All the Other Ways to Style a Romper

All the Other Ways to Style a Romper

Beyond the Beach: Unexpected Ways to Rock Your Romper

Your wardrobe has more than its fair share of rompers and jumpsuits, and you are always on the hunt for more. Yet, since you are such a romper raver, you have probably exhausted all the regular ways to wear your go-to outfit: with heels, with a cardigan, with a belt. These days, you are looking for more daring ways to dress up your rompers — and you have come to the right place.

All the Other Ways to Style a Romper

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Rompers can be whatever you make them, as formal or as casual as you wish. Here are a few alternative styling ideas for your next romper fit, so you can make your quintessential clothing item stand out.

Socks and Sandals

Uncool is cool, now; ugly is chic. Instead of trying to make your romper look neat and put-together, you might go the opposite direction with your styling and consider less obvious strategies for elevating your fashion. For example, a chunky “dad” sandal like a Teva or a Birkenstock paired with socks that rise at least to crew height if not higher are strikingly nerdy in a way that reads high fashion. The powers that be suggest that the sock-and-sandal combo is acceptable as long as you are not wearing sandals that place dividers between the toes.

To enhance the nerd factor, you might layer your romper with a cotton t-shirt or camisole underneath or a sweater vest on top. You don’t need to be overly precious about matching colors or patterns; clashing is part of the appeal.

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Matching Headscarf

On the opposite end of the style spectrum, you might try to be as matchy-matchy as possible with your romper and accessories. Rompers with relatively common patterns, like stripes or gingham, are easy to match to scarves, headbands, bags and other accoutrements to create a single, cohesive look. The headband or headscarf is the most effective accessory for this purpose as it is most visible to people, but you can match the color or pattern of your romper to any accessory and achieve a similar effect. This style also works remarkably well if you have any sewing capability, as you can make your own romper and scarf out of the exact same material.

All the Other Ways to Style a Romper

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Pops of Color

Many people opt for jumpsuits and rompers in neutral colors, particularly black, gray and any shade of nude. These provide the perfect blank canvas on which you can add pops of color using various accessories. You might opt to coordinate your accessories with the exact same shade, or you can mix different colors as long as they all belong to the same family, like jewel tones or neons. If you are struggling to imagine how to add color on top of a plain romper, consider the following important accessories:

  • Cardigans, jackets, trench coats or other outerwear
  • Shoes
  • Belts or sashes
  • Socks or stockings
  • Jewelry, like statement earrings and necklaces
  • Scarves and headbands

This is perhaps one of the more accessible alternative styles for rompers because neutral rompers are almost a wardrobe staple and colorful accessories are extremely in. You might experiment with adding colorful accessories to colorful rompers, as well, if you favor a maximalist aesthetic.

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Clothing is meant to be personalized in some way or another to say something about the wearer’s identity. Some people personalize their clothes by adding layers and accessories; others wear their clothes in unconventional ways, backwards or tied in unexpected knots. Still others will modify their clothing, adding embellishments and cutting the silhouette — and if you want to be a bit more daring with your romper fashion, you might consider doing this yourself.

In a similar vein to the nerdy chic style explained above, bedazzled clothes are unique and therefore appealing to those interested in creating a distinctive look. You can still find bedazzler kits online, and there are non-branded tools that make it easy to add rhinestones, studs, buttons and more.

All the Other Ways to Style a Romper

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If bedazzled clothes are too glam for your taste, you might consider embroidering your rompers. Embroidery is much easier than you might expect, and you can find free patterns online for all manner of images or text. You can add small touches of embroidery along the sleeves, legs or chest of your romper, or you can embroider a large piece on the back.

Even if you are the romper’s number-one fan, you can find new ways to style this simple article of clothing. With some experimentation and daring, you can always make your rompers feel new and fresh.

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