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ECCU Give Ten Generosity Challenge

ECCU GivingThis post is sponsored by ECCU. Opinions are my own.

We are a giving family. We always have been. My kids love giving as much as they can each year. We give toys, food, money, time and more.

We just completed the best challenge for our family. We spent $30. Each child got $10 to do something special for someone who could use it.

My son paid for the food of a man at Waffle House who was homeless. He also spent the extra money on a sandwich for the guy to have later. My 10 year old got ten ones and gave money to several kids at school to buy themselves a treat. My youngest put her $10 in the tip jar at Starbucks because she said that they deserve. I think that each child made a great choice.


With the #GiveTen Generosity Challenge, ECCU is hoping to create a simple movement of people living out their faith by loving others like Christ loves us. $10 at a time. At the start of the season of giving, now is the time where offering thanks and helping others is top of mind. How would you spend $10 to do the most good for someone else? The choices are as unlimited as the blessings God provides for us.

  • Will you buy the drink for the person behind you?
  • Donate to a cause you are passionate about?
  • Buy flowers to thank an unsung hero?

Embrace the #GiveTen Generosity Challenge by taking $10 and spending it in the most direct and creative way to help others. Share your own stories of giving on the ECCU Facebook page for a chance to be blessed with a $500 check from ECCU to bless their own family or to continue blessing others.


For most of its 50-year history, ECCU has been known for offering churches, Christian schools and other Evangelical nonprofits and ministries with specialized financial services. ECCU continues to expand this core commercial customer focus, while rolling out additional personal financial services:

Personal savings account — a basic savings account for an emergency fund or savings for your kids that’s only $25 to open and has a 0.35% APY2 with no minimum balance.
Money Market Savings account – a great opportunity to earn a higher rate (up to 0.95% APY2 on higher balances. Perfect for your family’s savings.
Consumers can get these terms because ECCU is largely an online bank. This direct savings account — also called an online savings account — appeals to on-the-go consumers who prefer to be able to manage their lives online.

With ECCU, your money does more than earn a good interest rate for you. It helps fuel Christ-centered ministry worldwide by providing loans to churches and low-cost banking services to missionaries and Christian organizations. Together, you + ECCU = supporting and resourcing more ministry. Plus, if you open a Money Market Savings today, ECCU will donate $50 to International Princess Project to help fight human trafficking in India.


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