Be Cool for School with Target Denim
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Be Cool for School with Target Denim

Be Cool for School with Target Denim #TargetBTS2015This is sponsored post on behalf of Target for Mode Media.

Back to school is here and that means SHOPPING! Lots of shopping! That picture above is my daughter, Annabella, and she loves her jeans. In fact, she loves all things denim so that is at the top of our list this year.

In addition to all of the basics that we need to buy like socks, tees, underwear and more, every kid needs new jeans. This year we are loving our fabulous denim that we just picked up at Target.

Be Cool for School with Target Denim #TargetBTS2015My daughter loves that she gets to show her own style with her denim picks and that she can dress her jeans up or down. She loves the embellishments and sparkles on her jeans. She loves the stretch and they way they fit well yet feel very comfortable on.

Be Cool for School with Target Denim #TargetBTS2015I love the jeans at Target because we can get a pair for everyone in the family in one trip, including the adults. The prices are more than reasonable and we easily found every size we needed in every style the kids wanted.

My daughter especially loved how trendy the denim was. Check out this picture where she could roll her jeans up which is one of the reasons that she picked these jeans. She was thrilled to find these and has worn them at least three times in the past week. They seem to always be in the wash.

Be Cool for School with Target Denim #TargetBTS2015Beyond the jeans we also found other great denim choices. We scored a denim skirt, a few jean jackets, a really cool 80’s style denim dress along with a lot of other school clothes. I am always thankful for the 5% off that I get with my Target Red Card.

Target is our first and last stop when it comes to shopping for school clothes. They have absolutely everything that you could possibly need for your kids. From school uniforms and shoes to outerwear and backpacks, grab a cart and start shopping!

Be Cool for School with Target Denim #TargetBTS2015No matter what you need this year for back-to-school, Target has got you covered. With great sales on denim and more, it has never been easier to get everything your child needs to be fully prepared for the upcoming school year. Shop at home or shop in-store. Either way, you will find all you need.

Target makes going back to school easy. Happy shopping!

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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I will be sure to get over to Target to stock up on jeans for my boys! They both grew and need some.

  2. I love shopping at Target because of their incredible deals. I love the sparkly jeans!

  3. Oh my bosh your daughter is gorgeous! I love her red dress! I love going there to get clothes they have a ton of choices for both boys an girls.

  4. Tell your DD I am affectionately nick-naming her ‘sparkle cat’ she is working those blinged out jeans! YAS!!!! 🙂

  5. Now those are some awesome looking jeans, I love the ones at the top, totally the sort of thing I would have picked way back when. x

  6. I love the clothes at Target. The jeans are so cute too! You really can’t go wrong shopping at Target.

  7. I heard they have a nice selection of denim at Target. These look great. I’ll have to take a look when I stop at the store!

  8. I just went to Target today! we bought so many clearance items ! Love it! Great haul! Target is a perfect place for back to school shopping

  9. She picked out a great outfit. Love the sparkly jeans. 🙂

  10. My two oldest are in dire need of new jeans. I guess I’m headed to Target!

  11. Target is my favourite place to buy jeans! I am so sad that they left Canada!! Now I don’t know where I’ll buy my jeans never mind the kids! lol

  12. Indeed, Target has great prices and variety in jeans. I will be getting over there soon as my little one is growing fast and will be needing them again…

  13. Our yearly dilemma. Kids seem to grow so fast they’d always need new clothes! Good thing we still can find bargains at Target for clothes that our kids love.

  14. Hi there pretty little lady! I love her sparkling jeans, very girly. I love shopping on Target too.

  15. Target always has the best kids clothes at great prices. I love the jeans and your daughter is just precious!

  16. Ron

    Target truly rocks! Love their back to school stuff and discounts too!

  17. I love shopping at Target. And in my opinion, denim never goes out of style! lol.

  18. These are such cute outfits! My daughter would love them!

  19. Rebecca Swenor

    Target is a great place to shop for school clothes for the kids along with clothes for the parents too.. I so love her jeans she picked. She looks so cute in her outfits. Thanks for sharing.

  20. I happen to love target denim!! It’s quality stuff for a great price.

  21. I haven’t shopped at Target in a long time. It’s just too far from our place. I love the design of the jeans.

  22. My girls would love these jeans with the sparkles! I guess this calls for a trip to Target!

  23. These are cute jeans. I need to buy me some new jeans. Mine are worn out. I like wearing the dark jeans to any blogger events that I attend. My daughter would love these jeans too.

  24. CourtneyLynne

    I’m a target addict! Literally… Just love the store. Those look like some pretty fabulous jeans.

  25. I have to admit. I never really think of Target for back to school clothes. Not sure why, just don’t. Really cute denims though. Will have to keep them in mind for next time.

  26. Target certainly has everything you could need for back to school! I love the rolled up jeans that your daughter loves too!

  27. I love shopping at Target! They are excellent for back to school time.

  28. What cute outfits! I do dearly love shopping at Target. It’s my favorite.

  29. I love Target, but I believe that practically every woman loves this store! I fondly remember Target being my go-to destination for back-to-school clothes and supplies when I was a kid. 🙂

  30. Yona Williams

    Ha! I had a pair of jeans with some light sparkle accents and I loved them…as an adult. Cute styles of clothes shown here.

  31. Target has a great selection of all your back to school needs. Denim is always at the top of our clothes list for school.

  32. I need to get my daughter some new jeans for school. And I have a Target gift card!!!

  33. How adorable are those jeans! I love getting jeans for my boys at Target. They’re affordable, adorable and durable!

  34. I go to Target for basically everything, so of COURSE we shop there for back to school. Great quality products!

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