6 Tips for a Fun Family Spring Cleaning

6 Tips for a Fun, Family Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning6 Tips for a Fun, Family Spring Cleaning

With spring just about to arrive, I can almost feel the warm weather coming. I am so ready for it! My entire family has “spring fever” and we cannot wait for it to warm up a little outside. As a family, every single year, we do some spring cleaning in our home and we take that cleaning seriously. We also check out cleaning services on occasion. I want my kids to be involved so that they know how much work goes into maintaining a house and so that they can live in a clean home. We love when they take responsibility along with us for having a clean and well-maintained home.

Here are the steps we take for a fun, family spring cleaning:

1. Buy supplies ahead of time.

There is nothing worse than starting your spring cleaning and not having the proper supplies. Get all of your cleaning supplies ahead of time and stock up on trash bags because you never know how many you will need. In fact, we always buy twice as much as we think we will need.

2. Create a “tackle it” list with the entire family.

We divide our house into a grid and then figure out what to do in each room. Everyone has input on what needs to be done and then I create a detailed list for all of us to follow.

3. Create a little friendly competition.

This is where the fun, cardio and competition part comes in. My husband and I race each other to see who can get their area completed first, and the kids love getting involved as well. We get a little exercise and a sparkling clean house in the process. While my husband usually gets the most cleaning in, he doesn’t gloat… much!

4. Get rid of the clutter.

Attack your problem areas first and get rid of all of the clutter. The first thing that we do when spring cleaning is give everyone a trash bag and tell them to fill it up. We walk around the house and fill up every bag.

5. Have a fashion show.

Have your kids outgrown clothes or do they keep things that they no longer wear? We have a spring fashion show in our house every year, where my kids have to try on all of their clothes. From there, we put things back into the closet that fit, donate things that no longer work and create a pile of items that need a little extra stain treatment or mending.

6. Donate it or store it.

You would be surprised at how many things around your house you just don’t use. Our general rule is that if you haven’t touched the item in six months, donate or sell it. With other items, like seasonal things, we store them in our basement.

A thorough spring cleaning does wonders for the health and wellness of everyone in our household, but sometimes despite our best efforts, “spring fever” can turn into “a spring fever.”

Even in a tidy, freshly spring-cleaned household, those “ew” or “yuck” moments are just going to happen, so it’s great to be prepared. As a scout leader for two troops and mother of three, I am convinced that preparation is the key to success in any aspect of our lives. There are germs everywhere and where there are germs, there’s bound to be a cough, cold, ouch, or ach-“ew” not too far away, making sickness almost unavoidable (no matter how hard we try!).

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  1. We haven’t done any Spring Cleaning at home yet. Thanks for the tips, I hope we get to do it this week.

  2. These are definitely some great tips for a fun family spring cleaning! I’ll have to try some of these sometime.

  3. I really need to spring clean my house. It’s been a while and it would be great to declutter. I’ll have to get my family to help later this coming week.

  4. We will be spring cleaning this coming week. These are fun ways to do it. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Indeed, preparation is the key. I have to plan my spring cleaning activities soon. I have to get some storage bins and muster enough strength to part with some items in the house that I have not been using. Maybe someone else would find them useful. Thanks for the tips.

  6. Making cleaning into a fun game is always enticing for my kids! Great tips for making spring cleaning more fun!

  7. We are constantly donating clothes and other items…it’s become a regular thing for us. I want my kids to know that there are people out there who are in need and that we should always give to others when we can.

  8. Kathy

    This is a great list. I’ve been doing some spring cleaning already too. I’m trying to get rid of a bunch of stuff that we just don’t need. It’s nice to clean up and get rid of some things.

  9. Having a fashion show would be fun especially that I am the only girl around here. LOL. I’ve started getting rid of clothes to donate already. There’s more though.

  10. These are some great cleaning tips!! I’m loving the fashion show idea!!! I will have to keep that one in mind for my daughter!

  11. I haven’t done any spring cleaning yet. I am thinking to sell some unused items or donate them.

  12. As a single gal in the city there is no help for Spring Cleaning. I am so NOT ready!

  13. Rosie

    These are some good ideas! It reminds me of a long time ago a church I was at would have a spring cleaning day, many people would show up to help, and they would try to make it fun, too.

  14. Having the family involved can always be fun and exciting. But when a busy schedule doesn’t allow time, you can always call a professional. Lol visit our website/blog as we are a cleaning company specializing in window cleaning.


  15. Involving the whole family in a funny cleaning day is great all the time, not only during spring cleaning. My kids usually skip spring cleaning because those are the first warm and sunny days after the winter and they prefer to play outside instead of cleaning inside the house. Though, we have our very funny cleaning days when it rains outside and surely will have some of our ideas on mind for next time. Thanks for the nice article.

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