Disney World Resort and ESPN Wide World of Sports Team Travel

Disney World Resort and ESPN Wide World of Sports Team Travel

Disney World Resort and ESPN Wide World of Sports Team Travel

Being a Team Mom is no easy feat. There is a lot of organization involved along with a lot of new parent hand holding plus dealing with a mixture of personalities. It gets even more stressful when you are the Team Mom of a traveling team. However, Disney has made it much easier for Team Moms to actually take a deep breath, let someone else assist with all of the plans and perhaps even enjoy themselves for a moment or two. Now I am not saying that being a Team Mom is not enjoyable. I love doing it but the stressful component I could do without.

Revolutionizing Team Travel with Walt Disney World Resort & ESPN Wide World of Sports

More than 35 million kids participate in youth sports across America each year and that often means traveling to out-of-state tournaments, which can be a logistical nightmare for many parents, coaches and team moms.

Some companies are beginning to tackle the problem and nowhere is that more evident than at Walt Disney World Resort where ESPN Wide World of Sports is creating innovative solution-oriented initiatives and programs for young athletes, parents, team moms and coaches that are making youth sports travel easier for the millions of kids nationwide and beyond who are competing in soccer, volleyball, baseball, cheerleading, etc.

Fundraising Assistance

Dream Team Donation Program – Teams are given the opportunity to raffle off a Disney vacation as well as keep 75% of proceeds from raffle ticket sales.
Teams have the opportunity to sell ESPN The Magazine subscriptions and keep 75% of all profits.
Rebate program with Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Alamo Rent A Car which allows a team to earn fundraising dollars by gaining 5% of every rental car purchase through the team’s fundraiser site.


Multiple concierge services available where Disney can schedule a team’s entire trip down to the last detail. (Including competing against visiting teams, team bonding exercises, food delivery and community outreach)


High quality boxed lunches, bulk pizza, group snacks and stocked coolers to be delivered to coaches, athletes and parents at the team’s competition venue. In addition, there is on-site dining at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, including a full service restaurant & bar, multiple concessions locations and an ESPN themed food truck.


A team of photographers will take high resolution pictures of athletes during games for parents and coaches to take back home.


Parents, coaches and athletes can watch game highlights on a dedicated channel in their Walt Disney World Resort hotel room. Also, some games are broadcasted live on ESPN3.com and highlights on various ESPN platforms such as ESPN.com, ESPN2 and SportsCenter.

Complimentary Transportation

Free transportation from the airport to all Disney hotels as well as chartered buses to the complex for select events, saving parents and coaches the time and hassle of renting cars and dealing with traffic.

On-Site Athletic Trainers

Disney certified athletic trainers on site to attend to all athletes’ needs saving parents the time and effort of going to see an athletic trainer away from the competition.

Equipment Drop-Off

Coaches can drop off their team’s equipment at the front of ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex and it will be delivered to the team’s field of play.

Business Center

Access to computers, printers, charging stations, etc, for those busy parents and coaches who want to communicate about their team’s competition through email, websites, social media, and keep up with their careers while on the road.

Little Champions Program

Fun games and activities available on-site for younger siblings, freeing parents and coaches up so they can stay focus on the competition.

Disney Parks Moms Panel Assistance

Get pre-arrival planning advice from two ESPN Wide World of Sports Specialists who will provide team moms and coaches with tips, advice and direction to make their youth sports travel easier.

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  1. robin rue

    A friend of mine was just down in Disney for some kind of cheerleading competition with her daughter. They had a blast down there.

  2. Disney really does so much for the community and families. This is really awesome to have on the road to Disney Parks programs put on by Disney Sports. Super cool!

  3. That is pretty awesome. You know, whatever Disney does, they do it to the hilt. It sounds like this is no different!

  4. It’s really cool that Disney can give teams such a magical experience! All of the services they offer sound great!

  5. Pam

    This is really neat. Disney is making it easy for athletic teams to travel.

  6. Sports is a great way to keep a child healthy and active and it also helps with the discipline and their social skills as well. I think this is an amazing idea!

  7. Disney is doing such a great job to make it easier to be a team Mom! I love their fundraising assistance too. That is a really great idea for youth sports teams.

  8. It definitely sounds like it would be a ton of work. Disney always has a way of making things nicer!

  9. I love how Much Disney helps communities. They really do care about the futures of our children.

  10. I love that Disney is encouraging kids and parents to be more active through sports. This is such an awesome initiative and it would be nice to be a part of it.

  11. This is awesome! I would love the kids to be part of this program! I think Disney is doing a great job motivating kids to be more active.

  12. brianne

    This is pretty great! I love that Disney recognizes the importance of sports! 

  13. This whole program is pretty cool. I have five kids that all play sports. I know several of them would enjoy the ESPN World of Sports!

  14. Annemarie LeBlanc

    This is awesome! I love that the kids will be getting an opportunity to travel as a team. That would be the best experience for them!

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