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6 Surprising Period Symptoms No One Talks About 

6 Surprising Period Symptoms No One Talks About 6 Surprising Period Symptoms No One Talks About 

Cramps, bloating, and a cranky attitude are all symptoms of, you guessed it, the menstrual cycle. As female hormone levels dramatically raise and lower, it’s pretty common to feel some more than inconvenient side effects. And while most people who menstruate experience similar symptoms, every cycle and body is different. Some women might even encounter various symptoms throughout their lifetime.

Menstrual symptoms go way beyond period cramps. Here are six surprising side effects no one talks about. 

Insatiable cravings

You might catch yourself reaching for a bag of salty snacks or candy right before your period, and there’s a good reason for that. A change in estrogen and progesterone levels in your body cause cravings outside of your regular diet. Intense period cravings for high-carb or sugary foods might also be your body’s attempt to raise serotonin levels. After eating carbs, serotonin increases in the body which helps women feel better when dealing with temporary hormone imbalances. 

Sensitive and dry skin 

It’s pretty common to experience a pesky breakout during your period, but your menstrual cycle also impacts how your skin feels. The skin reacts to fluctuating hormones like any other organ and can get dry or sensitive during your cycle. As oestrogen levels lower, your skin has a harder time producing collagen, which is a critical factor in staying hydrated. Those with skin conditions like dermatitis or psoriasis might notice their condition worsen in the premenstrual phase. 

Trouble exercising

If you happen to head out for a run right before your period starts, you’ll probably notice feeling out of breath quicker than usual. Your menstrual cycle impacts breathing patterns, meaning that wheezing or shortness of breath increases at the end of your cycle. Luckily, you’ll be back to your normal athletic capacity during ovulation or around mid-cycle. 

Mouth and gum pain 

Your body experiences a boost in blood flow right before your period starts, which can cause discomfort to your gums. The increase in circulation lowers your mouth’s normal plaque-fighting ability and causes them to feel swollen and irritated. Some women might also experience bleeding gums, canker sores, and toothaches. While the symptoms usually ease after a day or so, it’s best to maintain healthy oral hygiene to flush out bacteria that might cause pain during your period. 

Anxious thoughts

Of course, the dramatic change in your body’s hormone levels may cause some erratic thoughts to arise. Most people with periods experience a lack of confidence during their period, which can quickly lead to depressive or anxious episodes. Pessimistic thoughts usually occur a few days before your period starts and ease within a few days. However, those with premenstrual dysphoric disorder, or PMDD, may experience extreme symptoms and should seek advice from their doctor. Some with PMDD may ease emotional side effects with antidepressants intermittently if advised by a professional. 

Leg pain

If you notice aching thighs or pain radiating down the leg, you can likely blame it on a typical period symptom. The pain and pressure you feel in your uterus can easily reach your lower body, causing severe discomfort. Your threshold for pain is also at its lowest during the premenstrual phase, meaning you are more sensitive to physical irritation. However, if you notice intense leg pain with every period, you might have a condition called endometriosis. Endometriosis is caused by tissues that grow outside the womb that act similarly to the uterine lining. The sensitive tissue reacts to fluctuating hormones and the shedding of lining but cannot leave the body, leading to pain and inflammation. Growing endometrial tissue quickly causes muscle inflammation and puts pressure on the lower body, resulting in intense leg pain. 

Go with the flow

Your period affects so much more than just your reproductive organs. It’s common for women to experience insatiable cravings, anxious thoughts, and even trouble exercising right before their period hits. Physical symptoms of the menstrual cycle go far beyond blood and include lower body aches or swollen gums. Every menstruating person experiences side effects unique to their body, and the more they are talked about, the quicker the taboo surrounding periods is dismantled.

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