9 Tips for a Perfectly Organized Pantry

9 Tips for a Perfectly Organized Pantry

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The pantry is one area that can become a complete disaster if you don’t keep it well stocked and organized. I think this is because the area is often way smaller than we need it to be and there is so many things we need to fit in it, that it is often over-flowing. Not only that, but many of the things that go in the pantry are individual sizes such as granola bars and fruit snacks and there is a great variety of canned goods in most pantries as well. Here are some tips for getting your pantry under control.


  1. First get the right tools. You can organize a pantry with just a few simple bins, containers and even an over the door shoe rack. I use the over the door shoe rack to put all those little things like granola bars, season packets, fruit snacks and small odds and ends.
  2. Start by going through what you have. Make 3 piles; Stuff you will throw out (because it is expired), stuff you will keep and stuff you will donate (because it is not expired but you don’t think you will use it in time).
  3. Do a thorough wipe down of everything, Wash re-useable containers, clean the shelves and floor and pull out any shelving that is removable.
  4. Buy some labels. The best kind to have are ones that are water proof and can be erased. This way, you can just write what happens to be in the container at the time and not worry about having to use the same container for the same product.
  5. Make things easily accessible and organize the way it makes sense. Keep the most commonly used items at arm’s reach and eye level. Make sure not to bury them behind other things. Keep stuff that is rarely used on the top shelves and large items on the middle or bottom shelves. It is also important to organize your shelves into categories so you know where to find and put things away.
  6. Keep a running list of what you have. This way, when you get ready to go buy items to re-stock, you will know what needs to be purchased without having to dig and family members will know what is available as well. This works well on a dry erase board.
  7. Use the proper containers for the job. Lose baking supplies like Flour, for instance, need to be in plastic or glass because these are the best bet for protecting the contents from pests such as mice or bugs and moisture which would allow mold to grow.
  8. Practice FIFO-First In, First Out. This means rotating your stock so that items that are close to being gone or expiration dates should be in the front so you will not let them go to waste or open a second package of something when you have one open already.
  9. Keep one space clear for when you find a great purchase price on an item you buy a lot of so you can stock up on it. This could be anything from paper towels to pasta. Keeping one area for these purchases ensures you won’t skip out on a good deal because you are wondering where you will put it.


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  1. Rosie

    Wow! I’m impressed! This is the cutest pantry I’ve ever seen, and gives me incentive to get my pantry both organized and pretty!

  2. ellen beck

    Gosh how I wish my pantry looked even close to that! I have a big closet type thing and luckily it is enclosed. I would love to have one of the old fashioned walk in pantries.

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