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5 Ways to Find the Right Contractor Service

5 Ways to Find the Right Contractor Service

Owning a home is one of life's greatest enjoyments. It is also one of life's most expensive investments. That is why taking care of it is an essential part of ensuring it retains its value. If you are tackling a project like a vertical tower garden, then that is most certainly at DIY. But when major things need to happen, you need a contractor.  All homes eventually require the services of a contractor, whether for repair or home improvement projects. However, knowing how to find the best contractor for the job at the right price is not always easy. There are five primary ways to find the best contractor for the work that needs to get done.

The Chamber of Commerce

Homeowners can readily call their local Chamber of Commerce and get a good referral list of potential contractors in a specified area. This is generally an excellent reliable list of potential contractors who have established themselves and have built a reputable local business. These businesses have taken the extra step to become verified members of a group of companies designated to support a community's needs.

Internet Search

Most businesses today have at least a basic website. Even if they don't have a website, their primary business information will usually show up when doing an internet search. It’s recommended that a more detailed search term be used. For instance, a search for ‘licensed plumber near me‘ instead of just the word ‘plumber’ will generate better results. Search results may also include a map of where each business is located. This allows homeowners the opportunity to call any of the contractors they choose from the list, consult with them on their services, or get an estimate for a home repair or home improvement project.

Online Listing Services

Online business listing services like Angie's List, Yelp, and Yellowpages.com can provide useful, necessary information about local contractors. However, because each of these websites can have some missing or faulty information on them, it is recommended that any homeowner looking for contractor services contact the company directly to verify any pertinent information about a company or contractor.

Local Newspaper Listings

Local newspapers are an excellent source for finding home contractors. The classified section of most papers has a designated area for contractor advertisements. In addition to traditional daily or weekly newspapers, shopper and bargain newspapers are well known to be an excellent source for finding contractors. The advertisements in these types of newspapers may provide an in-depth outline of the services they offer and any potential sales or promotions they have going on for their services.

Hardware Store Referrals

Because hardware stores have a significant amount of contractors as customers, this can be an excellent resource for finding the right local contractor. Smaller hardware stores often have a personal relationship with a variety of contractors. Larger hardware store chains may offer contractor services for customers who purchase products from their stores.

Verifying Contractor Credentials and License Status

After a few potential contractors have been found, homeowners should be diligent in verifying these contractors' reputation through a third-party source such as the Better Business Bureau, online customer reviews, or customer recommendations listed on their business website. It is essential for consumers to verify with the state that the company's contractor's license is current, and there are no outstanding complaints against them. This usually can be done through the Secretary of State Consumer Protection Division. They may have an online platform to check the status of a license or a toll-free number to contact contractor verifications.

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