11 Habits to Feed Your Soul

11 Habits to Feed Your Soul

11 Habits to Feed Your Soul11 Habits to Feed Your Soul

There are countless ways to feed your mind and body. You probably already know you should “practice self-care” and that you need to eat your vegetables. But there is a level of soul care we can easily neglect if we aren’t intentional. Here are some of the simplest habits to start to feed your soul.

Visit an Art Museum

When you walk the halls of an art museum and take in the paintings, sculptures, and other art, you take in the emotions and creativity of artists. Not only do your eyes see, but your mind imagines the hands that created such beauty on a blank canvas.

Read Classic Poetry

When was the last time you sat down to read poetry? Romantic poetry from the likes of Elizabeth Barrett Browning and William Blake has a way of feeding your soul with imagery and wonder as you sift through the pages. You sit in awe thinking about who the object of their love and affection was that caused such beautiful words to pour from their pen.

Listen to Calming Music

Music changes you. You can listen to a song and be instantly taken to a specific time and place. If your soul is weary and needs rest, you can find peace in calming music. It sets a specific tempo that can help you relax and your soul to be calm.

Make Time for a Hobby

This one can be challenging for many people, especially stay-at-home moms. Your hobbies may include music, art, building projects, graphic design, and so much more. There is something important about having a hobby that you enjoy. It not only feeds your mind, but it also feeds your soul. It gives you something exciting to do, so make time for your hobbies.

Explore the Great Outdoors

Something happens when the sun hits your face, and you walk through forests or alongside the ocean. There is a physical reaction to exploring outdoors that is unlike anything else. Your soul can find peace and rest amongst the beauty of nature. Your soul can find joy, light, and life.

Start Journaling

Journaling is a way to process your thoughts, feelings, and big decisions. You can leverage journaling to help you work through the challenges you face. The habit of journaling helps feed your soul, because you can easily write down what stresses you, what excites you, and the good and bad you experience regularly.

Look for the Small Joys in Life

Some people get to experience lavish vacations for fun, while others can’t afford to go out of town at all. There is so much joy to be found. Hug someone you love, enjoy your favorite cup of coffee, find a café to sit in, and enjoy a good book. These small joys are what add up to make life enjoyable and fun.

Practice Gratitude

Life gets hard sometimes. You experience pain, trauma, and difficulties that could make it easy to focus on the negative. Instead, look for opportunities to be thankful. Maybe all you can come up with on a given day is that you are thankful for one more day to be alive. Perhaps you are thankful that there is food in your cupboard (even if it’s not your favorite). By practicing gratitude, you can feed your soul good things.

Pay it Forward

Has someone ever been kind to you? Have you ever been on the receiving end of someone else’s generosity? Find a way to pay it forward. Whether you go to the laundromat and pay to clean someone’s clothes for the day, or you buy someone’s groceries in line at the store, there are countless ways to help someone out.

Do a Monthly Digital Detox

There is something that happens when you let go of technology for a day, a week, or even a month. You begin to connect better with yourself and the people around you. Your soul gets a rest from the constant bombardment of information. If you’re stressed or overwhelmed, a digital detox may be exactly what your soul needs to reconnect.

Find a Spiritual Connection

People look to different faith practices for their souls. Some may find it in a church or synagogue, while others find solace and rest for their souls in yoga practice. They may find spiritual connection through music and worship or through the ways they breathe and move their bodies.

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