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Great American Cookies NEW! Fudge Brownie with M&M’s

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Great American Cookies Logo #brownieblingThis is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Great American Cookies.

We had the most fabulous party at our house last week. The guest of honor was the NEW! Fudge Brownie made with M&M’s® from Great American Cookies:

Great American Cookie Company #browniebling 6



So by now you know that Great American Cookies has a NEW! Fudge Brownie made with M&M’s® ~ right? These brownies really are more delicious with M&M’s® and as the newest addition to the brownie lineup at Great American Cookies, this gives you even more with all of the amazing cookies and other kinds of brownies. You should definitely try them!!

These NEW! Fudge Brownie made with M&M’s® from Great American Cookies are A-MAZING! They are dense, rich and delicious. Probably one of the best brownies I have had in years and I am quite the connoisseur.

Great American Cookies currently offers an extensive lineup of delicious cookies, Cookie Cakes, brownies and other treats.

Serious cookie aficionados have these tools because they make cookie making so much fun:

Best Cookie Sheet Tray pan  |  Cookie Tray Liner  |  Cookie Spatula  |  Stainless Steel Cooling Racks

Glass Display Case – Cake Plate with Dome  |   Cake/Cookie Decorating Kit   |  Medium Size Cookie Scoop

Cookie Jar with Airtight Lid  |  Cookie Press  |  Round Cookie Cutter/Fondant Cake Cutter/Biscuit Cutters Kit


We had such a  great time sampling all of the wonderful treats from Great American Cookies including the NEW! Fudge Brownie made with M&M’s® plus we washed it all down with some ice cold milk. I cannot imagine a better treat.

Great American Cookies #browniebling 3 Great American Cookie Company #browniebling 8 Great American Cookie Company #browniebling 5

Great American Cookie Company #browniebling 7

Great American Cookie Company #browniebling Alicia


One lucky reader of The Divine Miss Mommy will win a $50 gift card for Great American Cookies. YUM! Can you imagine everything that you can get with $50.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Great American Cookies.


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40 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. kathy

    Chey Chocolate Supreme

  2. Janet W.

    I would love to buy a large assortment for my family to enjoy. I would get cookies, like Sugar, Double Doozie, Cookie Cups, and Snickerdoodle. I’d also love to try their brownies, like the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and German Chocolate Brownie!

  3. Anastasia

    Ooooh my, so many great treats to choose from on their site!!! One thing I’d love to try is the Strawberry Cheesecake Brownie!

  4. Marti Tabora

    I would definitely get cheesecake brownies and maybe some of the double doozies too! They have so many great looking treats and that makes it hard to choose. Thank you.

  5. I would love to spend the gift card on cheesecake brownies and a huge cookie cake in the Sports theme. So much fun!!!!

  6. Kelly D

    I would like the Domino cookies.

  7. Jennifer T.

    I’d get Double Doozies and maybe some Cookie Cups.

  8. natalie yeoman

    i would like the birthday cake cookie

  9. Gianna

    Fudge brownies and a birthday cookie cake.

  10. Amy Orvin

    I’d love to get the Original Chocolate Chip cookies and the White Chunk Macadamia cookies. 🙂 Yum!!

  11. Peggy Johnson

    I would have to get an assortment since they all look delicious. The cheesecake brownies look really good

  12. ewhatley

    brownies, brownies and more brownies!!

  13. Leigh Anne Borders

    Double oozies are my favorite! Love all that icing–a little too much I think;)

  14. kristen mcclary

    omg those look so good

  15. Ann

    M&M Double Doozies ALL THE WAY. We all love those cookies. Everything there is fresh, tastes great, and service is awesome.

  16. Karen R

    I would get the Strawberry Cheesecake Brownies and White Chunk Macadamia Cookies!

  17. Melissa M

    I would get a graduation cookie for my son in May.

  18. Heather Hayes Panjon

    I Would Love To Try The Red Velvet Brownies!

  19. Dorothy Teel

    We have a Great American Cookie Store here in Norman, at Sooner mall and I would love some more of them Red Velvet Brownies they are delicious

  20. deanna hanson

    fudge brownies with m&m and some domino brownies

  21. Cindy Bowling

    The Fudge Brownies

  22. Nichole N

    The double doozies and chocolate brownies look delicious!!

  23. Debra F

    I’d probably pick the 4th of July Cookie Cake for our summer picnic gettogether.

  24. Lisa L

    Wow, it would have to be the cheesecake brownies!

  25. Natalie

    I would buy the oatmeal raisin, original and white chocolate macadamia nut cookies!

  26. Nicole Vosburgh

    I would love to use that $50 g/c on some of those amazing looking Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup brownies!

  27. Kim Kihega

    I would use the gift card to purchase some Double Doozie cookies!

  28. Carolsue

    I’d spend it on Sugar Cookies and Cheesecake Brownies
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  29. rachel

    I’d get Double Fudge and the Fudge Brownie! Yay chocolate 🙂

  30. katy

    I would love the chocolate macadamia nut cookies 🙂

  31. Carrie Phelps

    I would get the fudge nut brownies! The look so delicious.

  32. alena svetelska

    I would get cheesecake brownies ,yum!

  33. tina reynolds

    The yummy domino brownie

  34. kelly Nicholson

    got a birthday coming about a giant chocolate chip with iceing

  35. I would get goodies for the kids,Double Doozie Cookies and Fudge Brownies with M & M’s.

  36. Kristen

    I’d like the Domino Cookies.

  37. Annette

    I’d order Snickerdoodles and those new brownies with M&Ms.

  38. Kellie Rose Wilson

    a dozen snickerdoodle fave GAC cookies

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