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Coffee-mate French Vanilla Liquid Creamer

Coffee-Mate French Vanilla

I love coffee. I love the smell of it and I love how it wakes me up in the morning. I only drink my coffee with creamer and right now I am loving Coffee-mate French Vanilla Creamer. It is smooth, creamy and makes my coffee taste amazing!

Did you know that Vanilla provides a sensorial experience? I know that it does for me. Every time I smell vanilla, I find it calming. The subtle flavor and aroma are the perfect complement to the boldness of coffee.

Although I find Vanilla is familiar and calming, it is also upbeat and exciting. With Coffee-Mate,  I can have it all.


Coffee-mate (coffee’s perfect mate since 1961) doesn’t believe in “plain vanilla” for your coffee, which is why we’ve used our flavor expertise to develop two distinctive and exceptional vanilla experiences (and one is a new classic). Your favorite flavor is now also available in two flavors: Classic and French.

Classic Vanilla: The comforting flavor you remember in all your childhood treats. This one was born in the classic American kitchen. Flavor is driven by beany, woody and vanillin notes with very little marshmallow and icing character. It is balanced and aromatic.

French Vanilla: Deliciously creamy, this flavor is perfect anytime. Its rich, smooth flavor makes it ideal to share or enjoy all to yourself. Flavor is driven by sweet marshmallow and vanillin notes with very little buttercream character. Very aromatic with an emphasis on vanillin.

Coffee-Mate Coffee French Vanilla Creamer


If you’re using Vanilla as a synonym for boring, then you are using it wrong because vanilla is anything but boring. In fact, vanilla has over 170 notes. You love vanilla foods, creamers and flavors. There’s nothing boring about vanilla – and there’s definitely nothing boring about you! Join me along with Coffee-mate and let's #TakeBackVanilla!

We all know that there is vanilla in everyone so the next time someone calls you vanilla, take it as a compliment. Go take back vanilla (#TakeBackVanilla) for even more fun and excitement every day.


Do you love Classic Vanilla too? Snap a photo of your own vanilla moment and share it with the hashtag #TakeBackVanilla (on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) for a chance to have your photo featured on Coffee-mate’s social channels.


Want to try Classic Vanilla? Click here to locate a store near you!

Coffee-Mate French Vanilla 3


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31 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. Julie Wood

    I love Coffeemate creamer. It is the best tasting and really makes my day by having it in my coffee. Coffeemate has so many flavors that I love. I even think their recipes are great to try.

  2. I buy that all the time and I love it. It is just as good as getting a coffee at a coffee shop.

  3. I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have coffee creamer in my life. French Vanilla is our favorite here.

  4. Dont. Tempt. Me. I haven’t had Coffee Mate in a while but I might just have to start buying it again. Oh, man.

  5. I love coffee with creamer, that is the only way I drink it. I love vanilla creamer for sure!

  6. Jenna Wood

    I love vanilla Coffee Mate, it’s so versatile, and even great for baking! I do have to say, the Girl Scouts varieties are my favorite though!

  7. I love coffee mate french vanilla creamer. BEen awhile since I had it though.

  8. We use Coffee make natural vanilla. lol. Yet another fun choice for vanilla. We love it. We use it in our CHOFFEY. Yeah, that’s not coffee. It’s chocolate from fresh ground coffee beans. So yum with coffee mate!

  9. I swear I can’t wake up without the smell of coffee brewing. I am with you right now that French Vanilla is my go to flavor. I have not seen the Classic Vanilla yet but will be checking it out next time I head to the store.

  10. This is my favorite brand and flavor of creamer! I am going to take the instagram pic. Sounds like fun!!

  11. Yum! Their creamer is the best! I love to add it to my hot chocolate too!

  12. Ben - Gentlebim

    I don’t always flavor my coffee, but when I do, I prefer Coffeemate. Seriously, I do prefer it. It’s really good.

  13. I love Coffeemate in all it’s varieties. That stuff is really good. It’s got a great flavor, and it doesn’t make the coffee weird.

  14. Coffeemate is great. It tastes awesome, and it’s a liquid. Powdered creamers make the coffee taste funny, and they always leave weird, powdery blobs.

  15. Coffee-mate is great. They have really great flavors.

  16. Daisy

    French Vanilla sounds amazing. I’m going to have to get this to keep in our fridge.

  17. I love Vanilla Coffeemate as well! It is so yummy a d can turn boring coffee into a delicious drink.

  18. This is my best friend most mornings! I almost always use Coffee-Mate Vanilla creamer in my morning coffee…and I don’t think it’s boring at all (and even if it is boring, I’m a-okay with that)!

  19. Pam

    My dad loves coffeemate. He goes through about six cups of coffee a day and puts CoffeeMate in all of them.

  20. My family and I always use Coffee-mate. French Vanilla just so happens to be out favorite flavor!

  21. Shauna

    oh my goodness, I love my flavored coffee, but every couple of days or so I just need to go back to my beginnings… vanilla… ha!

  22. Coffee-Mate French Vanilla is one of my two favorites. I just saw their regular classic vanilla this week for the first time.

  23. mel

    I love Vanilla Coffee-Mate. It is absolutely delicious in my coffee!

  24. I love flavored creamers. It’s nice to be able to change my coffee up each day.

  25. I love the extra flavor in a French Vanilla. Coffee Mate knows what they’re doing!

  26. I love coffee mate, especially the vanilla. Mmmmm, they sure do know what they are doing!

  27. Both vanilla’s are my favorite and my ‘go-to’s” and then I usually have one more flavor in the fridge. I’m a big fan of the caramel vanilla and the cinnamon vanilla too.

  28. YUMMMM I love my Coffee and without Coffeemate it isn’t a good day for me.. YUP I’m spoiled and love the vanilla, has to be French Vanilla.. Thanks for sharing

  29. We drink a ton of coffee in my house and creamer is a must. You will almost always find some French Vanilla creamer in my fridge.

  30. Brett

    I love Coffee-Mate! French Vanilla is one of my favorite creamers.

  31. Vanilla is such a lovely warm smell. I can’t get enough of it

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