10 Garden Must-Haves

10 Garden Must-Haves


The Vegetable Gardener's Bible, 2nd Edition


The invaluable resource for home food gardeners! Ed Smith's W-O-R-D system has helped countless gardeners grow an abundance of vegetables and herbs. And those tomatoes and zucchini and basil and cucumbers have nourished countless families, neighbors, and friends with delicious, fresh produce. The Vegetable Gardener's Bible is essential reading for locavores in every corner of North America!

EVERYTHING YOU LOVED about the first edition of The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible is still here: friendly, accessible language; full-color photography; comprehensive vegetable specific information in the A-to-Z section; ahead-of-its-time commitment to organic methods; and much more


Hydrofarm Germination Station with Heat Mat


Heated Germination Station seed starting system. Offers increased growing success by providing gentle warmth to the planting bed and by controlling the humidity under the dome, much like a greenhouse. Includes 17 watt, UL listed, waterproof heat mat and 11 inch x 22 inch watertight growing tray with a 72 cell seedling insert and instructions.

Women Soft Jersey Garden Gloves, 3-Pairs Green/Pink/Blue per Pack


100-Percent cotton soft Jersey garden gloves; flower print with knot wrist to keep dirt out with pvc dots for extra Grip. One size fits all.

Radius Garden 4-Piece Gardening Hand Tool Set


The Radius Garden NRGSET is a 4-piece set of high quality garden hand tools including a Trowel, Transplanter, Weeder, and Cultivator. Discover garden tools unlike any you've ever held before. The Radius Garden Natural Radius Grip garden tools were designed using the most current research into human factors and tool usage. The patent-pending, Natural Radius Grip, maximizes your power and comfort while minimizing hand and wrist stress.

Tierra-Derco Kneel Bench and Seat



A thicker, softer, weatherproof foam pad on both sides of our exclusive Large Kneeler/Seat allows you to kneel comfortably while planting or weeding. Flip it over for comfortable seating; the sturdy steel frame and locking, spring-loaded catches make it safe and secure. Folds for easy portability and storage. Holds up to 25 lbs. With all the same great features of the original our Large Garden Kneeler/Seat pad is 2″ wider and 1″ thicker for even more comfort.

Miracle-Gro All Purpose Plant Food – 5 Pound



Miracle-Gro Plant Food Will Give You Bigger, More Beautiful Plants. Guaranteed! You don’t have to be a great gardener to love the beauty of a lush, colorful gardenscape. You just need to make sure plants have the essentials: soil, water, sun and food .Sure, plants can live with soil, water and sun alone, but they thrive when they’re fed — even just a little.Like all living things, plants need nutrients. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium – all found in Miracle-Gro All Purpose Water Soluble Plant Food – help plants develop strong roots and grow bigger plants, lush foliage and more flowers

Fiskars Uproot Lawn and Garden Weeder



Fiskars' stand-up weeder makes it easy to remove invasive plants from your lawn without kneeling, bending over, or using harsh, costly herbicide. Serrated, stainless-steel claws penetrate tough soil to grab weeds by the root for clean removal, and an easy-eject mechanism on the handle clears the head between uses. An extra-long handle helps you reach every weed without sore knees from kneeling or back strain from bending.

Ames Easy Roller Lawn Cart 4-Cubic-Feet


Easyroller Plus, 4.0 CUFT, Lawn Cart, 10″ Front Wheels With Tubular Steel Axle & 5″ Rear Wheels For Effortless Maneuvering & Greater Stability, Easy Pour Spout For Easy Loading & Unloading, All Poly Grey Construction With Extra Wide Wheel Base Provides Overall Stability, Flat Interior Bottom, Holds Up To 250 LB, Deep Tool Trays Keep Tools Organized, Lifetime Warranty.

Lawn & Garden 3-Piece Port-A-Rain Tandem Sprinkler System


The Port-A-Rain is a flexible watering system that features two 15 Ft. reinforced garden hose, 5 interchangeable nozzles, and 3 Port-A-Rain sprinkler heads. It attaches to any standard garden hose and conforms to the contour of lawns of any shape

36 Plastic Nursery Plant Pots +5 Plant Labels


Grow like a ‘pro' with true professional grade, horticultural nursery pots. Preferred by commercial growers everywhere! Affordability priced for home gardeners and hobbyists; you too can have the tools-of-the-trade at the best cost! Pots conveniently stack into compact, lightweight and manageable columns. Made of durable flexible plastic for easy plant/root ball removal. With normal use pots can be re-used for many growing seasons!

Tried and true; Glossy on the inside for easy root ball removal, thicker and more resilient vs. black plastic pots. Superior resilience: these pots can be completely crushed without splitting or cracking! You could then unfold the pot and use again,if you were so inclined! Remember to transplant your seedlings from starter trays to these larger nursery pots to maintain healthy root growth.

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