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Celebrate the Holidays with Febreze

Febreze Spiced Pear Scented Candle

As they say, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” That's definitely true, isn't it? There is no better way to welcome the holidays than with the scents of Frosted Pine, Apple Tart, Toasted Almond, Vanilla Latte, and Sugared Cranberry. All of these scents are from Febreze.

I am a scent lover and have always used Febreze to freshen my home. I love the smell of pine because it reminds me of the holidays. I think of Christmas, Christmas trees and being outside with snow. That is the smell of pine to me.

I love to have a different scent in each room of my house. The candied or toasted almonds smell amazing in my kitchen. Or even the smell of cinnamon. When we are baking, the smell of those apples and cinnamon are just as amazing as the apple scents of Febreze. Even when the scent of fresh coffee fills our home we love it.

I think that scents enhance our home and Febreze is the perfect thing to do just that. Frosted Pine makes people think of fresh trees and Christmas. Apple Tart makes me thinking of baking with my grandmother as a child or baking now with my children for the holidays. Toasted Almond reminds me of fun coffee drinks that we make during the winter. Vanilla Latte is a warm, inviting scent. Sugared Cranberry smells exactly like Christmas.

Febreze has all of these scents and more available at your local Walmart. There are so many ways that you can bring scent into your home.

Febreze Sugared Cranberry


Head into your local store and look for these fabulous displays so you can experience all of the scents of Febreze for yourself. Bring the smell of the holidays home.

Febreze #FebrezeHoliday 2

Febreze #FebrezeHoliday


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Febreze Toasted Almond Fabric RefresherWHAT SCENTS REMIND YOU OF THE HOLIDAYS?



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