Sweet Graphic Tees for Girls from Tea Collection Kids Fashion
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Sweet Graphic Tees for Girls

Sweet Graphic Tees for Girls from Tea Collection

Tea Collection Ruby Graphic Tee – $19.50

Ruby is a popular Australian girl's name. This rosy tee is a real gem.

Tea Collection Wallaby Graphic Tee – $19.50

Wallabies are marsupials related to kangaroos and wallaroos but are much smaller. They can swim, and they communicate with each other by thumping their large feet on the ground.

Tea Collection Banksia Graphic Tee – $22.50

The banksia is an Australian wildflower. This tee features a floral print of banskia and eucalyptus.

Tea Collection Outback Flowers Graphic Tee – $22.50

This tee features an artful motif inspired by Australia's native flowers.

Tea Collection Emu Graphic Tee – $26.50

The emu is Australia's tallest bird and can grow to be over six feet tall! They don't fly, but their long legs make them super fast. This storytelling tee has a special “emu haiku” printed on the back!

Tea Collection Bilby Graphic Tee – $26.50

Bilbies are little marsupials that live in Australia. Their long ears and hoppity way of getting around make them seem similar to rabbits, but they are quite different. This storytelling tee has a little bilby story printed on the back!

Tea Collection Catalonia Pajarito Graphic Tee – $22.50

This sweet pajarito (little bird) hails from our 2011 Catalonia collection. She's back and ready for new adventures!

Tea Collection India Peacock Graphic Tee – $22.50

A colorful favorite from our 2015 India collection, this fanciful peacock will brighten up her day.

Tea Collection Italy Gelato Graphic Tee – $22.50

It's nearly impossible to travel to Italy and not indulge with tasty gelato. This tee from our 2016 collection serves up a triple scoop of the delicious iced treat.

Tea Collection Koala Graphic Tee – $19.50

While on our trip along the Great Ocean Road, we saw some cute koalas hanging around in the trees near a lighthouse by Blanket Bay.

Tea Collection Jezebel Graphic Tee – $19.50

The jezebel is a type of butterfly that lives in Australia. Its pretty pattern features patches of bright colors and spectacular spots. This tee features one of these wonderful winged creatures.

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