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Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas

Bellagio Hotel Las VegasIt is no wonder that the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada opens its brochure with “We have included every luxury – and invented some of our own.”

Named after the Italian town which sits right on Lake Como in Lombardy, Italy, a resort location used since antiquity by the social elite, it is clear that the masterminds behind this hotel wished to allude to one of Italy’s most beautiful vacation areas, if not supersede it in elegance.

The first wonders of the hotel to greet visitors are its famous fountains just outside the entrance. A display that takes place every thirty minutes before 8 p.m., and every fifteen minutes after, these impressive fountains shoot water as high as 460 feet into the air while popular classical and/or seasonal music plays an accompaniment.

Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas Guest RoomThese amazing attractions are just the beginning of the splendor to be found within the hotel. Inside, guest rooms mimicking the residence of one’s dreams await: king-sized beds with opulent linens, plush furniture, and a view of the Las Vegas strip are just some of the amenities available – and those are just the standard rooms. The Bellagio offers suites and villas as well, each increasing in luxury respectively.

The decor is themed after the namesake town in Italy, and luscious marbles, sparkling metals, and rich woods clothe the main tower of the hotel. The area where the villa staterooms are situated has more of an organic feel, and the fabrics and stones used to decorate that area are more floral and earthy, but the inspiration is still the same. No matter which part of the Bellagio one enters, it is clear that the hotel means to replicate Italian vacationing at its finest.

Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas CasinoWhen the guest is not enjoying the comfort of his or her room, there are a variety of entertainment options to keep busy. Apart from exterior fountains and the interior casino, another attraction the hotel is known for, the Bellagio also has a conservatory with a wide variety of plants that change seasonally, a fine art gallery, a resident show by the acrobats of ‘Cirque du Soleil,’ a night club, a lounge, and shopping. A hungry patron won’t be disappointed, either: the Bellagio offers nearly fifteen spots to either grab a quick snack or sit down for a full meal.

There is no end to the entertainment and luxury here in one of Las Vegas’s most famous hotels, and no doubt any traveler who lands here will likely never want to leave.

*Photos courtesy of the Bellagio Hotel. 
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