Give Your Man a Makeover He’ll Actually Appreciate

Give Your Man a Makeover He’ll Actually Appreciate

Give Your Man a Makeover He’ll Actually Appreciate


Give Your Man a Makeover He’ll Actually Appreciate

 So, you’ve got a man you adore, but his style leaves something to be desired.  You aren’t alone.  If your guy is like most guys, he likes what he likes.  He might not mind getting snazzed up for a special occasion, but he doesn’t want anything over the top or too flashy.  You, however, see his handsome potential and want to help him get there.

Here are some ground rules and guidelines to bringing out the dapper, sexy guy you know is in there. 

Respect His Parameters

This is rule number one for a reason.  If you force your ideas about him being the fashion icon of your dreams on him, he likely won’t be comfortable.  If he’s not comfortable in what he’s wearing, it’s a sure thing he’s not going to feel confident.  No one looks good when they feel awkward and out of place in their clothes.  Authenticity and confidence are sexy.

If he was pushing you to wear clothes that made you feel like a phony, you wouldn’t like it either, right?

When your guy says no loud patterns, resist the urge to buy him that neon floral blazer because you just love, love, love it.  If he says he can’t stand how hand cream makes his hands feel greasy, don’t demand that he address his chapped hands your way or the highway.   Instead, show him how to keep the hand cream off his palms, where the sensation is most likely to bother him, by rubbing the backs of his hands together and avoiding his palms.

He’ll be much more open to your advice if you show him you respect his boundaries.

Teach Him the Key Questions

There are three big questions for menswear. 

  • How does it fit?  In real estate, they say it’s location, location, location.  In clothes, it’s fit, fit, fit.  Most men err on the side of being too big and baggy.  In making him over, he might worry that you want him to wear clothes that are tight.  You don’t! 

Tailored is the buzzword.  The perfect fit is as tight to his form as possible without being snug, pulling, or rubbing.  Even something as simple as switching from a clunky running shoe to more streamlined mens slip on sneakers can make a big visual impact.  The bonus is that you aren’t even asking him to ditch his comfy sneakers, you’re just giving him a more handsome version of what he already loves. 

  • How will it wear? Encourage him to invest in quality clothes that will last.  Even the most budget-minded guy will see the dollars and cents in making a quality purchase once over chintzier purchases over and over. 
  • Is the fabric color, texture, pattern, etc appropriate and flattering?  If the color washes him out, it’s not for him, no matter how lovely it is.  If it makes him itch, it gets a hard pass.  A Hawaiian hula girl print might be great for a weekend barbeque, but not for the office. 

Meet Him Where He Is

Take it step by step.  If he doesn’t even use moisturizer now, don’t load him up with $500 in skin and hair products and expect him to start a 30-minute skin care regime every day.  Start with something approachable and not extremely different from what he already does.

If he uses a two-in-one shampoo that makes you cringe, get him on board with a simple upgrade to shampoo and conditioner in separate bottles. 

If he is pretty good about using moisturizer, see if he’ll upgrade to a moisturizer with a decent SPF or some anti-wrinkle properties.

If he isn’t doing any kind of self-care, check out the next section to show him how it’s done.

Don’t Tell Him, Show Him

Your guy might be more willing to try new things if you do it with him.  For example, you are already rocking your own grooming, so take a minute to groom him a little too.  He’ll learn from watching you and he’ll enjoy your attention. 

Pile on the compliments and he’ll be much more attentive to your efforts.  He cares that you think he looks good.  So let him know when he does! 

For a makeover to last, he has to change his habits, which takes time.  Show him the way and reward good behavior!  


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