Edwards Desserts Fayetteville Town Takeover Georgia

Edwards Desserts Fayetteville Town Takeover

Edwards Desserts Fayetteville Town Takeover 1

This Edwards Desserts Fayetteville Town Takeover post is sponsored by Edwards Desserts

Edwards Desserts Fayetteville Town Takeover

Confession time. In case you didn't know, we are a family of pie lovers. It is one of the reasons I look forward to the holiday season every year. Yes there will be visits with family. Yes, presents will be given, laughs will be had, and great food will be eaten. Now these are all great reasons to look forward to the holidays, but something is missing. Pie. Holiday season means pie season; Pumpkin, Chocolate, Pecan and more grace our table when the weather turns cold, and I love it. Our go to pie at this time of year is Edwards. Edwards Desserts has been making thaw and serve pies since the 1950's, and their commitment to quality shows. I literally grew up on Edwards Pies; I have memories of eating Edwards crème pie with my grandmother as a little girl. We hope that you enjoy this Edwards Desserts Fayetteville Town Takeover post.

Edwards Desserts Fayetteville Town Takeover 2

Given my lifelong love of pie, I was over the moon when I found out that Edwards Desserts was going to take over the town of Fayetteville, Georgia. You see, Edwards Desserts surprised two super fans this holiday season by making them and their love of the brand the talk of their hometown. Each super fan was the guest of honor at the Town Takeover, with the first one being held in Winchester, Kentucky in October. Fayetteville is less than an hour’s drive from my house, so off I went to find out exactly what is involved in an Edwards Desserts Town Takeover.

Edwards Desserts Fayetteville Town Takeover 3

It was a rainy day in Fayetteville that afternoon, but that didn't stop the party….it just moved things indoors. You knew you were in the right place as soon as you pulled into the parking lot of the event. Parked right up front was the Edwards Desserts food truck. Any guess on what they were serving? Yup….it was glorious pie, and it was free! I grabbed a slice of Edwards Key Lime pie and headed indoors.

You heard the party before you even stepped through the door. Edwards had a very talented duo setting the mood for the party through live music. The songs were upbeat, the singing was on key, and the playing superb.

Edwards Desserts Fayetteville Town Takeover 4

Edwards Desserts Fayetteville Town Takeover 5

Once inside it was time for more pie. I know, we just had pie. Don't judge; this stuff is really good. Anyway, this time around we went with the Hershey's Chocolate Crème Pie. It was an excellent choice, and we washed it down with hot chocolate.

Edwards Desserts Fayetteville Town Takeover 6

No Town Takeover is complete without face painting, so we headed there next. Here a very talented artist painted pies, trees, snowmen and more on anyone that wanted to add a little something extra to their cheek.

Edwards Desserts Fayetteville Town Takeover 8

And then of course it was selfie time. Edwards had a selfie wall all set up, complete with lights and a camera. The kids had a lot of fun attempting to make the perfect boomerang.

Edwards Desserts Fayetteville Town Takeover 9

Edwards had also set up the “Confection Collection” holiday merchandise pop-up store. This was really neat. Edwards has put together a small line of limited-edition merchandise for the holidays that all relates to pie in unique ways. The Pieromatherapy Oils Set is a collection of aromatherapy oil scents inspired by pie (the Yes You Pecan Turtle Pie scent was my favorite). They also had things like scented candles, t-shirts, blankets, and more. All items are available for purchase on EdwardsHolidayShop.com.

Edwards Desserts Fayetteville Town Takeover 10

My favorite store item was the Pom Beanie (you can see it in the picture above). It was super warm, and it really looks great when worn. Mine (yes, I have one of the hats) says “PIE on the MIND” in elegant gold on the front; you couldn't pick a more perfect line to put on my hat.

Edwards Desserts Fayetteville Town Takeover

So that is what you get when you attend an Edwards Desserts Town Takeover; free pie, great music, and lots of fun experiences for the whole family. Not a bad way to spend the afternoon.

Where to Find Edwards Desserts

You can find Edwards Desserts in the frozen desserts aisle of most grocery stores. If you are unsure, click here to check out the store locator. They offer quite a few flavors, with HERSHEY’S* Chocolate Crème, Key Lime, Turtle and Cookies and Crème all being quite popular.

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  1. I too am a lifelong lover of pie! It’s good to see a brand like Edwards that has been around for many years continue to deliver quality-made pies.

  2. Konstantina

    You are killing me!!! This cake looks absolutely delicious😍 and this place looks so cozy .

  3. Now that’s my kind of event! I’m certainly not judging your pie consumption, because I would have been getting more than one slice too. We LOVE Edward’s!

  4. Melanie Walsh

    Tis the season for all things sweet! I love baking, but it’s such a busy time of year. Knowing I can nab yummy desserts at my local store is going to be a huge time savings.

  5. I am SO obsessed with pie and the rest of the family follows suit. We love this brand and buy it all the time. I do believe my husband enjoys their turtle pie the most.

  6. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    Key Lime Pie! Edwards has the best one I have tasted. We always have happy tummies everytime me or my husband buys a pie from them. My kids love it and even say, “Mom, we wish your pies tasted this good.” (Thank you for your compliment, my kids. You are so kind.) Hahaha.

  7. brittnienicole

    This looks like such a fun event! Their pies are to die for. Glad that you enjoyed it.

  8. Chocolate covered strawberries have always been my favorite, but you’ve opened me up to all kinds of possibilities! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Oh wow, this is the perfect post for me! I love desserts, and these ones from Edwards look amazing. I don’t think we have them where I am though, what a shame!

  10. Catherine Santiago Jose

    That Edward desserts looks really delicious and it makes my mouth watering upon seeing this post.

  11. What a fabulous way to celebrate all things Pies. The Edward dessert looks super yummy!

  12. I SO am in love with your blog think iv been on here for 10 mins now, I so love the pies and its a great collection to forsee, amazing post on food


  13. Monidipa Dutta

    I love pies. It is love. Such a lovely post hun.

  14. Rachel Lloyd

    This pie looks absolutely delicious😍 and this place looks so cozy .Perfect for this time of year.

  15. Becca Wilson

    These desserts always taste so amazing. I love their chocolate pie a lot!

  16. Angela Federica

    believe me girl, you are not the only pie lover family! 🙂

  17. I really wish we had more pie options here in the UK! When we do find pies, they do tend to be Key Lime pies., so thats our favourite x

  18. I wonder how a pecan pie would look painted on my face because that is my favorite type of pie. Tastes so delicious. Yum! Can’t wait til next week.

  19. Courtney

    O my yum!! I just love pie!!! Definitely one of my favorite desserts!

  20. I wouldn’t say no to a good part of pie (or even a bad one, lol) so this certainly awakes my interest!

  21. Who can turn down pie???? Not this girl! I’ve heard many great things about Edwards pies. Need to get some for myself!

  22. Amy

    I love their pies! This looks like such a fun event that I would have loved to check out! Makes me want some pie too!!

  23. The Edward pies are famous! I love having a piece with ice cream. I buy them frequently.

  24. Catalina

    Yes, the holiday season can’t be without pies. Edwards Desserts has a wonderful idea!

  25. Oh, wow! I’ve never heard of a pie town takeover, lol. Sounds like fun! And Edwards Pies look and sound delicious! My kids and I would have enjoyed this event too if we went. Happy holidays! 🙂

  26. very nice cake recipe its looking so good very nice topping for cake thank you thank you for shearing keep it up.

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