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25 Food & Recipe Kindle e-Books

25 Food & Recipe Kindle e-Books

1. The Absolute Best Mug Cakes Cookbook: 100 Family-Friendly Microwave Cakes

Discover how simple it is to bake amazingly tasty cake from scratch. All you need is a mug, a microwave, and a few basic ingredients, and you’ll be feasting on a delicious homemade cake in minutes. Whether you’re craving the classics, seasonal flavors, holiday-themed treats, bottomless chocolate, or fresh fruit galore, The Absolute Best Mug Cakes Cookbook ensures that everyone in your household will get exactly what they want. Bake your way through a wide range of satisfying and easy-to-prepare treats

2. The Pie and Pastry Bible

Easy-to-follow recipes for fruit pies, chiffon pies, custard pies, ice-cream pies, meringue pies, chocolate pies, tarts and tartlets, turnovers, dumplings, biscuits, scones, crostadas, galettes, strudel, fillo, puff pastry, croissants (chocolate, too), Danish, brioche, sticky buns, cream puffs, and profiteroles.


3. Low Carb Donuts: 30 Traditional and Fun Flavored Donut Recipes Made Low Carb Plus Glazing, Frosting and Filling Ideas to Decorate Your Donuts (Low Carb Desserts)

With this amazing book you will learn everything that you need to know about making your own low carb donuts. No more eating hard, day old low carb donuts that you bought at the store. When you make your favorite donuts at home you get the pleasure of eating them when they are best; directly out of the oven while they are nice and warm.

4. Christmas Cookies: Homemade Christmas Cookie Recipes for Delicious Desserts (Holiday Cookies)

With the delicious cookie recipes featured inside of this book you’ll be able to impress all of your guests with holiday themed, mouth-watering favorites and new traditions. There’s a variety of Christmas themed cookie recipes to suit all tastes.

5. Dump Cakes and Desserts: 33 Easy and Tasty Dump Cake Recipes and Other Desserts (Quick & Easy Desserts)

You may have thought that to make delicious desserts requires expensive ingredients and hours of labor, but that just isn’t true! You can make all the recipes in this book using no more than one mixing bowl. In fact, for some recipes, you don’t even need that. All the mixing and cooking takes place in the same pan you use to bake! It doesn’t get much easier than that, does it?

6. Effortless Cookies and Cakes – 370 Delicious Dessert and Baking Recipes to Die For: The Only cookies and cakes Cookbook That You Will Ever Need

There is a cookies and cakes recipe in this book for every baker out there, regardless of their baking experience. In this book, every recipe has at least one photo for you to compare after testing. All cookies and cakes are suitable to serve as lunch or dinner for your family. So, if you want to begin making your very own cookies and cakes dish with little to no effort at all, then let’s start baking!

7. Cheesecake Cookbook – 25 Delicious Cheesecake Recipes to Die For: The Only Cheesecakes Cookbook That You Will Ever Need

If you are looking for the best cheesecake book out there, then look no further than this cheesecake cookbook. In this Cheese cakes cookbook you will find some of the most delicious cheesecake recipes that you will not be able to find in any other cheese cakes cookbook. Unlike other cheese cakes cookbook these great tasting cheesecake recipes are unique and are relatively easy to put together, making them the best dishes to make regardless of your cheesecake baking skills.

8. Betty Crocker The Big Book of Bread (Betty Crocker Big Book)

This one-stop bread book will delight and encourage bakers of all levels of experience, with recipes for artisanal breads, no-knead breads, coffee cakes, scones, gluten-free recipes, bread machine recipes, pizza dough, and more.

9. The Cupcake Diaries: Over 25 Delicious Cupcake Recipes

If you are looking for the ultimate Cupcakes cookbook that is packed full of delicious cupcake recipes, then you are going to love The Cupcake Diaries: Over 25 Delicious Cupcake Recipes. In The Cupcake Diaries you will find over 25 of the most delicious and sweet tasting cupcake recipes that no other cupcakes cookbook will have.

10. Simple Green Smoothies: 100+ Tasty Recipes to Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Feel Great in Your Body

Simple Green Smoothies includes a 10-day green smoothie kick-start to welcome you into the plant-powered lifestyle, with shopping lists included. Follow it up with 100+ delicious recipes that address everything from weight loss to glowing skin to kid-friendly options.


11. The Wine Bible

Like a lively course from an expert teacher, The Wine Bible grounds the reader deeply in the fundamentals while layering on informative asides, tips, amusing anecdotes, definitions, glossaries, photos (all new for this edition), maps, labels, and recommended bottles. Karen MacNeil’s information comes directly through primary research; for this second edition she has tasted more than 10,000 wines and visited dozens of wine regions around the world. New to the book are wines of China, Japan, Mexico, and Slovenia.


12. Coffee Recipes: A Beginner's Guide to Making a Perfect Cup with Over 30 Delicious Recipes to Spoil You and Your Loved Ones (Frapuccino,Mocaccino and Latte Recipes)

Throughout this book we will help you understand all of the benefits of coffee, all the myths that you’ve heard throughout your life and, of course, exactly how to make that perfect cup of coffee. Never settle for a mediocre (or bad) cup of coffee again. Instead, make sure that your cup of coffee is perfect every time. No matter what your favorite type of coffee may be, we can help you make it better and we can even help you try out all new recipes you’ve never even heard of before, from amaretto to mint chocolate and orange.


13. Fruit Infused Water: 98 Delicious Recipes for Your Fruit Infuser Water Pitcher

Packed with mouth-watering recipes and easy-to-follow instructions, Fruit Infused Water preps you for including fruit infused water in your diet—whether you own a fruit infuser water pitcher or a simple glass jar. Build from the basics then advance to endless mix-and-match flavors and inventive fruit infused water recipes.


14. Martha Stewart's Appetizers: 200 Recipes for Dips, Spreads, Snacks, Small Plates, and Other Delicious Hors d'Oeuvres, Plus 30 Cocktails

Today’s style of entertaining calls for fuss-free party foods that are easy to make and just as delicious as ever. With more than 200 recipes for tasty pre-dinner bites, substantial small plates, special-occasion finger foods, and quick snacks to enjoy with drinks, Martha Stewart’s Appetizers is the new go-to guide for any type of get-together.


The Ultimate Appetizers Book: More than 450 No-Fuss Nibbles and Drinks, Plus Simple Party PlanningTips (Better Homes and Gardens Ultimate)

15. More than just a collection of recipes, this book is packed with hundreds of inspiring full-color photos and provides all the tools you need to throw a fabulous bash, including helpful hints in on creative presentation ideas, themed party menus using the recipes in the book, lists of versatile ingredients to keep in the pantry, and make-ahead directions to make planning a breeze.

16. Favorite Restaurant Copycat Recipes: Make Your Favorite Restaurant Menu Items at Home

This cookbook is designed for “culinary challenged” as well as the typical cook. When we began creating recipes for CincyShopper, we found that people like the recipes and love the pictures. We got lots of feedback about how the pictures let them know what it should look like. I didn't realize exactly what they were telling me until I had one reader point to an example from another site, which had gone poorly for her. Upon looking at the recipe and the picture, the problem was obvious. The beautiful picture was not made from the ingredients they had listed. It was probably a stock picture they had bought because they lacked photography skills, but this poor reader had spent a lot of time and frustration trying to achieve this unattainable image of the dish.

17. Slow Cooker: The Best Cookbook Ever with More Than 400 Easy-to-Make Recipes

From Old-Fashioned Chicken Pot Pie to Mexican Hot Chocolate Lava Cake, this cookbook contains recipes for everything from soups and roasts to cobblers and puddings, inspiring night after night of great meals. Prep a few ingredients, toss them in the pot, and let the cooker work its magic while you're gone for the day. Return to a slow-cooked, deeply flavored, great-smelling dinner for you and your family—every night!

18. The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Dinnertime: Comfort Classics, Freezer Food, 16-Minute Meals, and Other Delicious Ways to Solve Supper!

You’ll find more than 125 fast-and-delicious recipes that combine pantry staples with fresh ingredients, including Beef Stroganoff, Chicken Taco Salad, Pasta Puttanesca, Ready-to-go freezer Meatballs (and many dinners you can make with them!), Oven Barbecue Chicken, Mexican Tortilla Casserole, Veggie Chili, Beef with Snow Peas, and many, many more. Included is a section of mouthwatering quick desserts—literally the icing on the cake.

19. Great Food Fast

With the help of thousands of reader reviews, forum posts, and comments, Bob has now created recipes that are highly tuned to what his customers want. He didn’t have to go back to the drawing board, just back into the kitchen where he developed over 120 of his very best pressure cooker recipes ever, including five of his signature recipes that he perfected to even greater heights. Wait till you taste the Best Ever Macaroni and Cheese, and his richer, tastier, gravy-er Perfected Pot Roast! And all of this is done in one third of the time.


20. The I Love Trader Joe's College Cookbook: 150 Cheap and Easy Gourmet Recipes

These recipes are super easy to make, and you don’t need a bunch of pots and pans. Best of all, since every ingredient in every recipe is available at Trader Joe’s, you can get all your shopping done with one quick stop.

21. Wheat Belly 30-Minute (or Less!) Cookbook: 200 Quick and Simple Recipes to Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health

Readers will find an introduction to the ABCs of wheat-free cooking, plus a guide to prepping the kitchen, stocking the pantry, and getting started on a healthy new path. Beautifully illustrated with full-color photo inserts, readers will enjoy these delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, side dishes, snacks, dessert–and even special occasions.

22. Taste of Home Holidays & Celebrations

From formal holiday gatherings to casual game nights, Taste of Home Holidays & Celebrations makes the most of every get-together. Divided into four sections (one for each season of the year), this colorful collection is sure to be your most-trusted source for unforgettable parties, dinners, buffets and more. Whether hosting a formal Christmas dinner, spooky Halloween party, succulent Thanksgiving meal, glorious Easter brunch, neighborly barbecue or quant bridal shower, Holidays & Celebrations helps create incredible memories that last a lifetime.

23. The Oz Family Kitchen: More Than 100 Simple and Delicious Real-Food Recipes from Our Home to Yours

This healthy eating cookbook has more than 100 simple, delicious recipes from the Oz Family collection, including pastas, soups, sandwiches, entrees, smoothies, and desserts, such as Mehmet's favorite birthday “Almost German Chocolate Cake”, Daphne's special ” Glazed Acorn Squash with Savory Seeds,”, and the Oz family’s “Coconut-Crusted Chicken”. The book offers helpful advice on cooking healthy meals for the whole family, pantry stocking, and smart shopping, as well as nutrition tips and health insights from Dr. Oz. Whether you are looking to eat healthier, more delicious meal, or simply get a glimpse into the Oz family lifestyle, The Oz Family Kitchen is an essential tool you’re looking for.

24. Eleven Ways to Smoke Your Meat: Tips How You Can Make Tasty, Mouth-Watering Smoked Meat Recipes (Barbecue & Curing)

This book will outline the key ways to make the most of your carnivorous choices, from Beef to bison, Ostrich to game hen, from pork to venison. If you are looking for a guide that will outline the basics, this is the book for you. If you are a veteran already but are looking for ways to explore cooking and preparing, this is just what you have been looking for. Even if all you are looking for is something to make for dinner tonight, go ahead and get this book. You will be glad you did.

25. Easy Camping Recipes: Fun and Delicious Camp Fire Recipes To Keep You Warm, Full and Happy (The Easy Recipe)

Camping is a great way to take a step back, get away from it all, and spend time in nature with friends and family. Having a hearty, delicious meal to come back to each night after a busy day of hiking, biking, and making memories is key, and there are many delicious foods that can be prepared with the campfire alone. So go explore, get back to nature, and enjoy some delicious campfire foods along the way.

We hope that you enjoy these 25 Food & Recipe Kindle e-Books.

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