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2022 Top Back To School Picks

Back to school

2022 Top Back To School Picks

With the start of school being right around the corner, it is imperative that we send our kids off with the best available. That's why this year I've decided to compile a list of some of a few of my favorite back to school picks! 


Image courtesy of Dreo

Dreo Air Fryer

This is a pick for the moms and college kids out there. This beautiful air fryer does more than look good, although it does a really good job of doing that anyway. This air fryer has been a game changer for easy dinners. My favorite recipe that I've tried so far has to be this buffalo cauliflower appetizer! My favorite part about it, is how easy it is to store. Right now I am able to have it out on my counter without it being too big. 


Image courtesy of Organifi


This is a great gift for the health nut. These healthy blends mix easily with water to create the perfect on-the-go drink to help you stabilize your energy, mood, or zen. My favorite flavor so far is definitely the red energy. These blends really help to get my day kick-started and give me the boost I need.

new republic

Image courtesy of New Republic

New Republic

This is the gift for the well-styled student. New republics shoes are an absolute game changer with their range of colors, sizes, and styles. I absolutely love their Chelsea boots! I have been wearing my pairs non-stop since receiving them!

Wola co

Image courtesy of WOLACO


Wola Co is definitely an excellent option for the athlete on your list. Their pants are so comfortable and stylish making them perfect for any workout. These pants are great for the gym and class! The best part… THEY HAVE POCKETS!!! Finally we have an athletic pant wear company that offers pants with pockets!


Image courtesy of Mugsy


Mugsy is definitely the gift for the denim lover in the family. I picked up two denim jackets from them this year, and love them both! They are the perfect balance between cozy and not too heavy. I can't wait till I can show off my denim swag from Mugsy this fall!

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