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Go Back to School with Target Backpacks and Lunchboxes

Perfectly Packed Lunch Boxes & Backpacks Bag For Back to School

We are a shopping kind of family. Mostly because of me but I definitely love dragging the others with me although my girls don't require so much dragging anymore. They LOVE to shop almost as much as I do.

school supplies

school supplies

It is back to school time here in Georgia. My kids start school next Monday and so we are in stealth mode when it comes to shopping to get the things we need. This means lots of trips to Target. Target Backpacks and Lunchboxes

Each year my kids get a new backpack and this year they need lunchboxes as well. My son could be in and out in 10 minutes but my daughters wanted to do an in-store fashion show to see what backpacks and lunchboxes they like best. In fact they wanted to let my reader choose what backpack they will go with this year. After careful (and sort of ) long deliberation they came up with some of their favorites which are pictured here.

Perfectly Packed Lunch Boxes & Backpacks Bag For Back to School

Now the fashionista of the family (a.k.a the middle child) had many, many opinions on what she wanted for her back-to-school ensemble. In fact, she asked if she could get two backpacks so that she could change them around like purses. While that answer was a no it did make me smile that she was considering her backpack as part of her style.

Target's backpacks and lunchboxes are seriously awesome! We love fashion, and Target always delivers for back-to-school shopping. We spent ages checking out all the backpacks to find the coolest ones. We also hit the clothes section for both boys and girls (stay tuned for that in the next post!). But for now, let's talk backpacks and lunchboxes!

For now, we want to know what you think. Our girls are going to go with the reader favorites for their backpack choices for the year.

Which backpack and lunchbox is your favorite?


Every little thing is a really big deal.

Compensation was provided by Target via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Target.

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  1. I buy most of my back to school supplies at Target. They always have everything I need.

  2. I love the cute backpacks… I love to pick up a new backpack and lunch kit each year at Target.

  3. My son needs a new backpack. And i’m not going to spend a ton of money on something that he beats to a pulp every year and has to be replaced every year. I’m going to target this year! I love the backpack selections!

  4. Jenna Wood

    I just love all the vivid prints! The multi color leopard style black backpack is noce!

  5. I like the designs on the sets that match,. The one with the Kitty Cat face is absolutely adorable. Target has such fun trendy items.

  6. Target stuff is amazing! I will be there tomorrow stocking up on essentials.

  7. OMG, they all look great!!! 😀 She looks stoked to go back to school.

  8. So many great backpacks! Backpacks have come along way since I was a kid. Love the colors of these!

  9. I love those! The floral one on your middle child (I’m a MC too!) is perfect- so grown up!

  10. Your kids have good taste! They sure picked out some awfully cute designs, and Target has stepped it up with their selection obviously.

  11. The zebra backpack is my favorite! So cute that your daughter wanted to get 2 and switch them out.

  12. Angela S

    Target seems to have the best stuff for back to school this year. Your kids are the cutest!

  13. Shauna

    We stopped in the other day and loved their huge selection. They had something for each of my kids. 🙂

  14. Pam

    Target has so many choices! I like the white backpack with the pastel zebras on it the best.

  15. Great picks. we will soon be back to school shopping!

  16. I love the owl backpack! We just went to Target for school supplies the other day.

  17. I think the chevron for your son, the zebra for your youngest, and the horses or owls for your middle. What fun they must have had shopping!

  18. That last backpack with the animals on it is darling. We did our back to school shopping at Target this year. They have the best selection in my opinion.

  19. I love the selection of stuff at Target! They are one of my favorites for back to school supplies.

  20. Brett

    These are really cute backpacks and lunchboxes. We may have to stop at target for new school supplies!

  21. All of those backpack choices are SO CUTE! Such a tough decision. I will need to head there soon for some back to school shopping!

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