Bold Easter Baskets Man Approved Slim Jim Walmart

Bold Easter Baskets + Shop Slim Jim at Walmart

Bold Easter BasketsDisclosure: This Bold Easter Baskets + Shop Slim Jim at Walmart #SlimJimBoldBaskets post is sponsored by Mirum Shopper but all opinions are my own. Please see below for additional disclosure.

Bold Easter Baskets + Shop Slim Jim at Walmart #SlimJimBoldBaskets

Guys across America love to snap into a Slim Jim, don't they? I know that my guys love to grab some Slim Jim and hit the mountain biking trails or grab one for a snack in between meals. In fact, these are always first on our grocery shopping list and the first thing that we pack when going camping. This year we were challenged to come up with Bold Easter Baskets.

Bold Easter BasketsThanks to its intense flavor and easy convenience, these 26-pack Slim Jim Original or Mild meat sticks take the prize for the ultimate guy-approved snack. So this Easter, how about we blow past the Peeps and head straight toward the most reliable meaty treat in the snack aisle. Slim Jim is the key ingredient to pulling together a bold basket that will win over every guy’s heart (and his stomach)—and best of all, you can find it at an everyday low price at Walmart.

Bold Easter BasketsMake Your Own Guy-Approved Easter Basket

We created our own “guy-approved” “bold basket” and headed Walmart to pick everything up and of course added Slim Jim. We also headed to the Slim Jim website to create our own basket.

We added some other fun items to our Guy-Approved Easter basket that we got from Walmart including some gourmet sauces, heirloom popcorn, Bicycle playing cards and a Dremel because what guy couldn't use a Dremel, right? This is the ultimate manly/foodie Easter basket that any guy would love get this Easter.

Bold Easter BasketsHere is exactly what they need to be looking for at Walmart when you head out to shop for your guy-approved Easter basket. Look in the snack aisle and make certain to check the endcaps to find some new items to put in your basket as well. The tools department has you covered with anything that your guy might need.

Bold Easter BasketsGet Slim Jim at Walmart + Enter for a chance to win a $100 Walmart gift card

Shop for Slim Jim at Walmart and create your own Slim Jim Bold Basket for a chance to win a $100 Walmart gift card.

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This Bold Easter Baskets + Shop Slim Jim at Walmart #SlimJimBoldBaskets post is sponsored. 

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27 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. Aww yeah. THIS is the Easter basket for me. Home repair and Slim Jim snapping make for an awesome Easter basket.

  2. Now that is an Easter basket. I can imagine my husband getting a kick out of this. I may just steal the Slim Jims though.

  3. I made Easter baskets for my “kids” until they were in their 20’s and this would be a great idea for the older young man or ANY guy! To be honest, I would love one too!
    Great idea!

  4. So much good stuff! I love the idea of surprising my husband with an Easter basket and something like this would be perfect.

  5. My husband would definitely approve of this Easter basket. These are all good stuff for him.

  6. Well just look at that manly easter basket! I need to do something like this for the hubby. PS – Tiny but Mighty popcorn is our favorite!!

  7. That is such a great idea! I’ve never given my husband an Easter basket since we got married. It’s about time he gets a basket too. 🙂

  8. This is a fun Easter basket for the guys. I try to find things to put in their Easter basket that isn’t loaded with junk. Plus, the Easter bunny likes to bring useful items too.

  9. That definitely looks like an awesome Easter Basket! I bet my husband would love that!

  10. Dee

    Now, this is an awesome Easter basket! My husband would love it, better yet I would love it.

  11. Tami Qualls

    Oh, these are perfect gift ideas. I would’ve never thought to do this on my own!

  12. Mars

    Wow that’s a real Easter basket! Great post.

  13. Forget it being for guys. I want it for ME! You can never go wrong with Slim Jims!

  14. Pam

    My husband and son would love to find Slim jims in their Easter baskets. They love them!

  15. Yes, yes and yes for “guy baskets” for Easter! My husband would SO love a package of Slim Jims in his Easter gift.

  16. Love this idea for the guys I know! My boyfriend would so prefer this to the typical Easter basket

  17. These are great sources of protein and definitely add a little flair to the Easter basket.
    May not be for youngsters, as they tend not to like spicy food, but you never know.

  18. Love fun twists on easter baskets. Step into a slim Jim! I keep thinking about those commercials 🙂

  19. This is such a great idea for a guy for Easter! My husband loves Slim Jim’s so I can throw in a few more of his favorite items and be done with it. He’s always the hardest to pick gifts out for.

  20. My husband and I always make each other a little basket every year. He ALWAYS has to have Slim Jims in his haha.

  21. I love Slim Jims. I think they are my favorite road trip snack. Usually every time that we are going on a trip we will stop and get some Slim Jims for the trip as a part of our snacks.

  22. Awesome Easter gift basket for a guy. That would be something I would make for my husband.

  23. It sure looks like a basket that any guy will love. It’s packed with all their favorite snacks, without a doubt. These are cool choices.

  24. This will not only be a great Easter basket but one that would be very welcome for Father’s Day. It has the essentials any man would love to receive. Thanks for the suggestions.

  25. Crystal

    The Easter Bunny never forgets the grown-ups at our hosue. My husband would adore these snacks in his basket. He’s a bigger fan of savory.

  26. I love this manly Easter basket. They should make more of these I always said I wanted an adult easter basket so this is a good start for men.

  27. An Easter basket with a difference. I like it! I think my other half would love to receive something like this on Easter Sunday 🙂

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