Feier Star 100 Treadmill with Incline and Bluetooth

Feier Star 100 Treadmill with Incline and Bluetooth

The Best Features of the Feier Star 100 Treadmill

The Feier Star 100 Programmable Treadmill with Bluetooth Connectivity is a fully assembled treadmill at the head of its class. 

Who is FEIER Fitness?

FEIER Fitness wants to inspire individuals to have a confident and healthier lifestyle by bringing people excellency of fitness experience. FEIER fitness company offers individuals a variety of fitness equipment such as star moon kettlebell, 4 in 1 adjustable dumbbell sets, and speed balls. With the majority having a better awareness of fitness, the idea behind launching the fitness equipment is for people in this day and era to have experience with health and fitness.

With the mission to be the brand that provides good design, FEIER fitness also aims to be the safest and most reliable home fitness equipment while helping individuals get a healthy lifestyle even at home. They do this by offering treadmills that are easy on knees, Kettlebells that are ergonomically comfortable, and other amazing products. A spokesperson of the company mentioned: “We invest 70% of our total sales in product development each year, and we will not stop pursuing product features and technology, just as humans will not stop working out.”

Feier Star 100 Programmable Treadmill with Bluetooth Connectivity Features at a Glance

  • tech focused design in a sleek, elegant machine
  • equipped a High-Power quiet strong 2.0 HP motor
  • 1-12% incline  |   up to 11 MPH
  • strong shock-absorbing and noise-reducing running belt
  • good for interval training or jogging
  • great for strength and endurance workout program development
  • features an innovative running technology for a seamless experience
  • 36 preset programs and manual modes
  • heart rate monitor
  • widening tread belt: 20″ x 57″ tread belt
  • adjust the speed, distance, time, and calories for a personalized experience
  • bluetooth connection and wireless charging
  • foldable, pre assembled treadmill, with wheels and a brace designed at the bottom for easy maneuvering
  • arrives fully assembled and ready to use when plugged in after unboxing
  • easy to move plus stands up with ease and stability using just 0.3 m² of space
  • capacity (weight limit) of up to 265 lbs

See the FEIER STAR 100 Programmable Treadmill with Bluetooth Connectivity in action

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Whether you were searching for treadmills that are easy on knees, a fully assembled treadmill, treadmills with incline of 12 or even a pre assembled treadmill, the Feier Star 100 Treadmill is a top pick that meets the needs of fitness lovers everywhere. 

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