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Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal + Allergy Vacuum Available Best Buy


Keeping floors clean can be a challenge, especially when cleaning pet hair/dander. This is so true in our house with two dogs and three kids. Our floors almost always need to be vacuumed. The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal + Allergy Upright Vacuum is designed to help get more dirt, dust, and hair to keep floors tidy.

Sporting a particularly unusual appearance, the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball + Animal upright vacuum possesses some unique features that provide it with extra suctioning capability aimed at houses with pets. The machine builds on a series of Dyson vacuum cleaners designed to thoroughly clean carpeting while saving both time and money.

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal + Allergy:  Dyson continues to bring the best in vacuum technology – introducing Cinetic Science technology. The new line of Dyson upright vacuums with this technology will be the first vacuum cleaner to never lose suction and require no filter maintenance. Dyson was the first to get rid of the bag and now they’re getting rid of the filter – redefining best-in-class in floorcare.

Like its predecessors, this model uses two large wheels incorporated in a ball-type housing for mobility. In this case, the ball has been enlarged and houses vital vacuuming components. This eye-catching feature allows the user to tilt the handle side to side to turn the machine. The 19.8 pound vacuum stands 43.3 inches tall and includes a 14.7 foot hose and a telescoping wand for reaching crevices around stairs. Also, an attachable turbine tool is part of the package for dealing with stubborn pet hair. This device possesses two rotary brushes that spin in opposite directions to prevent pet fur from getting snared on the bristles and jamming the tool. Having two brushes also permits each to flex and maintain close contact on curving surfaces. When the canister is ready for emptying, a button on the handle is pressed and the container slides out of the vacuum. A button on the canister itself releases the bottom hatch to eliminate the debris.



Dyson first established itself by offering a bag-less vacuum cleaner for the consumer market just over 20 years ago. This latest version expands on that feature. Instead of simply liberating the vacuum cleaner from needing a bag, this one has also eliminated the need for a removable filter of any sort through a permanently affixed filter inside the canister. The operator neither has to replace a disposable filter or wash a reusable one. This is made possible through what the company has dubbed cinetic science. In earlier versions, Dyson utilized a cyclonic airflow that would force dirt to collide with the walls of the collection canister. The resulting friction would slow the dirt particles and they would drop to the bottom. Cinetic technology uses a series of small jets, 35 in all, that generate much faster cyclonic speed. With higher velocities, even the lightest specks of dust are thrown against the canister surface hard enough to experience friction and fall downward. This includes pollen and mold spores, giving the machine HEPA filtering capabilities. To ensure that the narrow ends of the jet cones won't become choked with exiting debris, they're fitted with rubbery tips that can pulsate up to 350 times per second and continuously shake the particles loose.

The vacuum weighs 11.6 pounds, which is light compared to the average vacuum weight of 25 pounds. This is a reasonable weight for a vacuum and it is easy to maneuver around the house. Included with the vacuum are a turbine tool, combination tool, and a stair tool. The combination tool can be used as a light duster, the stair tool is to help get into cracks and tight areas, and the turbine tool keeps the vacuum from getting tangles that clog the vacuum.

This vacuum does not use bags, but instead uses a “cyclonic” suction system that pulls the dust into a clear chamber. While many bagless vacuums use clear chambers, Dyson vacuums do not lose suction as the chamber fills. It does, however, use a filter that needs to washed at least once every three months. The vacuum works on both carpets and hard floors automatically, so there is no need to hit a switch when going over different surfaces.

For maneuvering the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball, there is a ball just above the base that gives the vacuum the ability to bend into small spaces, but the size of vacuum still prohibits it from getting under low spaces like a bed or low table. The wand will be required for those areas. Overall, the vacuum is simple to use and handles with relative ease. This is likely due its weight and the ball design.

Almost all of the components of this vacuum are plastic, which contributes to the light weight. The vacuum does come with a 5-year warranty, and Dyson has a good record for reliability. Regarding power, the vacuum uses a 6 amp motor to power it. While other machines have more or less powerful motors, motors are not always a reliable measure of vacuum performance.

In the all-important area of suction, the Dyson performs better than many of its competitors. As the name indicates, it works best on pet hair and dander. It handles floors without getting clogged.

One of the original ideas behind making Dyson vacuum cleaners bag-less was to reduce the amount of work involved in cleaning the house. The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball + Animal upright vacuum incorporates several additional features that conform to this philosophy. Since even a bag-less canister still requires emptying, this machine supplies a .57 gallon version to reduce the number of times this is necessary. To lower the number of times that the vacuum needs to be unplugged and reconnected to reach different areas of a room, it's supplied with a 35 foot power cord. The automatically adjusting cleaning head, using a rotating cylinder with a spiral brush for cleaning, is 13.4 inches wide, so it requires fewer passes to cover the floor.



  • New Cinetic cyclones are smallest yet, so they can spin out the finest dust and dirt. They oscillate to dislodge any particles that would typically get stuck in a cyclone that small.
  • Cinetic cyclones allow for dust capture so small, that a filter becomes unnecessary. Thus, there are no dirty filters to wash, maintain or replace.
  • Tested and proven with 10 years’ worth of dust. (Others claim “no loss of suction” by only testing one bin full of dust. Dyson used the equivalent of 10 years’ worth, and Dyson Cinetic never lost suction.)
  • Cleaner head self-adjusts to seal in suction across carpets and hard floors.
  • $699 at Best Buy – available March 1st

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

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  1. Wow what a funky vacuum! I so need a upgrade! I’ve been struggling to find a good one but this sounds good. Will check if its available in my country.

  2. I have 2 cats and their hair can get all over this house! I have this particular Dyson and it is wonderful for vacuuming up all of this pet hair (and everything else too!)

  3. The Dyson is unrivaled when it comes to vacuuming! It is also perfect for allergy sufferers such as myself. 🙂

  4. Is it bad I want to get carpets just so I can get a Dyson? I hear such great things about it and I really want one!

  5. That vacuum looks so cool, it’s like some sort of alien device!

  6. I still love my Dyson, although it’s getting a little outdated. I would really like a cordless one. Gotta love the Cinetic cyclones!

  7. Your post reminded me that I need a vacuum cleaner pronto! Dyson is a very reliable brand and I really like your review. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  8. I love this…I am in desperate need of a new vacuum! This one sounds great!

  9. Kathy

    I have always wanted a Dyson. This vacuum is definitely one I could really use. Looks like it would pick up everything off the carpet.

  10. With 2 dogs that shed heavily, I so need this vacuum. I love that it can help with allergies.

  11. This looks like a great vacuum for our house. We have lots of fur from the dogs and we really do a number on our vacuums!

  12. Jess Scull

    This is seriously the mama of all vacuums! Having a toddler and a dog, I need to invest in one!

  13. That looks like an awesome vacuum. We’re considering getting a new one but not until the old one is completely done.

  14. Ann Bacciaglia

    I have always wanted to try a Dyson Vacuum. I love the design and i have heard great reviews.

  15. Rosey

    I’d like to try a Dyson. You never hear anything but good about them. This one’s sturdy looking too.

  16. YES!!! Our vacuum just broke and I told my hubby we have to get one this week but I didn’t know where to start looking. AND NOW I DO! Thank you 🙂

  17. I have wanted a Dyson vacuum cleaner for years! This one would be especially good for us since our Great Dane sheds constantly!

  18. That Dyson is one cool looking vacuum. I feel like it something from the Jetsons. I have 3 pets so I could defiantly use a good powered vac.

  19. valerie g

    we have the cordless Dyson and this one and we love it! it works so well. so nice having ones that bring everything up.

  20. I have dyson, but I love that this is allergy and pet. I would love to check this one out.

  21. Bonnie @ wemake7

    That vacuum is awesome! I have always wanted a Dyson but can’t afford one at the moment. I’m definitely buying one in the future though.

  22. Love Dyson products and this one looks as great as ever. Thanks for sharing!

  23. We have been talking about getting a new vacuum in the house. And of course Dyson keeps getting brought up, I will show my boyfriend this to see what he thinks, we have 3 cats so I’m sure it would be perfect!

  24. Yona Williams

    I’m a sucker for attractive- and innovative-looking products, and I love the ‘ball’ feature of this vacuum cleaner. I need a good cleaner to address allergens because dust and I don’t get along.

  25. Such a nice looking vacuum. When it’s time for us to buy a new vacuum, trust me, it’s going to be Dyson.

  26. Eliz Frank

    I love the brand and mine has been in service for several years now. I like this one your shared with us, but for now, it’s not in my budget.

  27. I’ll have to check this out in person next time I’m in Best Buy. I’ve been wanting something like this for a long time, but cannot find one that fits all my needs.

  28. Well this seems to be a really good one. My dad would totally be thrilled with this one.

  29. This Dyson vacuum cleaner is extreme terrific performer that i have ever used.
    Two years ago my wife was suffered by allergy problem. But what a lucky person i am…!
    At that moment doctor advised me to use Dyson animal allergy vacuum for pets. After doctor’s advice I didn’t late to buy this one. I got lot of pleasure after using this Dyson.
    Dyson is the great…..No Doubt.

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