpkin Cookies.  You will want to shape the cookies into pumpkins, or you can bake sugar cookies into pumpkin shapes.  Once the cookies are cool, you will use the orange frosting to cover the body of the pumpkin and then the green frosting to cover the pumpkin stem.  Use the black gel to create fun Jack-o-Lantern faces on all of the cookies.

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