Start Your Year Right with Zicam ULTRA Berry Lemonade Crystals

Start Your Year Right with Zicam ULTRA Berry Lemonade Crystals #ZicamCrowdI created this Start Your Year Right with Zicam® ULTRA Berry Lemonade Crystals #ZicamCrowd post as part of a #sponsored series with Socialstars and Zicam®; all opinions are my own.

Start Your Year Right with Zicam® #ZicamCrowd

It’s 2017 and now that we have rung in another new year, I am all about maintaining good health. It’s time to get back to work and establish some new regular routines with my goals for the new year! I was at the gym recently and I felt a cold coming on, so I took Zicam® Cold Remedy ULTRA Berry Lemonade Crystals. I love that these portable packets of Zicam® can go with me anywhere.  

Start Your Year Right with Zicam ULTRA Berry Lemonade Crystals #ZicamCrowdAbout Zicam®

Zicam® products are the cold shortening products that you need because they are safe and effective. Zicam® Cold Remedy nasal and oral products can be used together. Refer to to learn more about dosage directions and check with a pharmacist or doctor before taking Zicam® products with other medications.

Start Your Year Right with Zicam ULTRA Berry Lemonade Crystals #ZicamCrowdZicam® Cold Remedy ULTRA Berry Lemonade Crystals

Zicam® is there to help you get back to what really matters in life (family, friends, jobs, daily lives, etc.).

Zicam® Cold Remedy ULTRA Berry Lemonade Crystals in 18 ct  provide everything that you need in a delicious crystal form that will shorten your cold. These portable, individually wrapped crystals quickly melt in your mouth without water. Zicam® ULTRA Berry Lemonade Crystals are non-drowsy, non-habit forming plus they shorten the length of a cold when taken at the first sign and are available in refreshing Berry Lemonade flavor.

Nothing really helps me get better faster besides Zicam®. No need for me to put off my new year resolutions because Zicam® helps me get my better back faster when a cold comes on so that I am able to stay on track with my new year goals. Zicam® helps you get your better back faster and ready to tackle new fitness goals, creative projects, follow through with travel adventures and make the 2017 the best year yet.

Where to find Zicam®

You can find Zicam® products in all your major food, drug and mass merchandise retailers where you might be regularly shopping. To shorten duration of your cold, shop today!

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I created this Start Your Year Right with Zicam® ULTRA Berry Lemonade Crystals #ZicamCrowd post as part of a #sponsored series with Socialstars and Zicam®; all opinions are my own.

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  1. Robin rue

    I have been using their products for years. They work really well.

  2. Catherine Sargent

    Zicam makes some great products. I use the nose spray when I am really congested and it opens me right up.

  3. Pam

    I wish I had Zicam a couple of weeks ago. I had the WORST cold and it made traveling miserable

  4. Ann Bacciaglia

    I will have to pick up some Zicam ULTRA Berry Lemonade Crystals to try. So many people have colds around me right now. I need to stock up so I have some on hand when I need it.

  5. I hate catching a cold! I am amazed at some people who, despite having a cold, can continue with their daily routines. Not me. I always have it really bad. I will have to stock up on Zicam products. I don’t want to catch a cold this year! And if I ever do, I will be prepared.

  6. Brianne

    I’ve never seen these crystals before but I am a huge Zicam fan! It truly is the only thing that works for my colds! 

  7. I will have to share this with my husband. He is always looking for cold preventative remedies. We have so many nieces and nephews in our family, that there always seems to be some bug going around!

  8. i love Zicam products, so i can’t wait to try these berry lemonade crystals! Id much rather drink something vs taking medicine so this is perfect for me.

  9. Nasal swabs. OMG I am kinda scared of using this myself. Even though I dont think this will be for me, I think someone out there could benefit from using this for cold relief. I probably would try the drinking crystals.

  10. Reesa Lewandowski

    I was just trying to figure out today if I should get this for myself! These crystals sound really good!

  11. Jeanine

    Oh wow these sound great. Should have some of these on hand at all times especially during the winters up here in Canada!

  12. Zicam is a staple in my cabinet! I swear by it and is it bad that I think it’s yummy. I’m such a kid when taking meds and Zicam makes it so easy.

  13. I must admit, I have never tried the new Ultra Berry Lemonade Crystals. It sounds like a flavor both myself and my kids would enjoy.

  14. Zicam is my jam! I love that stuff. My health is compromised to begin with, so anything that can help me shorten the plague that my kids and husband always seem to bring home is welcome.

  15. I’ve never used this brand before but definitely need to go get some. Colds have been hitting us nonstop this year!

  16. It’s definitely a good idea to prepare for potential sick days with Zicam. The lemonade crystal packets are sure to come in handy.

  17. I swear by Zicam! I have been using it for years and it really does shorten my colds!

  18. I love when medicine gives me the option to enjoy it in drink form because I’m not a huge medicine taker. Berry lemonade sounds really good too.

  19. This sounds like a great remedy for cold. Will stock some for the flu season.

  20. We’ve had our share of colds/sinus issues this year, but I’ll be getting some of this to keep on hand. With several more months of winter coming, I’m sure the sickness will visit again before it’s all over!

  21. I don’t get sick all that often (knock on wood), but I think part of it is I know to react fast when I start feeling off. Zicam has a great range of products!

  22. Rosey

    Zicam is amazing for shortening a cold. I depend on it thoroughly over here!

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