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Antique Farm House Decor

For years now, farmhouse decor has been all the rage. I should know because I have embraced it fully. In fact, I have a farmhouse sink waiting to be installed in my home right now. As big of a fan as I am of shabby chic decor, I absolutely love mixing the two styles for a unique all my own.

I love shopping in many different stores to find pieces that will fit in my home. I also really love very versatile pieces that I might be able to use in several rooms of my home. For instance, a wine barrel chandelier would look as amazing in our kitchen as it would in the attached dining room. A chandelier is truly a statement piece that can elevate the look of your entire home.

Lighting is really everything when it comes to home decor. You can have a beautifully decorated home but if it isn't well lit, who is going to be able to see it? I am all about beautiful lighting and something like a sphere chandelier would look amazing in our master bedroom which we are about to completely redo. I have spent months searching for just the perfect lighting for this big home DIY project that we are about to undertake. I need lamps, sconces, a chandelier and a small table lamp or light. I am also considering a beautiful, large light that attaches to the wall which will be dual purpose for light and as a statement piece.

I tend to look for unconventional pieces of furniture that will make a statement yet look perfectly tailored for the room. A tractor seat stool would look really great at the breakfast bar in our kitchen and would definitely be an eye catcher. Something like this can also tie the room together and help you stick with your decorating style.

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