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Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths

Ban® Total Refresh™ Cooling Body Cloths #BanTotalRefreshI live in the south and it is hot around about 9 months out of the year. Along with the heat comes humidity and this is just not always comfortable especially when I am shuttling kids around to various activities. I HATE being hot and sweaty but it is part of living in the city that I love!

I was excited to try Ban®  Total Refresh  Cooling Body Cloths because this is the kind of product that I always need to keep on hand.


Ban®  Total Refresh  Cooling Body Cloths instantly cool skin when they make contact leaving skin perfectly fresh. The cloths contain a translucent, superfine powder that never leaves sticky residue which I love.

The Ban® Cloths feature proprietary PowderSilkTM technology imported exclusively from Japan and are the latest retail sensation. Perfect for busy, modern people who rarely have a moment to slow down, the cloths provide a much needed instant reset. Wipe from day to night, work to play, or meeting to appointment to refresh during all of life’s transitional moments. Hot, sticky skin is cooled and reinvigorated, so you’re ready for whatever’s next on your schedule.


When real women tried the wipes for themselves, 100% felt instantly refreshed. They also reported feeling three times cooler in just one swipe, and asserted that the cloths instantly removed sweat to freshen and revive.

The wipes are available in three light revitalizing scents: Enliven (fresh spring scent), Invigorate (soft clean scent) and Restore (light powder scent).

They cost around $3.29 and can be located in the deodorant aisle in grocery stores, mass retailers and drugstores nationwide

Ban® Total Refresh™ Cooling Body Cloths #BanTotalRefresh WipesHOW TO USE BAN®  TOTAL REFRESH  COOLING BODY CLOTHS

Gently wipe the soft, durable cloth on any part of your body – around your neck, chest or under arms – and enjoy cool instant freshness.

After use, dispose of cloth in the trash (do not flush). Best if used within 45 days after opening Keep package tightly sealed and store in a cool, dry place when not in use.

Safe for use on the face.

Since first receiving the cloths, I now keep a pack in my car at all times and in my purse. I quickly used all of the cloths that we were sent and rushed out to buy more.


Since their launch  in March, Ban®  Total Refresh  Cooling Body Cloths have become a bestseller and are now sold out at many major retailers both in stores and online. You can search on eBay to find these refreshing wipes which are being resold and auctioned off at prices higher than original retail value. Demand shows no sign of waning as consumers search the web to get their hands on the new must-have that instantly refreshes and reinvigorates with a single swipe.


This is a sponsored post with Ban.

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  1. These seem super handy for lately. It’s been sooo hot and sticky here. And the fact that they make you feel cool? Love it.

  2. These would be SO nice to carry around in your bag. In fact, I’m so going to buy some!

  3. ellen beck

    The scents sound nice and refreshing . I like the idea of these much better than baby wipes- thats what I keep in the car and use about the same way. I will have to take a looksie for these.

  4. Jenn

    Congrats to them on the sell-out! Hope they are back in stock before our Disney trip in September. We’re gonna need ’em!

  5. Wish they were made in the USA! I think they will be really nice on hot ATlanta days.

  6. We are going to Disney World in August this year and I am definitley packing some of these to bring with me!

  7. Thanks for sharing. I will be getting me some for this summer

  8. I keep seeing these so I think it is a sign that I should buy some. We’ve started camping so I think these would be fabulous for those hot and muggy days!

  9. This is really a cool product, pun intended 😉 I know my daughter would love to have some. She is already complaining how hot it is!

  10. I think these will come in handy during those hot summer days. It’s nice to have something close at hand to give yourself a quick wipe down with and these sound great!

  11. Today was one of those days that I could have used these! It is HOT HOT HOT here in GA!

  12. It helps me to sleep at night with a fan on. But those wipes would be very nice!!

  13. These are awesome to have in my office during the summer! At lunch I like to take walks and always feel a little dewy when I come back…I’ll have to try these!

  14. Karen

    These cloths look so refreshing and perfect for summer. I want to pick some up and keep them in my beach bag!

  15. I keep trying to find these! They seem like they would be perfect for the humid weather.

  16. These sound perfect for these hot, humid Indiana summers. I plan on picking some up for my diaper bag!

  17. This is a great product! I live in Florida and I always need some refresing!

  18. These are definitely something I’d love to invest in! I love being outside regardless of the temperature in the Spring and Summer so I inevitably end up perspiring and being refreshed with these cooling wipes would be extremely welcomed 🙂

  19. I’d love to try the Invigorating scent. I could use these for the upcoming hot summer!

  20. Great idea! I’ve always used baby wipes at home but they don’t have a grown up smell like these will!

  21. I’ll be keeping my eyes open for these. Love that they’re in a portable pack!

  22. veronica

    Very refreshing and perfect for summer. I will be checking my pharmacy for these

  23. I’ve heard these are way popular. I’m betting I’m gonna see lots of these at the beach this summer

  24. Wow, they’re sold out already!! I guess I’ll have to wait to get them then!

  25. I will be getting a few of these for this summer for sure! Great review!!

  26. I seriously love these things. They are surprisingly cooling and effective!

  27. Dina

    these look like they’d be great for me in the summer when I’m so sweaty!

  28. These would be perfect after a lunch time workout! I need them!

  29. These look awesome! I am always hot these days and I could use these to stay cool this summer!

  30. With our hot summer sun I need cooling off on beach days. I am going to have to pick some of these up!

  31. Victoria Ess

    This is a really neat product! I could totally use these cooling clothes in the summer.

  32. Camesha

    I hadn’t heard of these. These seem like they would come in handy for the summer!

  33. I would really like to try these. They sound so refreshing especially with the heat wave we are experiencing now


  35. Tammy S

    I need to pick up a package for me and my sister. It was been so muggy lately it is driving me crazy. Plus my sister is also having some hot flashes so she would probably love these. Thanks!

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