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Geluxury Slippers Review

Geluxury SlippersThere is nothing more pampering than a comfy pair of slippers. After a long and hard day, slipping into a cozy pair of slippers can be a real treat. So imagine my happiness when I was able to give these Geluxury Slippers a try, the new slipper line with SmartGel technology. If you are looking for a comfortable pair of slippers that do more than just keep your feet warm, read more about Geluxury below.


Here are some of the perks you should know about Geluxury Slippers:

  • Feature SmartGel technology
  • Repairs skin while keeping feet warm.
  • Infused with 7 botanical oils.
  • Dermatologist tested.
  • Fully lined contour fit.

Geluxury Slippers 2


Each SmartGel formula deep within the linings contains mineral, avocado, canola, jojoba, and grape seed oils. There are also healthy doses of soybean and olive oil as well as ceramides. With each use, Geluxury Slippers will soften and smooth your dry skin while also smoothing away calluses and damaged nail beds. They actually go to work with each wear, so while you are relaxing the SmartGel is healing and fortifying your feet. How amazing is that?

With dry winter skin already setting in, I was excited to try out these slippers. I must say they have a refreshing and cooling feel to the touch, but when you put them on they do in fact keep your feet warm. They fit well, and the bottoms do have a nice grip to them so there isn’t a risk of slipping.

After a few uses, I could tell a difference in my skin already. Dry skin was well on its way out, and I could feel smoother more nourished skin. It was pretty cool to know that while I relaxed and watched television in my slippers, the slippers were doing all of the work!

Head over to the Geluxury website to learn more about these hard working yet stylish and pampering slippers. They come in both leopard and cow print so you have your choice of styles. The Geluxury Slippers retail for $49.95 and are available online via

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  1. ellen beck

    These look not only warm but supe comfy. I like how they have gel in them so you can walk around and be confortabe. They wouldnt break down as quickly as similiar slippers which is nice. About the only thing I didnt see was the tread, and thats alwys nice to have rather than a smooth bottom.

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