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DIY Twine Ornament

DIY Twine Ornament

Making ornaments isn't something that I have done a lot of. My kids seem to do them in school every year and bring them home which I lovingly hang on the tree.

This year we had a box of ornaments that were either scratched or broken or just in general bad shape. I also had a lot of scraps and leftover things from other projects. We created these really cute DIY twine ornaments in just minutes. They were very easy to make and in fact the kids loved making them so much that they want to make them for teachers as well.



  • Ornament Bulbs- Reuse some scratched bulbs you may have that no longer look so pretty
  • Twine
  • Glue/Adhesive
  • Scissors

DIY Twine Ornament 4 DIY Twine Ornament 3


  1. Apply Adhesive to your bulb
  2. Starting at the top of your bulb begin winding your twine tightly wrapping your entire bulb
  3. When finished covering your bulb apply a small amount of glue to the end piece

DIY Twine Ornament 2 DIY Twine Ornament 1

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  1. ellen beck

    You know, i remebber doing these in school- and this was way back when there was glass ornameents. Somehow the teachers and parents thought nothing of it and we diddnt die 🙂 It was actually fun, although msssy and there were broken bulbs. I think these would look the very best in a log cabin somewhere it would be pretty. I know too when we did them, some of the kids used embroidery floss for colors those were pretty too.

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