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Food Storage Benefits

Food storage is something that is a cause for concern for me. Living in the South, our environment here is very humid. As a result, food must be properly stored or it just goes bad or becomes a hardened mess in the case of sugar.

Things like flour or sugar MUST be in airtight, sealed canisters. If not, bugs can it or moisture and the product is just then ruined. I am almost always in search of great containers that will keep food fresh and properly sealed.

I also have a fairly large family. There are five of us who live here and food proper food storage is a necessity. We have above ground power lines and lose power several times throughout the year so when that happens. I guess I am also preparing for the zombie apocalypse so having a good amount of freeze dried food makes me feel that I am prepared no matter what.

Since we are also campers (well my husband and son are, I just go when they need another warm body as a leader), having the proper amount of food is key for a successful campout.

Freeze-drying food was actually actively develped during World War II and I remember as a child playing with the MRE's (stands for Meal, Ready to Eat) that my father brought home from Vietnam. There was a lot of freeze dried food in there. Or visting the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and trying the freeze dried ice cream.

Dried food has many uses including but not limited to:

– camping

– going into space

– power outages

– the inevitable zombie apocalypse

– just kind of cool for kids to eat freeze dried stuff

– long term storage

– any sort of emergency preparedness


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  1. shelly peterson

    Luckily where I live I don’t have to worry abut storage of food and humidity. but I still like to keep certain foods stored in air tight cantainers to keep food fresh and it looks nicer and more organized. I don’t keep any freeze dried items in storage and I haven’t given the Zombie Apocalypse a second thought 🙂

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