Design Your Own Clothes

Design Your Own Clothes

Design Your Own Clothes

When you cannot find what you want in the store or anywhere else for that matter, creating your clothes is a great skill to have. By creating your clothes, you can save time and create your perfect look. Of course, when you create your clothing, you want it to look the best it possibly can so you can present your best self. Most of us already have that keen eye for detail and know what will look perfect and what will not, but if you require a few fashion tips for creating your own clothes, we have some excellent tips for you.  We hope that this Design Your Own Clothes post inspires you. 

Design Your Own Clothes

Design Your Own Clothes

Pick A Material That is Comfortable For Creating Your Clothing

Yes, it is essential to look good in what you are wearing, but it is even more vital that you feel comfortable in what you are wearing. Make sure that you’re choosing materials that are good for your environment. You do not want to create your custom clothing, but then, sit in a meeting and be consistently scratching through your new clothes. Therefore, you must pick materials that are breathable and easy to move in, so you can go through the whole day in your new threads. Cotton is an obvious choice, but make sure the t-shirt or jacket is not 100% cotton because it is easily shrinkable. Picking the materials is important also in case you want to start t-shirt printing yourself and need to choose the right supplies. In that case, it's a safe option to go with a DTF direct-to-film printer and its supplies, that will let you work with any type of fabric, not just cotton.

Create A Game Plan For Creating Your Clothing

You must have a game plan to execute your perfect clothing idea. We all have had that great idea until we write it down on paper and think, “Maybe that is not such a good idea.” It is wise to map your vision onto paper or on a computer before committing to your custom idea when creating your clothing. This way, you can see how the exact idea will come out when you design it on an actual t-shirt or jogger. This one tip will save you tons of time and many headaches. 

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Pick Coordinating Colors 

Again, mapping your idea before actually putting it into fruition will help with this tip. When creating your layout, it is also essential that the colors in your design or logo match. You want to make sure that the color of your t-shirt or jacket does not clash with your design. Of course, you want to stand out, but you also want to look put together, as well. Make sure you’re choosing colors that stand out from the crowd, without utilizing every color from the rainbow. There is a fine line, but it is possible to achieve that overall polished look while standing out, too. 

Make Sure Your Design Speaks To You

This last tip is a bonus tip. When creating your custom clothing, you want to make sure that it is something that you love, that way, you can wear your custom clothing often. As people say, when you buy clothing, you should love it, and the same is true for making your own. This can ensure that you do not create your custom clothing just to throw it in the closet or, even worse, the trash. Researching designs or looking into the theme of your custom clothing will help create a design that speaks to you. Of course, you should have fun with the process and know that with these tips, you are bound to make something that you will love to wear for days to come! 

We hope that this Design Your Own Clothes post inspires you. Happy creating!

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