Get Rubbermaid Bring Brilliance and Keep Foods Fresh

Get Rubbermaid Bring Brilliance and Keep Foods Fresh #LockinBrillianceThis Get Rubbermaid Bring Brilliance and Keep Foods Fresh #LockinBrilliance post is a sponsored post with Rubbermaid.

Get Rubbermaid Bring Brilliance and Keep Foods Fresh #LockinBrilliance

I am in love with organization and products that help me organize. I always have been and that includes anything that organizes my kitchen.

Get Rubbermaid Bring Brilliance and Keep Foods Fresh #LockinBrillianceRubbermaid Bring Brilliance

Rubbermaid Brilliance is Rubbermaid’s latest innovation in food storage. The containers are 100% leak-proof guaranteed, and stack perfectly in your fridge or counter space. Rubbermaid Brilliance is your all-in- one solution for meal-prepping, reheating leftovers, and organizing ingredients. What I especially love about the Rubbermaid Brilliance food storage containers is that they are guaranteed not to leak. These containers contain BPA-free plastic that are intelligently crafted and beautifully designed.

These containers are built with an airtight leak-proof seal and secure latches which means that food and liquids stay inside exactly where you want them.  The crystal-clear lids and bases also make it easy to see what’s inside. The containers are stain- and odor-resistant, which helps them stay looking like-new. Featuring a splatter-free lid design, built-in vents allow steam to escape so you can conveniently microwave food without removing the lid. These food storage containers also save space, with a modular design that perfectly stacks in your fridge or lunch bag. Full lifetime warranty.

Since they first arrived in our home, we have found a use for almost every single one of the containers. These containers are amazing and they let absolutely nothing through the seal. Here I am holding a container full of grape juice. It doesn’t get any more purple than this and not one single drop came out of the container. Isn’t that amazing? The various sizes of the containers are perfect for leftovers and even the slime my kids are constantly making in our kitchen.

Get Rubbermaid Bring Brilliance and Keep Foods Fresh #LockinBrillianceRubbermaid Bring Brilliance features

  • 100% leak-proof guaranteed – airtight food storage container seal helps prevent spills and leaks
  • Stain-resistant, odor resistant crystal clear design
  • Crystal-clear, BPA-free Tritan lids and bases feature 360 degree clarity
  • Splatter-resistant microwaving with built-in vents under latches
  • Stacks perfectly to one another to save space and stay organized in the pantry or fridge
  • Safe for the dishwasher, microwave and freezer
  • Bases and Lids are BPA FREE

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This Get Rubbermaid Bring Brilliance and Keep Foods Fresh #LockinBrilliance post is a sponsored post with Rubbermaid.

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158 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. I love when I can organize food like this. He keeps it fresh or longer and it doesn’t spill all over the place. I have a few these already and I use them all the time.

  2. That is so awesome! One of my biggest gripes about food storage containers is that they never really seal out the air. I have to get these!

  3. rochelle haynes

    I would store my fruits and veggies in them

  4. Mary Beth Elderton

    Wow–the seal that keeps even liquid from leaking! Now that I mostly cook for two or food to take with, I would use these a lot. I see keeping leftover roasts–with the liquid!–in one of these.

  5. Cheryl

    I would store Rubbermaid Bring Brilliance containers.

  6. Rust

    I would store berries, veggies, and leftovers.

  7. i just love that these are glass and stack so well in the fridge

  8. I am a huge fan of Rubbermaid. These clear containers are wonderful.

  9. Keeping fruits and veggies fresh in the fridge is like a never-ending battle. With the summer months approaching fast, these Rubbermaid containers will help. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Elizabeth

    I love that these are clear! I would use them to store leftovers, and pack single-serve portions to take to work for lunch!

  11. Sarah

    These containers are fantastic! I love containers that you can see thru because it’s so easy to see what’s inside, but it’s also great to see when it’s time to throw something out. I found that our vegetables stay fresher longer in see thru containers also because they get more light that way.

  12. I just got a set and I *LOVE* how clear they are! Very durable too.

  13. I have these! They make such a huge difference in how long our food lasts and tastes fresh. I am getting some for my Mom for Mother’s Day because we love them so much!

  14. Kathy

    I love Rubbermaid products. These look like some amazing products too. I need to pick some of them up.

  15. Tamra Phelps

    I have a hard time keeping fruit & chopped vegetables fresh, even in the crisper. I would use these for those.


    I would store leftovers, fruits and veggies.

  17. You are a brave woman testing them out with grape juice and not keeping it over the sink just in case. They would work well to bring soup to work for lunch, thanks!

  18. Sinisa

    Rubbermaid is an awesome brand. The juice looks so good to drink lol 

  19. Lynne B

    I would store my produce or leftovers in these awesome containers!

  20. Rubbermaid has the best stuff! I love how fresh food stays and how durable it is. 

  21. Jackie Watson

    Nothing beats Rubbermaid!

  22. Tamra Phelps

    My youngest nephew loves grapes & these would be great to store them in. He could just get the container out & replace it himself.

  23. Dana Rodriguez

    These are so nice! I would use them for leftovers and marinating since they don’t spill!

  24. You had me at stain resistant, which would be amazing with all of our homemade soups and sauces. I can not wait to give this new Rubbermaid line a try!

  25. Those are awesome! The food containers we have at my house NEVER completely seal.

  26. I need these in my life! Our containers NEVER keep anything fresh for more than a couple of days. Thanks for the heads up on these!

  27. Lynne B

    I’d use it to make jello!

  28. These look like great storage containers. Completely locking out the air is going to make the food last so much longer.

  29. Rust

    I would store fresh fruit and veggies to keep them fresh.

  30. Cacinda

    wow! That is an impressive seal! I have got to get myself some of these containers.

  31. These are awesome! I love Rubbermaid products because of its high quality! Really worth it!


    I would store fruits in these.

  33. Nothing makes me angrier than produce that spoils quickly. These Rubbermaid containers sound like a must have to keep produce fresher longer!

  34. Keeping fruits and vegetables always fresh is important, especially in the summer
    The article is very detailed, I hope it will work
    I will try it tomorrow, if effective I will share it for my friends

  35. Shelley

    I would use the Rubbermaid containers to store leftovers.

  36. beth

    I would store leftovers.

  37. Brianne

    I am just loving rubbermaids’ new line! These come in super handy in our house! 

  38. Jennifer

    I seriously need to invest in some of these! I have a bad habit of letting food get spoiled since I don’t eat it quick enough.

  39. Jackie Watson

    I have high praise for my new Rubbermaid pitcher.

  40. Wow, these look great! I need some new containers that don’t leak all over the place, and I love that these stack so easily.

  41. Tamra Phelps

    With just two people in the house, we tend to have leftovers. These would be great for holding those.

  42. Wow, those lock down TIGHT! We just bought a bunch of new containers but we are not happy with them at all! We also require the kind that snap closed like this do!
    I am going to get some – they look MUCH better than what we bought!
    Thank you for this!

  43. Rosey

    I would store leftovers in mine. This is the kind of set that should be in everyone’s home.

  44. Rubbermaid has such great products!
    We have been a fan since we were kids, knowing the pure usefulness these products have.

  45. Those tubs look amazing! I love Rubbermaid. They’ve never let me down.

  46. Dana Rodriguez

    I would store fresh summer fruit like locally grown peaches!

  47. I was looking for new food storage containers and these look like they’d be perfect for my family! No spills is ideal with little ones.

  48. I have started planning my meals and prepping once a week. These would be prefect for that!


    These would be great to store dinner leftovers.

  50. Lynne B

    I’d use the largest one to store the bar cookies that my family likes to make.

  51. Mary Cloud

    I would use this for mostly storing leftovers

  52. I’ve been doing a lot more meal prep these days. Always looking for better storage alternatives. These look like they would work better than some of the others I have tried.

  53. I have the Rubbermaid plastic containers. I didn’t know they now have glass containers. I will check this out.

  54. These are must-haves in the kitchen. We always store leftover food and keep them fresh in the ref.

  55. Annemarie LeBlanc

    These are very nice food containers. I love the functionality and the vents which allow covered microwave reheating. I will get these and organize my fridge!

  56. Gabriel

    It’s always amazed me that neatly stacking storage as always been so hard to find. Leakproof should be a given but somehow never is.

  57. These rubbermaid containers look like just what I need. I am impressed with the large one turned side ways with liquid that did not leak. Wow!

  58. Dawn Ballo

    We always have left overs so these would be so handy. I love Rubbermaid products.


    I would store desserts in these.

  60. amy rice

    I would store leftovers and fruits and veggies.

  61. Lynne B

    These would be perfect for leftovers.

  62. sarah s

    I use it for leftovers, soups/stews, produce…………….

  63. Stephanie Phelps

    I would store veggies and I would marinate meat in them and salads and leftovers these are so cool!

  64. My Rubbermaid storage containers are my personal favorite, they have always proven to be reliable and long lasting.

  65. When it comes to food storage containers, we only trust Rubbermaid and it has been like that for as long as I can remember. Thanks for the giveaway!

  66. I have always loved Rubbermaid! I have some of their containers in my cupboards now! We always have a lot of left overs, because we use them for lunches, so I would definitely use the Rubbermaid Brilliance collection to help with that!

  67. Dogvills

    Wow. Real leak proof food containers! Rubbermaid really makes good food keepers. I am going to get a set of these containers and organize my refrigerator!

  68. Rust

    I wold store leftovers or pre-cooked meals.

  69. Anita L

    I would store left overs and so much more!

  70. I could use these in our house. I hate under the counter being a mess. These will be on my Christmas list.

  71. Mary Edwards

    These would be perfect for our house. I love how they seal! I could hold so much in them

  72. Sonya Sanderson

    I would store all my leftover in them, so my family can see what’s in there.

  73. Michelle Donovan

    I would store all of our salad stuff in these. Get it all prepped out and individually store each item.


    I would store leftover veggies in these.

  75. Lynne B

    I would wash all the grapes and store them in one of these bins. That would make it so easy to grab and snack.

  76. Kirsten P.

    I would store my leftovers and my freshly prepared foods in them for work.

  77. Laurie Nykaza

    Rubbermaid Bring Brilliance I would love to store fruits and veggies in them

  78. These Rubbermaid Brilliance pieces look amazing!! I need to try them because my current set (not the Brilliance line) always gets cloudy. YUCK!

  79. Those are exactly what I need to invest in. I hate when stuff gets spilled in the fridge from cheap containers.

  80. These sound fantastic. I’m a big fan of anything that keeps food stuff nice and fresh!

    Louise x

  81. Jeni Hawkins

    These containers look amazing. I need to invest in some for my leftovers.

  82. I love making sure that our food stays fresh longer and this is definitely going to help me achieve that. I love how protected the food is inside the container! It’s a must have.

  83. Lynne B

    I like how airtight these containers are. They’re perfect from keeping refrigerator smells from getting to whatever you’re storing.

  84. leftovers like soup and produce etc

  85. Lauren

    I would store leftovers for the next day’s lunch.

  86. Dana Rodriguez

    These would be great for summer veggies!


    These would be great for our leftovers.

  88. Cynthia R

    I would use these Rubbermaid containers to store marinating meats.

  89. Wanda McHenry

    I would store cut up melons, pineapple and leftovers. I haven’t seen these in the stores or I would have already picked some up!

  90. Rubbermaid is my go-to for storing leftovers! I love the quality and how easy it is to snap the lids on and off… A+ from this Mama right here! (yes, I’m pointing to myself… ridiculous I know!) HA!

  91. Dana Rodriguez

    I would store fresh fruit in these containers.

  92. Cynthia R

    I would use these rubbermaid containers to put leftovers in.

  93. Cynthia R

    I left a comment on this instagram post as @cindywindy_blogs

  94. Cynthia R

    I left a comment on this instagram post as @cindywindy_blogs

  95. Tamra Phelps

    You know, these would be great for storing leftovers or servings of salad that I like to make ahead of time.

  96. Mita

    Fresh fruit and veggies to keep them fresh.


    I would store my produce in these containers.

  98. Lynne B

    The largest container would be perfect for leftover stews.

  99. Jeffrey

    I would store everything from cheese, fruit, vegetables to leftovers in the Rubbermaid containers.

  100. Tammy Shelton

    I would use them to store snacks for my grandkids.

  101. Tamra Phelps

    I make a lot of homemade hummus or chicken salad. These would be great for storing those.

  102. DEBIJOT

    I would store side dishes in these containers.

  103. Dana Rodriguez

    I would store leftovers in these.

  104. We’re a big tupperware household as my mother was before me. Where lids go to die to say, lol. I love how crisp and clean these look, very fancy.

  105. Lynne B

    I love that it’s clear so you can see what you’re storing. No more guessing game.

  106. Tracie Cooper

    I would love to store pasta salad and stuff for my weekly lunch salads!

  107. Wanda McHenry

    I would store all of my delicious leftovers!

  108. Tamra Phelps

    Well, today I could use some good storage for berries. I want to get some fresh strawberries & blueberries but I’m wondering what I’ll put them in, lol.

  109. Judy Nieman

    My storage containers are such a mess all the time. I never can find the right lid. I love that these are stacking and hard plastic and seal tightly.

  110. Tracie Cooper

    I love to use these containers for fruit for my breakfast smoothies!

  111. Dana Rodriguez

    I would use these for leftovers.

  112. barbg

    I would use these for leftovers and be so happy that have lids. I like the crystal clear view on them.  Also great for handy fruit snacks all ready to go.

  113. barbg

    The cheesy saucy picture of chicken hot chicken actually. 

  114. Lynne B

    I would store cut-up fruit so that it would be easy to eat.

  115. DEBIJOT

    I would store deli meats in these.

  116. Wanda McHenry

    I would store potato or macaroni salad in these.

  117. Tamra Phelps

    Today, I realized I need containers like this to store homemade candies in, lol. I can never find enough containers when I need them!

  118. Cynthia R

    I would store leftover spaghetti sauce and soups.

  119. Lynne B

    These would be great to store prepped veggies for my daily smoothies.

  120. DEBIJOT

    I would store cheeses in these containers.

  121. Dana Rodriguez

    I would marinade in these.

  122. Wanda McHenry

    I would store all of my leftovers in these containers.

  123. adriana

    Question is ,what wouldn’t i store. is perfect for left overs ,fruits,meal preparation etc..

  124. Tamra Phelps

    Well, today I need food containers for leftover spaghetti. Lol, every day I wind up scrounging for containers.

  125. Sue

    I would love to win this Rubbermaid pack! I keep losing the lids on the containers I have!! 🙂

  126. barbg

    Left a comment on an instagram post with a lot of makeup essentials. 

  127. Lynne B

    I would store homemade eggrolls in them, in preparation for frying.

  128. Cheryl

    I would store berries.

  129. Wanda McHenry

    I would store and freeze leftover soups or stews.

  130. Karla R.

    I would store leftovers. 

  131. Tamra Phelps

    I would use these for everything from leftovers to storing berries & salads. I love that you can see what’s inside these.

  132. Lynne B

    I would use the largest container for layered salads.

  133. Mita

    I would store leftovers and fruits

  134. DEBIJOT

    These would be great to store snacks.

  135. Wanda McHenry

    I would store cut up celery, carrots and green onions to grab as a healthy snack!

  136. These would be perfect for leftovers and other foods that I need to designate for my food-allergy kids

  137. Tamra Phelps

    I need to make some single servings of salads today, so these would’ve been great for that. There’s just no such thing as enough food containers around here.

  138. Cynthia R

    I would store leftover pasta dishes in this container.

  139. Mita

    I would store loads of fruits

  140. DEBIJOT

    I would use these to store veggies and fruits.

  141. Lynne B

    I would store my homemade salsa in these containers.

  142. Wanda McHenry

    I would store leftover chicken wings in one of these containers.

  143. Cheryl

    I would store meal prep items.

  144. Mandi Smith

    I would love to store my strawberries so they can stay tasty and fresh longer.

  145. Tamra Phelps

    I mixed up some pasta salad yesterday & had to scrounge for containers (most are taken with leftovers, etc.!) I need these for pasta salad, leftovers, etc.

  146. DEBIJOT

    The containers would be good to store lunch for work.

  147. Lynne B

    I would store salads in the large container.

  148. Wanda McHenry

    I would store all of my deli meats and cheeses in these containers.

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