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2 Steps to Take Before Deciding on a Divorce

Before Deciding on a Divorce

Before Deciding on a Divorce: Steps to Navigate this Difficult Journey

Deciding on a Divorce: The decision to divorce (the ‘D' word) can become a major issue for couples when conflicts arise frequently or when they feel disconnected. Yet, before considering divorce as the only solution, couples should take proactive steps to salvage their marriage.

Here are some strategies to save your marriage and possibly avoid divorce, especially if both partners are not fully committed to the idea.

Navigating the Journey of Deciding to Divorce


What if You Want to Get Divorced, But Your Partner Doesn't?

If your spouse wants to salvage the marriage despite your desire for divorce, consulting a specialized divorce lawyer becomes essential. They can guide you on the necessary steps, especially if your partner contests the divorce or tries to deny access to shared resources.

A competent divorce lawyer ensures you understand the legal process and helps secure a fair outcome. Even if divorce is inevitable, ensure you leave with the resources you rightfully deserve.


1.   Focus On Your Family


While staying together solely for the sake of children or pets isn't healthy, considering their well-being during a divorce is crucial. The impact of a custody battle on children, especially if they are young, must be carefully weighed. The same consideration applies to pets, as decisions about their care must be made.

Even during rough patches in a marriage without divorce, prioritizing family care is vital. Reassure your children of your love and that the family remains intact despite challenges. Continuously remind them that the divorce is not their fault. This reassurance should be a constant throughout the process.


2.   Try To Make It Work


And really try. Divorces have many triggers and underlying issues that have led to this critical decision. Chances are, you and your spouse are aware of the problems and can make an effort to address them. By dedicating a few months to making changes and both putting in your best efforts, you might navigate through the rough patch and rediscover love in your relationship.

While grand romantic gestures and recreating first dates may seem appealing to win back your spouse's affection, real change comes from personal growth and addressing underlying issues. If there are obstacles hindering your full presence in the marriage, focus on resolving those.

By committing to personal growth and working together with your spouse, you can not only avoid divorce but also emerge stronger as individuals and as a couple.

Deciding on a Divorce

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