Get Your Better Back Faster with Zicam Cold Remedy Rapidmelts
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Get Your Better Back Faster with Zicam Cold Remedy RapidMelts

I created this Get Your Better Back Faster with Zicam® Cold Remedy RapidMelts® #ZicamCrowd post as part of a #sponsored series with Socialstars and Zicam®; all opinions are my own. 

We are all busy people, right? Who has time to get sick? No one has time for a cold but unfortunately we don't get to choose. I certainly don't and I really do try to take every precaution that I can to not get anything. Short of living in a bubble, I believe that the key is take the right things when it comes to managing a cold.

That picture above shows the Zicam® products that we use regularly in our household. Today I am sharing with you about my love of Zicam® Cold Remedy RapidMelts® in Citrus. Seriously I carry them with me at all times now because they are just so easy to take. As a travel writer, I have several products that always come with me on the go and Zicam® is one of them. 

About Zicam® Cold Remedy Rapidmelts® in Citrus

Zicam® Cold Remedy RapidMelts®in Citrus shorten the length of a cold when taken at the first sign. This is why I always have these in my bag. They are non-drowsy and non-habit forming plus these homeopathic Zicam® RapidMelts® quickly dissolve in your mouth without water and are perfect for taking on-the-go.

Zicam® RapidMelts® come in three great-tasting flavors:

  • Citrus
  • Cherry
  • Lemon-Lime with Echinacea.

Zicam® RapidMelts® features:

  • Reduces the severity and duration of cold symptoms
  • Quickly dissolves in your mouth without water
  • Non-drowsy, non-habit forming, no known drug interactions
  • With an extra boost of Vitamin C
  • Homeopathic cold remedy
  • Goes with you anywhere. Throw it in your bag and go.

Why Zicam®?

I wanted to share a little more with you about why I choose Zicam® and how it really works.  Zicam® Cold Remedy is a cold shortening product and while there are no known products that can prevent colds, it helps shorten a cold when taken at the first sign of a cold but not as soon as it is taken.Use Zicam® as directed until all of your symptoms subside.

With Zicam®, I love that I don't have to slow down AND I don't have to suffer through my colds for longer than necessary which is great because I am always busy. Zicam® doesn't work instantly but it works well for me and I have been using their products for years. In fact, my father introduced me to Zicam® when it first came out so my entire family uses it. Essentially Zicam® helps you to “get your better back™, faster” and it helps you get back to what matters in life like family, friends, travel, etc.

Find Zicam®

You can find Zicam® RapidMelts® products in all your major food, drug and mass merchandise retailers where you might be regularly shopping. To shorten duration of your cold, shop today!

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I created this Get Your Better Back Faster with Zicam® Cold Remedy RapidMelts® #ZicamCrowd post as part of a #sponsored series with Socialstars and Zicam®; all opinions are my own. 

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36 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. I keep Zicam on hand at all times. That stuff is a regular miracle. I use it as soon as I start to feel off.

  2. I have to be honest, I have heard of Zicam, but I have not gotten around to trying them. WIth us being in cold and flue season, I really should.

  3. Pam Wattenbarger

    I keep seeing these AFTER my terrible cold I had a few weeks back. I need to pick up some Zicam in case I get another cold like that.

  4. Zicam looks like a great product for helping with colds! I know we like to help share products to others who use these type of things to get better, will have to share with my friends!

  5. It’s really imortant to have these at home. Colds could reaoly becone irritating and it’s not something that you can easily get rid of. Having relief like this is great.

  6. Meagan

    I may need to run to the store for these. I am fighting a cold right now.

  7. My husband swears by Zicam. At the mere suggestion that I might be coming down with a cold, he’s breaking out the Zicam and insisting that I take it. It really does wonders and keeping a cold at bay!

  8. It’s definitely a good idea to stock up on remedies while school is in session. That vitamin C is always helpful!

  9. As with any other medication, Zicam is not a miracle drug that would zap your colds away after only one pill. Zicam works in such a way that it reduces the duration of sick days so you feel better faster than other similar OTC medications available. We have always trusted Zicam and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is suffering from colds.

  10. Rosey

    Zicam rocks! I discovered it a few years ago and never turned back. The second I feel a cold coming on, or know there’s one in the air, I’m on it! This stuff is amazing!

  11. Sounds like a great remedy for colds. Would love to keep this handy during flu season.

  12. This cold season is a rough one.
    Zicam looks like it can be of help with this.

  13. Zicam is one of our preferred products to combat the colds.

  14. I heard this brad works so good. Good time of th year to use it as well.

  15. My boy suffers with such terrible allergies. We should try this for him and see if it works for that outside of colds. Thoughts?

  16. I have had the worst trouble with colds so far this year. I need this so bad! Nothing has worked to help so far.

  17. Our Family World

    ive seen this from my bff. she said it works miracle for her. lol. this is really a good brand! i must try!

  18. Ann Bacciaglia

    Zicam Cold Remedy RapidMelts have already saved me this Winter. I always keep some in my bag just in case.

  19. I am so happy winter is leaving early! It is getting hotter over here (well we are in the same state you see this too) so grateful cold season wont be too much of an issue but its not a bad idea to stock up!

  20. This sounds like a great remedy. I guess it’s inevitable to get sick, might as well focusing on getting well as soon as possible

  21. sounds like a much needed remedy. i had colds and getting sick. ugh. such a burden. lol

  22. I think my son needs this right now! We can’t seem to kick the colds going back and forth, back and forth through out house!

  23. I have heard of this, but I haven’t tried it. Everyone at home is sniffling, I would love to try this.

  24. Zicam works great for my family, it’s one of our trusted brand. We always have this every winter!

  25. My Teen Guide

    great tips! never tried this one before! i should get it and put it to my medicine box!

  26. I agree with you, Zicam definitely works. It is a staple in our medicine cabinet, as well.

  27. Oh man, I need to get some of these! We have been fighting nastiness here and it lasts FOREVER! Perhaps this will help!

  28. Victoria Heckstall

    this is a highly recommended! we have this brand at home. it works so fine!

  29. Is this ZICAM safe for kids of 05- 10 age group? Also, let me know if it has any side effect.

  30. Oh man this would have been helpful a couple weeks ago when i had a cold that wouldn’t go away!

  31. Bonnie G

    I’ve heard great things about these products. Luckily I haven’ t had to use them yet but will when I need to.

  32. I have heard of Zicam, but I’ve never tried it myself. If it can shorten a cold, I think I need to go grab some of this to keep on hand.

  33. I hate having a cold! Who doesn’t, right? 🙁 I haven’t tried this brand yet though. Will keep this in mind.

  34. I’ve had a cold for the past week that I cannot seem to shake off… it’s driving me nuts! I could’ve used this Zicam dang it! thanks for sharing, but I must let you go know to blow my nose for the hundredth time…

  35. My daughter loves sharing and one of those things she loves to share the most is her cold! Currently on day two now and I could use something to make me feel better fast.

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