Dasani Drops: Fun with Flavor!
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DASANI DROPS: Fun with Flavor!

DASANI DROPS: Fun with Flavor! #DASANIDropsThis is a sponsored post.

Today and indeed every day is a DASANI day in my household. My kids, my husband and I all love DASANI DROPS drops and we have been buying them since they were first introduced.

You could definitely say that DASANI DROPS have become a part of my family's daily hydration routine. We love every single variety of DASANI DROPS and I especially love that they keep me and my family refreshed in fun ways. DASANI DROPS tale the work out of staying hydrated all day and they make it easy to make water taste great.


DASANI DROPS are delicious flavor enhancers that can make your water better than anything you have ever had before. These drops are flavorful, fashionable accessories for busy moms and calorie-conscious people alike. What I especially love is that they are a zero-calorie liquid beverage enhancers that allow people to add a burst of flavor to their water. My kids carry them around everywhere and I always have a bottle with me wherever I go.

DASANI DROPS are packaged in a squeezable 1.9 fluid ounce bottle with a flip-top cap—perfect for those on the go. They are a great value with each bottle providing 32 servings per container.

DASANI DROPS: Fun with Flavor! #DASANIDropsDASANI DROPS are the perfect complement to my DASANI water and in fact, my kids love them so much that they each have to pick out their own flavors each time we go to the store. DASANI DROPS are also a delicious mixer for your adult beverages and we have some fun combinations that we shared below. Talk about the fun and creative recipes you can create with DASANI DROPS and the variety the products bring to both your “me time” and your “hostess/ party time.”

DASANI DROPS are just the right size to pack in your purse/bag and bring with you wherever you go—to the office, to the gym, to a restaurant—whenever you want to enjoy flavor-enhanced water. My kids put a bottle in their lunchboxes for school each day and I love to enjoy a nice adult beverage in the evening with my favorite flavors.


Want to take your DASANI Drops a step further? Here are some of our favorite combinations where we have mixed two flavors together for delicious results:
Strawberry Kiwi & Pink Lemonade: provides a sweet and tart taste that has you craving more!
Pink Lemonade & Cherry Pomegranate: this is the way lemonade should always be! Fruity and delicious.
Pineapple Coconut & Mixed Berry: this might just become the way that you will always want to drink water. Add a little vodka and I swear this drink is our new favorite!


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This is a sponsored post.

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23 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. Those looks great. Regular water is so boring. I can’t wait to try these to make it tasty!

  2. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I totally want to try these. I hate boring old water and this sounds like an awesome way to make it better.

  3. Rob uses these for work and he loves it. It’s something different than water which is why he like them so much.

  4. Catherine S

    I need to drink more water and this might help. I would like to try the pineapple and coconut Dasani Drops.

  5. Pam

    I know I should, but I just can’t drink plain water. Dasani drops are great for helping me stay hydrated.

  6. I am really not a water fan. I love adding dasani to my water though because it finally gets me drinking it. These are so good!

  7. These flavors sound great. I think I’d have to try the Pineapple Coconut flavor first. That just sounds delicious.

  8. What a clever idea! So many people don’t like drinking water but it’s so good for you. This might be the cure that can get them drinking it!

  9. Rachelle

    My daughter LOVES these things! She is always asking for new flavors. We like the pink lemonade best!

  10. This is a great way to drink more water every day. I haven’t tried mixing them, I’ll have to do that!

  11. Tracey

    I love Dasani drops! They really help me up my water intake. My favourite one is the pineapple coconut.

  12. I don’t mind drinking plain water but still have trouble getting my daily intake. I am sure these fun flavored drops would make that a lot easier and more delicious too!

  13. I didn’t know that Dasani Drops came in cherry-pomegranate. We drink a lot of water around here, and that is one of my favorite flavors. What a great way to make the taste more interesting.

  14. I need to try some of these! I drink so much water in a day but after awhile, you get the urge for something different. The Strawberry Lemonade & Cherry Pomegranate sounds delicious. I will have to pick some of these up!

  15. Pink Lemonade is my favorite flavor. It has helped me stop drinking pop. It is a great way to make your water taste great.

  16. Crystal

    I’m trying so hard to be good and drink all the water I should. Having Dasani drops makes it much easier to reach my goal.

  17. I get bored with drinking just water.This would be such a simple solution for me!

  18. Rosey

    I’ve tried the Dasani Sparkling Water and it was so good. I bet I’d like the drops.

  19. I’m loving the Pineapple Coconut Flavor right now. Up next is Wild Berry!

  20. I love Dasani. I will have to try some of these flavors out.

  21. Debbie Denny

    I love all the great drop flavors. Hard to choose which one I want to try first. May go with the strawberry kiwi.

  22. Now I want to try these since I’ve quit Diet Coke.
    Adding them to this week’s grocery list.

  23. I love being able to add flavor to water! And the portability is super awesome. I can carry one in my purse.

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